Types of content writers: a comprehensive guide

Types of content writers: a comprehensive guide

What is content writing?

The art of planning, writing and editing web content for various marketing purposes on digital platforms and mediums is content writing. It includes a plethora of things such as writing blog posts and articles, scripts for videos and podcasts. It consists of content on various other platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, WordPress and so on. The professionals who pursue writing for various websites or publications, etc are content writers. There are various types of content writers. They specialize in a specific niche.

What are the different formats of content?

types of content writers: different formats of content writing
types of content writers: different formats of content writing

Different formats of content:

  1. Video scripts
  2. Email newsletters
  3. Keynote speeches
  4. Social media posts
  5. Podcast titles
  6. White papers
  7. Web page copy
  8. Landing pages
  9. YouTube video descriptions

Importance of content

Engaging content is the cornerstone of a successful online marketing campaign. Crafting high-quality content is extremely crucial for your organization as it helps in portraying the credibility of your company. For establishing yourself as a trustworthy expert in the industry, you should be offering rich and authentic content. Content helps in communicating, informing, persuading as well as educating your readers for purchasing a product or service over your competition. Providing high quality content is one of the most crucial things that you can do. High quality content helps for attracting client and creating interest in your business or organization.

Categories: Types of content writer

types of content writers: 10 types of content writers
types of content writers: 10 types of content writers

There are primarily 10 types of Content writers. It’s separate for different sectors. There are various types of content writers who are experts in specific fields.

SEO content writer

Content writing is a fundamental part of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) as well as online marketing. A freelancer or a team of content writers in the company carries out keyword research at first. It is extremely crucial for crafting optimized content such as articles, blogs description and so on. SEO professionals research keywords that are relevant to the topic and make informative content. SEO content has to be precise and lucid. You should divide the into smaller paragraphs and simple lines. Use attractive headlines.

Technical Writer

Computer hardware and software, consumer electronics, robotics, biotechnology, engineering, chemistry and aeronautics requires Technivcal writing. User manuals, technical modules, user documents, admin manuals, help files, technical literature and reports use Technical content. You have to have some technical knowledge for being a technical writer.

Communication and Marketing writer

One of the most challenging sector for content writing is marketing and communications.

Some of the most common kinds of contents to write in this sector are the following:

Articles, Blogs, Social media content, Newsletters, Internal and External communications.

You can Also use them for e-mail campaign, e-books, Audio and Video Content and marketing collaterals such as brochures and flyers.

Writing up for marketing and communication is very different from that of SEO writing. This requires a lot of research unlike SEO writing as Communication and Marketing content attract, persuades or compels customers for taking an action.

Publication based and editorial writer

The writers in this sector are responsible for writing books for various academic publication. The books for schools, colleges or higher education are writing by these writers. While crafting this kind of content, the professionals should keep in mind the curriculum of the school or college.

Research and report writer

Reports and research papers are generally very long format of writing. The content has to be of high quality based on various researches across plethora variety of industries and sectors. The writes from these sectors also have to be well versed with the current trends and their effects on people. As a research and report writer, you have to be able to overcome various challenges regarding subjects and deadlines and so on.

Feature Writer

Feature writing involves various types of write-ups such as writing columns in Print Media. As well as, Digital space, short stories, satires, poems, features on food and lifestyle and so on.

You have to have a rich vocabulary to be a feature writer as your writing has to cast a spell on the readers. Feature writing consists of various topics such as food, travel, lifestyle, seasonal festivals, personal care and things like that. The readers should be able to connect with the writing. It is necessary to make it sound more personal. Prefer using catchy headings and sub-headings. You must have deep knowledge about the subject that you are writing for.

Business writer

This type of writing is very similar to marketing and communication writing. This sector has a huge scope of growth for writers.

If you are interested in business writing, you must have knowledge of things like:

How to write sales proposals, memo, official emails, manual writing, concept writing, concept papers, summaries, RFPs(Request for Proposals), etc.

It can be more advantageous for you.

You can acquire knowledge in business development and analysis if you pursue business writing for a significant period of time.

Press Release Writer

Press Releases are developed for making customers aware of various new developments and updates in the industry or within the organization or company.

In simple terms, Press Releases were used for making announcements such as launching a new product, opened departments, signed new mergers.

Press Releases play a role in disseminating news of organized events as well as expanded business. These have undergone a lot of changes although the primary application remained the same. Press Release is an integral part of the sales initiative.

If you are developing a Press Release for any small, medium or large business house, you should focus on sales and marketing your content.

Ghost Writer

In ghostwriting, the content is developed by a person and it is used by other people by his or her name. In the online marketing world, several agencies offer SEO web content writing under the category of ghostwriting. As a ghostwriter most of the time you will be working under a CEO or CTO.

Of various companies across the industry.

Main challenge you will be facing as a Ghostwriter. You must be able to think like CEO, CTO of top-notch official of a Company.

To be a successful ghostwriter, you have to be well-informed on the topic and craft a state-of-the-art style of content.


