[Latest]How to prevent Unique Facebook hacks

Many people are losing their Facebook’s accounts In this article I will discuss how to prevent Facebook Hacks with an ease.

If you own your business, it is mandatory to have a Facebook account for your business. You have to spend years building your profile and engage more customers. Increasing the trust of your customer besides the number of following is of primary importance. There are many ways that you can leave your Facebook page vulnerable. There can be several Facebook hacks that can be used to access your page.

If your FB page is vulnerable to any such Facebook hack, you need to know how to protect yourself and your business from that?

What is the frequency of Facebook hacks?

According to the New York Post, approximately more than 16,000 Facebook accounts are getting compromised each and every day. Unfortunately, the frequency of such Facebook hacks happening is pretty high. When it comes to social media, people are often very relaxed with privacy and security. Hence, they leave such social media accounts really vulnerable to hackers. A business page on Facebook can be accessed through personal accounts. All the people who have admin control over your page is vulnerable to such Facebook hacks. Therefore, it can leave your page very vulnerable to hackers. 

Hackers get access to business Facebook pages through various phishing scams, email attachments with malware, data breaches which can also reveal passwords very easily. Large-scale data breaches are extremely rare but the scale can be really alarming. 

Some of The Interesting Stats about Facebook Hacks:

Around 30 Million Accounts were compromised because of Data Breaching in 2018.

What do hackers do with your Facebook business page?

Your followers are the attraction for your hackers too. You have definitely spent a lot of time and money on crafting your Facebook business page in the best ways possible.

Your hackers can post various links on their page and post spam links that will leave your followers vulnerable to Facebook hackers.

The hackers can also create and approve ads from your account for promoting malicious content. These contents can be of high price and can cost you a fortune before you can even take any action. The information on your Facebook account can also be used by hackers for identity theft or other online accounts. This can also offer access to your banking and other personal accounts. 

In this article, we will offer you a few strategies that will help you prevent being a victim of any Facebook Hack.

The basic strategies to help yourself prevent being a victim of any such Facebook hacks are each of these platforms’ fundamental security measures.

You can go ahead and explore various online security features in each of these platforms or apps.

For example, a small strategy will change your password more often if you had been using the same password across multiple platforms for years.

Here are 9 strategies that can be used to prevent Facebook hacks:

  1. Go through the Facebook security settings 

You should take a tour of the Facebook settings section under the name security and login. Review each of these sections in detail and read out various tips and information on the best practices. These are helpful for keeping the Facebook account really secure. You must make sure that you scan for malware and viruses on your computer regularly. Anti viruses are the software that helps spot such kinds of problems that can leave you vulnerable to Facebook hacks.

Update software on time to ensure that you are using your browse’s most secure version, other apps, including all the recent updates and improvements.

Your business page is as secure as the people who have got the access to it. Make sure that you protect your personal profile and share all the security updates and practices with your colleagues. 

  1. Create a strong password

Passwords are the first thing that you need to look into when it comes to basic safety and security. You should make sure that you go through the fundamental guidelines on each site that you are using.

Generally, it is a combination of upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, Symbols and special characters. So, that other people would find hard to guess.

Prevent using the same password for multiple accounts. For example, do not use the password that you use for securing your financial accounts for any of your social media accounts. That way you can save your financial accounts from getting hacked. Consider using any password manager such as LastPass or 1Password. This way you wouldn’t have to remember dozens of passwords. This software helps you to store all of your passwords in one place so that you have to remember only one password. They can also generate automated random passwords and that’s an even more secure procedure. Make sure that you save your password only on your Facebook app or your web browser. 

  1. Use two-factor authentication 

Two-factor authentication refers to the step where you are asked for your password and an additional security check. This step pops up when you are trying to login into your Facebook account from a different device. At this stage, you have to enter a security code that’s sent via text or email to your pre-approved number and email address. For doing this, you have to head towards the Settings page and select security and login. Go to the section labeled as Two-Factor authentication and then edit it.

Facebook will ask you for contact information for verifying your identity while you are logging in.

