Sept 2, 2016 was the most dangerous Google algo update?.

Hello Guys,

This is Rocky here..,

We have been working with many clients all over the world since years now, and the strange thing happened with our clients over this month. On after Sept 2, 2016. There was a Google algorithm core update.

According to Google, it was not panda not penguin update. What it was???

It was an update which are early signs of penguin update.


Hopefully, Google doesn’t make mistakes it made a few years back in the very same month where they have terrible Google Penguin 2.1 update which shattered all websites.

I heard even Amazon faced some trouble with that update, and quickly Google rolled back its update.

That’s strange right ??? All we know Google always test their product before release.

But, This current Update shocked the SEO industry since known of them can tell what exactly this update is all about.

I had few emails today from Alex Becker he says he can ranking 25 out of 25 sites (sounds to me hideous stunt).

Okay, I come across in my search about this update is. If you have niche relevant backlinks and content then these have been made every day then you will be having more chances of getting ranked.


Same old story compares to previous updates of Google, but this story got more consistency because the update pushing people to use more relevant content and links.


We were making links which are not related to the website and competition was making content related to the site. Content I mean backlinks and text. We were in 6th position for a local seo real estate website, and now we are ranking on 23rd position.


So these things counts and these are early signs what Google is going to present before the SEO industry to offer Google related backlinks and content otherwise you are done.


Diversity is okay to have, but blogpost and strong links should be from niche relevant.

And another thing I noticed to use regular SEO service. Don’t think after ranking in top 10 you will be king of a kingdom. Remember the king who relaxes without caring his kingdom always loses the kingdom.

So, keep doing SEO on a regular basis with Good links.

We have in the past faced many updates treat this update the same make good quality backlinks which are niche relevant. And even if you are not ranking well don’t worry Google penguin 4.0 will make you rich if you have relevant content.


Stay focused and stay blessed SEO gods are going to make you rich….

Thanks, all.