While it is important to secure high quality links on sites within your particular niche, link diversity is an extremely underrated part of a successful SEO plan. Content is king when it comes to SEO, but content alone will not get you rankings. Content provides the bait to attract what’s important: LINKS!
Links are the number one signal in Google’s search algorithm, and they will always be the most important ranking factor, which is why Logic Diversity is your go-to for link diversity. Combine this with Logic Outreach for the ultimate link profile.



While Domain Authority (DA) is important, too many SEO companies focus on this as the end-all SEO metric. The drawback of this approach is that DA is extremely easy to manipulate, which could potentially leave you with low quality links. The Moz tool set is popular and serves a very large need in the SEO community, but DA is simply just a third party metric that shouldn’t be weighed as heavy as it is by some SEO personalities.


Clients with a limited budget will often ask for a single link on a website like Forbes or Huffington Post. Truthfully, even though these websites are highly trusted, a single link is not going to make a noticeable difference in your SEO campaign. Logic Diversity offers not just high authority niche links, but also focuses on domains that carry varying levels of authority to achieve a broad range of links and metrics. Lower Domain Authority sites can be extremely beneficial in gaining traction for your website and rankings.


Logic Diversity seeks out linking opportunities on new blogs and casual blogs, as well as the powerhouse high DA authority websites. While you may get a single link from Huffington Post that produces a small increase, Logic Diversity builds multiple links naturally, which is what helps to paint a picture of natural link earning, which is what Google looks for when assigning rank positions


Logic Diversity offers Two options, each tailored towards your budget and SEO needs. If you aren’t sure of how many links you need to help create a natural profile, reach out and speak to us today. We would be more than happy to provide you with our expert opinion.

How It Works

Pay & Submit your Keywords and URLs – Then Relax yourself.

Our Writers will begin creating the content, then our link builders will begin placing the links.

On completion a Full report will be uploaded to your client dashboard.


What is the TAT?

Turn around time is normally 25 – 30 Days. A full report will be uploaded to your dashboard on completion.


What other Links can we expect?

There are a number of other bonus links types included in each package which we didn’t list above, you’ll see them in the report.. as well as a submission to one of our PBNs.


What Keywords should I use?

We recommend using natural looking keywords. The point of these packages is for authority and diversity, keep that in mind for your anchors too. We do NOT accept anything pharma, gambling or porn related.


Is This Safe?

We’re using public properties here, we build them up in a very high quality way. These will appear natural, as if some fan has made them.


Can I See A Report?

Yes of course. Click Here (coming soon) to see a sample report.

Bronze Pack
  • 5 - Web 2.0 Fan Blogs
  • 10 - High PR Posts
  • n/a
  • 10 - Alexa Top Sites Links
  • 5 - Image Shares
  • 5 - Audio Shares
  • 5 - Video Creation & Submissions
  • 15 - Brand Identity Links
  • 10 - Business Citations
  • 10 - Q&A Links
  • 10 - PDF Shares
  • 60 - Social Signals (FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ & more)
  • 300 - Teir 2 Links (Bookmarks, Comments, Micro Blogs & more)
Silver Pack
  • 10 - Web 2.0 Fan Blogs
  • 20 - High PR Posts
  • n/a
  • 15 - Alexa Top Sites Links
  • 10 - Image Shares
  • 10 - Audio Shares
  • 10 - Video Creation & Submissions
  • 25 - Brand Identity Links
  • 15 - Business Citations
  • 15 - Q&A Links
  • 15 - PDF Shares
  • 100 - Social Signals (FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ & more)
  • 575 - Teir 2 Links (Bookmarks, Comments, Micro Blogs & more)
Gold Pack
  • 15 - Web 2.0 Fan Blogs
  • 30 - High PR Posts
  • 1 - Wikipedia Backlink
  • 20 - Alexa Top Sites Links
  • 15 - Image Shares
  • 15 - Audio Shares
  • 15 - Video Creation & Submissions
  • 30 - Brand Identity Links
  • 20 - Business Citations
  • 20 - Q&A Links
  • 20 - PDF Shares
  • 160 - Social Signals (FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ & more)
  • 600 - Teir 2 Links (Bookmarks, Comments, Micro Blogs & more)

The SEO industry is full of false promises and low quality services. One of the main challenges for online business owners is knowing who to trust for quality link building which is still an essential part of SEO. I’ve known Tommy for a number of years and have been using (and recommending) SerpLogic since launch. They have a variety of services that should suit any budget and strategy. Don’t be fooled by cheaper prices elsewhere, getting SEO wrong can be far more expensive!

- Person Name
Owner & Founder of (Company Name)

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Having worked with Tommy and Serp Logic over the last few years it’s clear they are developing into a rare beast, a mature brand in the SEO services world. The combination of Entrepreneur and digital marketer set Tommy apart, combined with his ability to think outside the box which spills over into his SerpLogic services. When looking for authoritative quality links SerpLogic should definitely be on your list.

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Owner & Founder of (Company Name)

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With all of the scammers and bullshitters out there who promise results and then go radio silent, Tommy McDonald is the ONLY ONE who stands besides his clients every step of the way.
More than that, he delivers! He’s a highly affable professional who makes it clear that he won’t
rest until you are happy. I trust him 1000% and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him!
Think of SerpLogic as the ONLY DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH.

- Person Name
Owner & Founder of (Company Name)

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After being hurt from an unnatural link profile penalty, I came to know about Tommy and his services. Although Tommy did not promise me he could get me out of the penalty (which in some cases were quite strong -40,and in other keywords not so serious -2), he has done a fantastic job so far with my link profile. Even though I came in wounded, he has taken it quite seriously when I asked to customise a few of the links on his services (to fix my previous mistakes). Overall, great service. Keep up the good work Tommy!

- Person Name
Owner & Founder of (Company Name)

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Ok I don’t normally write reviews, just dont have the time to be frank, however I felt compelled to put a few words down on this service to hopefully help others, as probably like you, I shudder to think of the time and money I’ve spent on seo services that just didn’t deliver. At first I admit I was a little sceptical but the price wasn’t silly so thought to test this out on 2 sites, one aged with good results already and one a few months ago, both if very tough niches. About 4 months in and I have to say so far I’m very impressed, the aged site has had some major increases and the new site is starting to get very good traction – if things continue like this I plan to move a lot of sites over to Tommy who’s been extremely helpful support wise as well. his services (to fix my previous mistakes). Overall, great service. Keep up the good work Tommy!

- Person Name
Owner & Founder of (Company Name)

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Ever since I bought this service, my traffic has improved every single day, my income has increased every single day and so have my rankings. This is the perfect service for any website or owner, especially if your lazy like me and don’t like to do any work. Tommy will do everything for you. From link building, answering your questions to an on page SEO report, which helped me find lots of mistakes with my
website. The services are also great value.. Get in and try it for yourself!

- Person Name
Owner & Founder of (Company Name)

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