You will receive alerts if someone else is trying to get access to your Facebook account.

  1. Read emails sent by Facebook 

Facebook sends out emails for the verification of suspicious or unusual activities. Make sure that you read those emails sent out by Facebook as they are trying to flag any suspicious activity.

Staying aware of the common phishing attempts and understanding the latest security recommendations from Facebook.

It can help you a lot in staying safe online and save you from various Facebook hacks.

You can access the list of recent email messages sent by Facebook under the Security and Login section which lies in the Advanced section. 

  1.  Have more than one admin on your Facebook page 

Be very careful about whom you are offering any access to your Facebook page. It is convenient to have more than one admin on your Facebook page.

In case you have lost access to your Facebook page or being unable to login. Another admin can access the Facebook page and keep running it on your behalf till you gain back your access.

Make sure that you keep removing people periodically who no longer requires any access to your page. If anyone requires temporary access to your page, give it and make sure that you remove it right after the project is over.

  1. Use proper admin levels 

Facebook offers several page admin levels. This feature allows you to grant different access to different people. Be careful about whom you are granting access and only offer access till the task is over. It gets difficult to manage such small things, so you can employ a person to manage all of your Facebook marketing. Review the different levels and allow permissions to the admins only to the levels that they need to do that job.

Giving people admin the ability to add or remove people to the page. This might mean that they could remove you with little chance of regaining access.

They can potentially add other admins to the Facebook page who can take over your page. 

  1. Report any unusual activity to Facebook 

To keep your account secure, you have to report any unusual activity to Facebook.

You can report messages, profiles, and even posts on Facebook. It informs them of your concerns or grievances about anything you see on that platform.

Reporting anything on Facebook allows you to use the platform more securely and flags any sort of suspicious activity on your Facebook account.

In case of the discomfort of any messages from any user, you can straight block them. It ensures that they are removed from your friend list.

  1. Log out of Facebook after using

If you are using any shared computers such as computers at work, library or co-working spaces, you need to be extra cautious. Make sure that you log out after you are done using your Facebook account. This step is extremely crucial when you are using accounts that contain personal information. Logging out of your Facebook account when you are using it from a shared computer, makes you less vulnerable to any Facebook hacks.

If you have left your Facebook account logged in by any chance on any shared computer. Make sure that you change your password immediately for your security purposes.

Or you can go to Security and Login settings and remotely log out from all the devices. 

  1. Avoid accepting a friend request from unknown people 

It is easier for hackers to gain the necessary information about you for guessing your passwords by adding you as a friend on Facebook. Make sure that you don’t accept someone as your friend if you don’t know them personally. Allowing access to your personal profile can offer access to your personal information such as your birthday and so on. This is very helpful info to easily hack your business account or impersonate you to avail access to other social media accounts. 


Preventing Facebook hacks on your business page is of utmost importance besides posting engaging content and creating amazing Facebook ads. You need to be aware of some real security risks protecting your business account from getting hacked.

These few steps mentioned on the top can go a long way in securing your customers. It is a long-term investment in your Facebook business page.

You must stay updated with all the security and safety protocols of each of these platforms. Check your emails and alerts regularly to keep an eye on any malicious or suspicious actions on your Facebook page. This helps you in acting on it as soon as the hack occurs. These steps are beneficial for reducing your risk of getting hacked and enjoy a stress-free experience. You can enjoy growing your customers and connect with your customers without any expensive setbacks.

How to Use Reddit to Increase Traffic For Business?

This article will show you how to use Reddit for more traffic and build your brand with that free traffic on Reddit.

What is Reddit?

I guess you know that Reddit is a Social Media Platform that is well moderate compare to Facebook, Twitter, or Any Social Media Website.

I have been using Reddit for over 12 years now, and I struggle to maintain my account additional push Backlink from Reddit to website.

Since, It is one of the best moderate platforms.

