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What is Topical Authority?

 Topical authority refers to the level of expertise, credibility, and recognition a brand or individual has in a specific subject or industry. It measures the level of trust a website has as an authoritative and reliable source of information about a particular topic. Query.

Search engines, like Google, strive to provide the most relevant and trustworthy results to users’ search queries. 

They evaluate the topical authority of web pages through various factors, including quality and depth, backlink profile, and user engagement.

By establishing topical authority, websites can improve search engine rankings, attract organic traffic, and build a strong online reputation in their specific industry or subject area.

Our Topical Authority Services in India are designed to elevate your brand’s visibility and impact in the digital realm. Say goodbye to generic content and strategic, authoritative pieces that capture your audience’s attention, drive organic traffic, and boost your search engine rankings.

Oxygen’s Topical Authority Services in India are here to propel your online presence to new heights. Focusing on cutting-edge strategies and expert guidance, we empower businesses, startups, e-commerce platforms, and bloggers to conquer their niche markets. 


Oxygen’s Topical Authority Services can position you as a leader in your industry and help you attract a loyal customer base.

Customized Topic Research

Our expert team performs extensive research to identify the most relevant and trending issues within your industry. We use keyword data, consumer behavior, and industry insights to identify the problems that resonate with your audience and align your business goals.

Expert Content Creation:

Our team of content writers will create well-researched, high-quality content to showcase your expertise and provide valuable insights for your target audience. Our content is authoritative, allowing your brand to shine. 

Thorough Research:

We thoroughly research the chosen subject or industry to ensure our content is accurate, relevant, and up-to-date. Our commitment to research excellence will ensure that your brand authority is strong. 

Content Optimization:

Our team uses proven SEO techniques to increase your content’s visibility and ranking potential. We increase the organic visibility of your site by using relevant keywords. 

Link building and outreach

We use effective link-building techniques to create authoritative backlinks within your industry. These high-quality backlinks enhance your website’s credibility and improve your search engine ranking. 

Competitive Analysis and Strategy

We study your competitors’ strategies, identify the strengths and weaknesses of their strategy, and then develop a plan to help you beat them. Our competitive intelligence will help you distinguish yourself from the competition and carve a niche for your business.

Performance Tracking

Oxygen delivers comprehensive performance reporting, analyzing key metrics, including website traffic and engagement, conversions, and backlink profiles. These insights allow us to measure and optimize our topical authority strategy. 

Thought Leadership Development

Oxygen can help position your company as an industry thought leader through the production of valuable content, participation in industry events, and sharing of expert insights. Through these efforts, we elevate your brand and position you as an industry resource.

Continuous Adaptation

We constantly monitor industry trends, algorithm changes, and best practices to ensure that topical authority is effective and scalable. Our commitment to continuous learning will ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

Dominate Search Results with Our Topical Authority Services 

    • Enhanced online visibility and search engine rankings.
    • Increased organic traffic and targeted audience engagement.
    • Positioning as a trusted expert and thought leader in the industry.
    • Improved brand reputation and credibility.
    • Higher conversion rates and customer trust.
    • Valuable insights and understanding of target audience need.
    • Competitive advantage over industry rivals.
    • Long-term growth and sustainability through a strong online presence.
    • Opportunities for collaboration and partnership with influencers and industry leaders.
    • Data-driven decision-making based on performance tracking and Analysis.
    Topical authority services

    Pricing & Packages

      Choose our Topical Authority package in India to unlock the full potential of your online presence. Establish yourself as an industry leader, attract targeted organic traffic, and position your brand for success in the digital landscape. Let us become your trusted partner in this journey to help you conquer your competition and thrive in an ever-evolving market of topical expertise.



      “”Oxygen topical authority services package is beyond impressive with results. This package includes comprehensive services, which have helped my website gain credibility and increased visibility. The team took the time and effort to fully understand my business, goals, and target audience. This allowed them to tailor their services according to my needs. They are truly dedicated to my success. It is a package that I would highly recommend.””


      “”Oxygen promised to improve my website’s credibility and authority and delivered on its promise. The articles were optimized for relevant keywords, contributing to a noticeable improvement in search engine rankings. The package is a solid investment for those looking to enhance their topical authority, especially if you’re in a competitive niche.””


      “”Oxygen Topical Authority Services has added value to our online presence. In comparison, there’s room for further improvement; their expertise and dedication are evident, making them a solid choice for anyone looking to establish themselves as authorities in their niche. Our brand’s power has soared, and we’re now recognized as a leading voice in our niche.””


      “”Oxygen Topical Authority Services has exceeded our expectations. Our website’s authority has skyrocketed, and we’re now positioned as true leaders in our industry. If you’re serious about establishing a strong online presence, Oxygen is the team you want in your corner. The impact on our search engine rankings was evident, driving more visibility within our industry.””


      “”Oxygen Topical Authority Services has been a game-changer for our brand. We sought ways to establish ourselves as a credible authority in our niche, and Oxygen delivered beyond our expectations. If you’re looking for a partner to develop your online authority, Oxygen is a breath of fresh air your brand needs.””


      “”Our experience with Oxygen Topical Authority Services has been transformative for our brand. Their unwavering commitment to excellence has significantly boosted our online credibility and influence.””

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