The trick to getting Traffic from Reddit for Free:

  1. Ask a question on Reddit relating to any topic that your website sells. Tell if anyone has used this service from[website or Company]. I prefer you avoid placing a backlink in your post.
  2. Make sure your website in Top 3 Searches on Google for Long tail keyword relating to the product or service that you mentioned in the post of Reddit.
  3. People will search about your website on the Internet come back to reply to you for improving their Karma on Reddit.
  4. This Method is a Gold Mine for the People who are Brands on the Internet.
  5. Alternatively, You can come with other options like stating, “I have read about this service or product on “Medium.com”, and they are referring to this[website or Company]. Can you let me know your opinion about this product or service?”.

Please let me know if you have any doubts regarding this method. I will keep adding more Reddit methods that are impressive and easy to do for you to generate more Reddit Traffic for your Website.

Google Guaranteed Badge- Is it significant for SMB?

Google Guaranteed Badge- Is it significant for SMB?

There is tough competition among the local businesses and even trust plays a key role. They have a Google My Business page where a mobile number is listed. It is quite hard for a consumer to judge where the local contractor is trustworthy or not. So, Google launched new features, i.e., Google Guaranteed Badge. It not only helps the local contractor to enhance the business but also builds trust among the consumers.

Google Guaranteed program build the consumers' trust and boost the sales of SMB.
Google Guaranteed program build the consumers’ trust and boost the sales of SMB.

It is a new feature introduced by Google for the SMB (Small-Medium Businesses) to enhance business using Badge. The green badge helps the consumers to get the service from the certified local businesses.

As a business owner, you need to spend only $50/month to get this certification. Once Google verifies your business, then you will get a Google Guaranteed badge on the Google My Business dashboard.

Concerning the consumers’ end, if they didn’t like the services, then Google will pay $2000. This insured value varies from region to region. This lifetime insured value gave the new hope that the service they are taking against the money is reliable.

Google Guaranteed-Statistics

The stats show how Local Search Listing is important for consumers.
The stats show how Local Search Listing is important for consumers.

1. The click rate on local search SERP is 13.8% compared to PPC.

2. Nearly 40% of the consumers look for local contractors for any service.

3. Around 56% of the consumers look for the price of the service they selected.

4. Near about 64% of the consumers uses the Google My Business page to get the contact details of the local contractor.

5. Almost 82% of the consumers look for nearby local contractors via Smartphone.

6. Every week around 29% of consumers look for local contractors.

Is Google Guaranteed Beneficial for SMB?

It is hard for Small-Medium Businesses to build trust among the consumers. Some retain the Google My Business page and it is not sufficient to assure the consumers to take services.

But after getting the green badge of Google Guaranteed then the trust of consumers will built. The consumers will be assured that Google is the guarantor and their money is safe. That simply means they will not be deceived by the local contractors.

Another aspect is the growth of the business of the SMB’s. If you receive the badge then your business will increase significantly. Once the faith is built, then consumers will always seek the service from you.

Some say, Google Guaranteed is the substitute for Local Service Ads (LSA), but that’s not true. In LSA, you need to invest money to direct the traffic to your website. LSA is a bit costlier one and it is very much complicated for the small business owner. But Google Guaranteed is a cheaper one and gives the best result.

How Google is making a profit through Google Guaranteed Program?

You have seen both the aspects one from the local businesses and another from the consumers. Both are getting benefits from this program. Here, the question arises as to how Google is earning money from your business through this program.

Well, Google charges on you for an authentic lead generated via call or messages. The charge is not applicable for the view or click on the page. Google has set some parameters to charge you and it depends upon the communication. For instance, if you received the customer’s phone, message or voicemail then it will be treated as a potential lead. In the former case, Google will charge you against the use of Google Guaranteed service.

An efficient way to check Google Guaranteed Badge for your Business

Once you are comfortable with Google Guaranteed and ready to attract local customers. Then at this point, you must check whether Google Guaranteed is available in your region or not.

  • Go to Google Ads Support Help page by clicking on the link https://support.google.com/google-ads/
  • On the home page, you will find the Check Availability button, click on it.
  • Thereafter, a new window will open that will show the welcome page.
  • Here you need to select your country, state, business nature and also provide the zip code of your region.
  • After filling in the respective details, click on the Check Eligibility button.

That’s it; you have completed the task and if Google Guaranteed is available in your region. Then go through the below process to list your business in Google Guaranteed.

Google offers the Local Ads Services to limited countries.

1. Austria

2. Belgium

3. Canada

4. France

5. Germany

6. Ireland

7. Italy

8. Spain

9. Switzerland

10. United Kingdom.

A Guide to Enroll in Google Guaranteed Badge Program

To build trust among the consumers and to enhance the business, you need to enroll in Google Guaranteed Program.

You need to sign-in to your local service ads and if it is available to your area, you can proceed ahead.

After signing in, Google will verify your business license, reviews, address, business hours, contact details, and many more.

Once Google completes the verification process and found everything fine, then it will release the badge for you.

How consumers can take the advantage of Google Guaranteed?

If the consumer is unhappy with your service, then he/she will claim to Google against the invoice amount. Google will approach you and will ask the reason behind the consumer claim. Google will try for a fair resolution to fix the issue and if failed, then it will reimburse the amount to the consumer.

But reimbursement has some limitations and the consumer must claim for it within 30 days of service completion. If, the consumer has taken the service from Local Service Ads, then only he/she is eligible for the claim process.

Google Guaranteed-List of services covered

Google has filtered some sectors for Google Guaranteed and using the same the consumers can get the services. This states that all the sectors are not covered and the list of selected industries is listed below.

1. HVAC (Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

2. Home Appliances.

3. Electrical and Plumbing.

4. Pet Grooming.

5. Door and Windows Cleaning.

6. Roofing.

7. Waste Removal.

8. Locksmith service.

A Care needs to be taken to retain Google Guaranteed Badge

Google does not offer the badge for a lifetime, it monitors your business activity. You must maintain your business, renew the license on time, get organic reviews. If you are getting a negative review, then keep the same on the page.

Make sure your Google My Business is maintained and verified. If there is a change in business address or contact details, then make sure to add it to the Local Service Ads Program.

If you maintain all the above guidelines, then you can enhance your business with Google Guaranteed badge.

Bottom Line

This was about the new program of Google, i.e., Google Guaranteed. If you are a small business owner and need to expand it, then get the certification. This will give you real and organic traffic and no doubt the trust of the consumers will be significantly increased.

Effects of Remarketing on Consumer. Is it Annoying Consumers?

Effects of Remarketing on Consumer. Is it Annoying Consumers?

With the rise of the digital world, multiple Effects of Remarketing on Consumers have been observed. They are positive & negative, but why suddenly the best marketing tool is losing its value in the present day? The answer to the same question lies here. Many more valuable pieces of information are available that will give you a broad vision to see Remarketing Effects.

Remarketing is a process to boost the business efficiently.

Remarketing is a process to target those consumers who already visited your website. It not only increase sales but also gives the reminder to the consumer to purchase the left product.

In simple words, a cookie is a tool used to find the audience’s behavior. When consumers visit your website, discovered the product, but didn’t purchase it. At this point, using cookies, you can target the same customer to purchase the product once he comes back.

Remarketing concept is useful for small businesses because they get a higher impression rate at the minimum cost. Due to the same, the sale cycle of the SMEs picks and reaches to top-notch.

Are Remarketing and Retargeting the same concept?

Remarketing is a broad concept where you target the audiences. On the other hand, Retargeting is a narrow concept that directs you to a specific customer who visits your website.

Remarketing Effects- Statistics

Remarketing statistics show the true picture of conversion based on ads.

1. Remarketing boosts the business up to 400% and this mark is useful for a business.

2. The CTR report for a display ad is low, i.e., 0.07 but in remarketing, the CTR is 0.7%.

3. Retargeting enhances the brand value and brings more new customers, i.e., 33%, and the website engagement rate gains 16%.

4. For targeting the consumers via Remarketing process, 20% of marketers retain the budget for this methodology.

5. Among consumers, 25% of them like the remarketing process, while 60% of them are neutral.

6. Through the remarketing process, the conversion rate increased to 60%.

Positive Effects of Remarketing on Consumers

You are familiar with remarketing, and understanding the effects is easier than ever.

1. The conversion rate is high

This is one of the absolute positive remarketing effects where CTR increases rapidly. You are showing the repeated ads to your existing customers who have seen them earlier. As per human psychology, frequent and repeated ads trigger the human mind to purchase the product. This shows that by using a proper remarketing campaign, your lead generation will be significantly increased.

2. Remarketing Campaign is an Economical One

Remarketing campaign is a chargeable one, but it is cheaper compared to other marketing campaigns. Using this strategy to boost the business, you can skip the cold ad methodology.

3. Remarketing is a brand garnishing process

The brand is essential in the market and the more popular it is, the more business growth will be. Using remarketing campaign effectively you can achieve your goal. Moreover, you can put a great impression on the consumers.

4. Enhances ROI

Consumers are everything in the business and every business owner wants to expand its consumer list. That means once the consumer reaches your website, purchase a product, and then left the site. Well, you are not running a business for a single cycle and you will focus on the same consumer to purchase other goods.

Here, remarketing plays a crucial role as it will enable you to target your potential customers. Once you get success, your ROI will significantly increase.

Remarketing Effects on Consumers- Negative Side

1. Annoy Users

This factor generates the major effects of remarketing on consumers. Continuously featuring the ad to the consumers may annoy them. There is a possibility that some consumers may purchase the product. But many users feel annoyed while seeing the same ads.

The negative effects of remarketing annoys the consumers and make them angry.

As a result, your potential customers may leave your website. Well, this is a possibility but chances are high because the mood of the consumers swings.

After watching frequent ads, some consumers may feel intrusive, distracting, creepy, and in the worst scenario, they will get angry. Due to these remarketing effects, there might be a loss in a business.

2. Privacy in Danger- Consumer aspect

This is yet another major effects of remarketing on consumers. Every person is keen to safeguard their privacy in the digital world. The users do not want anyone who is poking their nose at web activity.

It is the web activity of the users that enables the marketers to show such product ads that users have surfed on the website.

But at one point, the consumers may feel that they are getting cheated because their activity on the web is not safe.

Even Federal Trade Commission issued the privacy report to execute the Do Not Track feature for consumers. Now the consumers have an option whether they want to get tracked or not.

3. Remarketing Effects on Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel helps you find out what your customer is doing on your website whether they are purchasing the product or not. In short, it gives you the power to know at which point your customer is leaving your website.

Now, concerning remarketing, the sales funnel is directly proportional to it. That means, if remarketing is accelerated, then it will show the abrupt effect on Sales Funnel and it will drop.

Role of Cookies on Remarketing and Google Stands

Cookies are the backbone of remarketing as it helps you to know the consumer’s activities. But it came on the radar of Google and Google does not like the use of consumer data for marketing purposes.

Google Stand on Cookies

On 3rd March 2021, Google announced it is going to roll out the third-party cookies by 2022. Moreover, the leading search engine also states that it is not going to offer any alternatives to cookies that may hamper the consumers’ privacy.

Earlier, Firefox and Safari have rolled out the cookies from their platform and now Google is in the race.

Google finds out that 72% of users feel that their activity is monitored by marketers then it took such a step. Moreover, 81% of the users reported the privacy risk and this is the prime reason.

Once the third-party cookies will be completely wiped out, then digital marketers won’t be able to track the consumers’ behavior on the website. So, at this point, they will have to focus on first-party data.

If No Third-Party Cookies, Then What?

Well, many digital advertisers are wondering what they will do after the prohibition of third-party cookies. But there is an alternative, that is more useful to target the consumers.

1. Contextual Advertisement

This type of advertisement was used a long year ago, but we moved ahead and ahead in technology and ignored this advertisement. But old is gold and it is an ad that reflects on the website based on the content.

In a broad sense, Contextual advertisements show the ads based on the content on a website. For instance, if you are running a digital marketing agency, then SEO tools ads will appear.

2. People-Based Advertisement

In this kind of advertisement, the advertisers can target the product based on customers. Through this, marketers can target the customers through the first-party cookie. Well, this is one of the best ways to access remarketing without third-party cookies.


This was all about the effects of remarketing on consumers including the positive and negative ones. The remarketing effects more or less is in equilibrium. Moreover, it has positive sides that are good for advertisers and consumers.

If any consumer forgets to purchase the product, then revisiting the site and pop-up ad may trigger their mind to get the product. But, the privacy concern of the consumers is more challenging.

Once Google rolls out the third-party cookies, then it is better for the consumers’ end, but advertisers need to focus on other ways.

Is Link Exchanges in SEO an Outdated One?

Is Link Exchanges in SEO an Outdated One?

Earlier in the 2000s, the demand for Reciprocal links or in other words Link Exchange was quite common. It helps to grow the authority and ranking of a website and also gives valuable information to readers. Link Exchanges in SEO is still popular in the present day and the stats confirms the same. As per Ahrefs, only 26.4% of the domain authorities are not using reciprocal links.

Reciprocal link is a double-edged sword,  but it is helpful for the business.

This simply means that 73.6% of them are using the link exchange method. But there is a big risk and you must follow some measures if exchanging the links. If failed to do the same and came on the radar of Google webmaster, then they will put a heavy penalty on you. Now, you may be in a dilemma, whether Link Exchange is Good Or Bad? Is it a Legitimate one? If yes, then why Google is imposing a penalty.

Well, your all sorts of question will be resolved once, you will go through the link exchanges in SEO and measures to follow.

Link Exchanges in SEO

Reciprocal or Link exchange is the process of trading links from one party to another. It is just like give and take system where each party gets a profit by sharing the links.

Statistics of Link Exchange

Th stats show the detailed view of Reciprocal Link.

1. Many websites are having no backlinks and the proportion is around 66.31%.

2. The average age of the websites retaining the top page is more than 2 years.

3. The more you create backlinks, more the organic traffic you will get from Google.

4. Trading a link is costlier and the amount is $361.44.

5. Guest posting is quite common and the per guest post costs $77.80.

6. The domains having reciprocal links are higher than others and the figure is around 73.6%.

Today’s scenario of Link Exchange

To know the present status of link exchange, you must know the situation of reciprocal link a decade ago.

In 2010, many businesses use reciprocal links to promote their business on multiple websites. Even there was a deal between the two parties to mutually promote their business via link exchange process.

The above process was a nasty one because it drops the popularity of a website and even the domain authority significantly falls.

Google updated its policy and now it is not giving much importance to the link exchange. Even the previously build reciprocal links on the websites will be devalued. Moreover, Google webmaster will impose the penalty on the one who will violate links rules.

Things you should avoid while using Link Exchange

Well, if you follow the guidelines of Google webmaster, then you won’t face any problem. It says you to go with the trusted websites to build a link, then a reciprocal link is useful.

Now, let’s see what all things you must skip while using the reciprocal links.

1. Never choose such a website that is irrelevant to your business

If you are doing SEO to enhance your business and using reciprocal links, then select the website that matches your niche. For instance, if you deal with a pet grooming service, then it is useless to promote it on website offering bike services.

2. Never go with the newly created website

The age of a website matters a lot and you should avoid exchanging links to a new website. As nobody knows when the site will be closed, so it is best to go with the older one. However, if you are getting a website 2 years old, well maintained, then you can use the same for reciprocal links.

3. Never look for websites that got a lot of outbound links

The websites that have a lot of outbound means trading of links is greater. The same will result in the fall of domain authority and at this point, you must take a diversion. That means, select the website having low outbound links.

Key things you should consider while exchanging the links

Now you are very much familiar with what to avoid and it’s time to know what all things you should implement.

1. Focus on leading websites

The website that is rich in organic traffic is definitely retaining good domain authority. Such a website has a good public response, so you need to focus on those websites to perform the link exchange process.

2. Target on website retaining quality content

Content is the pivotal point of the online business and for SEO. Even Google states that the quality content enhances the website’s rank on Google SERP. So, you must focus to choose a website that is relevant to your niche and retaining quality content.

3. Check website’s SEO metrics

The SEO metrics help you to know the quality of a website. If you are getting a high authority website, then exchange the links. But make sure to avoid the websites having low authority.

4. Answer to Legitimacy of reciprocal link

Now you know what to do and what to skip in link exchange. It will be easy for you to judge whether the reciprocal link is good or bad.

Link Exchange is a double-edged sword, if breaks the rules then you will face several problems on your website with a heavy penalty.

However, if you go with a genuine link exchange process without trading, then you will get a good result.

Google wants that users get sufficient and reliable information from the websites. So, if you post a link to another website having ample information, then it will be good for everyone.

So, link exchange acts as a bridge between the legit one and non-legit.


Building the relationship with the trusted and genuine resources will help you to build your website authority. The trust of the users is a must for a business, so you must focus on the legit websites to exchange the links.

Make sure to avoid errors while going through the link exchange process. Your silly mistake will put you in big trouble. Hence, go with Link Exchanges in SEO to boost your business.

HARO Alternatives – Increase Your Reach To Other Reports

HARO Alternatives – Increase Your Reach To Other Reports

HARO(Help A Reporter Out) is one of the best resources for any PR professional. It is also used by journalists as it lets journalists mention directly the specific kinds of pitches that they are soliciting. For PR professionals it is beneficial for pitching relevant stories to the journalists. While working for HARO, you must remember that it can get extremely competitive with the booming number of subscribers. You can consider a few HARO alternatives as it has a few limitations that you should be aware of. In this article, we will walk you through a few limitations of using HARO, and also we will offer you a few best alternatives for HARO. 

A few limitations of using HARO are as follows:

  1. The subscribers at HARO are increasing incredibly. HARO has a million subscribers approximately and competing against so many replies to the same journalists can be really tough. 
  2. HARO is a platform for the email newsletter. You start receiving the journalist requests and you can start pitching only from the day that you subscribe. You won’t be able to access any previously sent emails. 
  3. In HARO, you have the liberty to choose topics on which you want to receive emails such as technology, marketing, business, finance and so on. These topics are quite broad. Hence every time you have to scan the mail that you have received to filter out the topics that are related to your expertise, experience and industry. At times the mail might not have any queries that you can answer at all.

HARO Alternatives: The best PR platforms 

Besides replying to query of journalists, it’s essential; to pitch to journalists, bloggers and podcasters proactively that are relevant to your topic or industry. Here is a list of a few HARO alternatives that can help you do that massively and help you reach your goals.  

1. Just Reach Out:

just reach out

You can use Just Reach Out as a PR platform for finding journalists, podcast hosts as well as bloggers who have written articles and gotten published in your industry. There is a team that verifies the contact information of the journalists and you can even customize various proven templates to pitch these journalists. There is a feature that’s in-built in JustReachOut that helps you track the pitches that you have already sent. You can also see if the journalist has opened the mail or not. JustReachOut is a platform that offers PR strategy calls, brainstorms, pitch reviews, email support, and so on. Besides all of these, it also offers lessons that help you finetune your keyword search terms, improve pitch angles as well as get replies from reporters. 

Key features: 

  • You can search for bloggers and journalists that have written articles or blogs in the related industry. JustReachOut makes it easier to find important people relevant to your industry. 
  •  You can pitch yourself and get interviewed as you can search for the relevant podcasts. 
  • You can also search for journalists who are finding a source for their stories.
  • You can get a hold of all the relevant websites that allow guest postings  
  • Search for blogs and articles that have broken links. You can reach out to them. Suggest them to change it and offer them a link to relevant content from your website.
  • Access to human-verified contact information of several journalists 
  • You can send tracked pitches from the platform.

2. MuckRack:


It is a PR platform that helps you reach out to journalists and influencers and pitch to them. You can get a clear review of the articles, beats, and interests of the reporters and journalists that are relevant to your industry or company. This helps in crafting the kind of pitch angle that will be the best fit. You can also create alerts for your keywords. Whenever there is a new story related to your search keyword, it flashes up on your monitor.  Using MuckRack gives you a notification each time there’s an update on the beat or the job of any of the reporters that you have added to your media list. It gets even more creative with features such as creating reports, newsletters, graphics as well as article snippets. You can also share your PR campaigns as well as your pitching progress with our company or client. 

Key benefits:

  • Scan and skim through a  database of journalists and reporters. Find out relevant influencers 
  • Avail the contact info about all the journalists and reporters 
  • Track and analyze the impact of the campaigns and influencer press releases 
  • Create newsletters, graphics, and articles and share your PR campaigns with your clients and colleagues. 

3. Meltwater Media Intelligence:

meltwater media Intelligence
meltwater media Intelligence

Meltwater is a platform that lets you search for publications as well as journalists by using various keywords that are relevant to your company or industry. You can also track all your mentions in the media across various mediums such as online news, print, broadcast, and social media. You can analyze and monitor your overall brand awareness. There are a lot of features that can cater to large companies for tracking all the press coverages. You can set up dashboards and also track data points that are useful for your PR campaigns. You can also monitor data points that are essential for your content marketing such as audience insights and sentiment coverage. Meltwater media intelligence is also used for creating newsletters and share your media mentions with your company and client. You can use this software to monitor all your social media accounts on the same platform and also reply to comments. Besides journalists, you can also reach out to various influencers for collaborations and partnerships through this platform. 

Key Features:

  • Search through a database of various journalists and influencers 
  • Monitor social media performance and analyze customer sentiments 
  • Create dashboards and also make reports on the metrics to track your digital marketing and social media performance 
  • You can schedule your content for various social media platforms. 

4. Cision Communications Cloud:

Cision Communications Cloud

It’s an all-in-one integrated PR platform that can be used for searching journalists and influencers from various verticals that are more relevant to you. You can build a media list from here for pitching. Track all of the mentions of your company or brand across all the traditional as well as digital platforms. Cision has the world’s largest distribution network of Press Releases. Here is a list of various other things that you can do with Cision:

  • Connect your social media accounts and schedule your content on social media. You can receive insight into your brand engagement. 
  • You can reach out and build more connections with influencers in your niche 
  • Create PR performance reports across social media, digital publications, and traditional platforms. You can also measure the metrics of the financial impact of your earned media. 

Key benefits:

  • You can search through the database for finding journalists and influencers 
  • Keep a track of the social media of your competitors
  • Insights on followers and  their demographics, location, and intent of buying
  • Analyze the impacts of PR as well as influencer campaigns 
  • Create custom reports that can be shared with clients and colleagues.

5. Qwoted:


Qwoted is a HARO alternative where journalists can find credible and reliable sources for tier articles. In Qwoted, there’s no direct contact information provided by the journalists. You have to apply to be a source and get approved. Only then you can answer journalists but directly on Qwoted. The competition for replying to the same query is really less due to the approval system. Qwoted allows journalists to filter their reply sources according to gender and geography. Journalists can also reach out to you on Qwoted if all your credentials meet tier requisites. 

Key benefits: 

  • Request for approval as a source and pitch journalists who are seeking insights and answers from experts 
  • Make a profile that has all your credentials. Mention your areas of expertise and receive some questions and inquiries from journalists


It is extremely important to figure out the best PR platform for yourself. It is extremely important for gaining the best media coverage. The most important features that you need for proactive PR outreach. 

  1. The PR platform must offer you the ability of searching journalists, influencers and bloggers from the relevant niche or category. Make sure that the write-ups by these journalists and influencers must have all the specific keywords that are related to your industry or company. 
  2. The platform should have verified contact information of these journalists, influencers and bloggers.