One of the most interesting types of content writings is copywriting. It is an extremely competitive field as it is demanding. You have to give your creative best if you wish to be successful as a copywriter. The category of copywriting is extensive. Copywriting comprises writing plethora varieties of advertisements for various mediums such as television or radio advertisements. As a part of your copywriting assignment, you may have to develop appealing punchlines for banners, billboards, flyers and newspaper advertisements. There are various kinds of copywriting but with all the types one thing remains constant that is creativity. You must have innovative imaginations and unique ideas for converting them into reality. As a copywriter, you must have an exhaustive vocabulary and there should never be a dearth of words while churning out catchy phrases.

Types of content writers: 5 skills you need to be a successful content writer?

types of content writers: 5 skills for successful content writer
types of content writers: 5 skills for successful content writer

Do you wish to be a successful content writer? Here’s a list of 5 skills that you must master to stand out in the crowd. We have jotted down a few points for your reference.

You must master different content styles

Each of the writing formats has its own writing style. News is delivered in AP styles i.e. it consists of a summary lead or a descriptive lead. That in itself offers the meat of the story at the very top of the article. Blogging and feature writing is more personal and opinionated whereas an ad copy is short and persuasive. Long descriptions of problems and solutions to those are white papers. Each of them has a different style and as a successful content writer, it is necessary to master various formats or styles of writing.

Identifying a suitable topic

A successful writer is also effective in identifying a suitable topic. You shouldn’t be picking up any random topic. ‘Ideation’ is the marketing buzzword that vividly demonstrates the creative process of finding a subject, title as well as the angle to write about.

Craft original content

It is extremely necessary to craft original content. Everyone expects authentic or original content. There’s a lot of content up there on the internet. As a successful content writer, you have to be a unique voice offering different perspectives. Also plagiarized content is bad for SEO.

Software skills

If you wish to be a successful content writer, you have to have a few software skills. The most commonly used software by various content writers across various industries are HTML, CSS, SEO and WordPress. Updated SEO knowledge is highly critical for all the types of content writers.

Social media presence

Successful content writers have an active social media presence. Recognition is highly valued and social media is a platform that brings everything within your grasp. The more active you are on social media, the more you will gain followers. People will recommend your content more. Successful content writers are active, public and friendly as well. In a nutshell, Content writers are marketing experts, SEO specialists, on-page coders as well as social media butterflies.


Choose the Content Writer according to your requirements, and they will surely deliver you desired results.

Why are you failing with Facebook Ads?

Why are you failing with Facebook Ads?

Why are you failing with Facebook Ads & did you get the exact solution? Well, here you will get to know about the reasons and the solutions to this issue.

In the digital world, the business has become easier due to the presence of Social media platforms. The platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. Through these platforms, users get the information and also show a deep interest in any product or service. Since the demand for Facebook has increased significantly and around 92% of the marketers are accessing Facebook for their business.

Facebook Ad is an efficient way to boost the business. But if gone with the wrong algorithm, then a negative impact will take place. In this article, you will get the comprehensive answer for ‘Why are you failing with Facebook Ads?’ Go through the same and apply the methods.

Here, you will get the comprehensive information about the failure of Facebook Ads.
Here, you will get the comprehensive information about the failure of Facebook Ads.

If you are running any campaign on Facebook but not getting the result, it means you are lagging behind something. But don’t worry at all because some powerful measures and efficient steps are listed here. The same will bring back your business to the top chart.

Statistics of the Facebook Ads

The image shows the cost per click done by the different age group
The image shows the cost per click done by the different age group

Facebook sets the algorithm for the advertiser and proper usage of the same boosts the traffic. As per the recent report, more than 1 billion users are active on Facebook. If the proper pattern is not executed as per the requirement of the users, then Facebook Ads will fall.

Improper Audience Targeting

Setting a proper target is the basis of any marketing. It helps you to know the reach of the product. Similarly, on Facebook, you should focus on the specific areas where the audiences seek your product. If the set target is accurate, then definitely Facebook Ads will give you a huge profit.

There are many advertisers on Facebook who fail to cover the right audience needed for their Facebook Ad. Sometimes, they focus on the small areas, or, they target the wrong audience. Such mistakes may lead to the fall of Facebook Ads. In general, most Facebook users, look for information related to day-to-day life. Also, they click on the product they like. This shows that the visionary of Ads to the respective users will enhance the business. Hence, the target is the prime factor of Facebook Ads.

Lack of Quality Ads Copies

Most of the time, advertisers create an ad copy and show what they want. But instead of that, they must focus on what the users need. For instance, in most of the ads copies, you will get an image but fail to get the relevant idea. This means, exact information on the product is required and the same helps the users to know about the product.

In the marketing field, quality and quantity play a key role. The advertisers do not take the quality of the product into consideration that results in the fall of Facebook ads. In most of the ads, the users get to know about the usage of the product and its benefits. But very few goes in the quality section. In short, the value of the product is essential on Facebook Ads.

Lack of Patience

Facebook advertising is also a type of share market, where you will have to keep patience. Just invest the money on Facebook Ad and wait for some time to get the result. Most advertisers think that posting an ad will lead to the conversion of a lead. But that philosophy is not true except for e-commerce sites.

So, a good practice is to run the campaign and wait for the time. Might be initially you won’t get any conversion. But keep patience and the passage of time will give you the result.

Impact of Ads Relevancy Score

The advertisers simply publish the Ads without thinking about the pitching factor. It is very important because the relevancy of an ad gives a clear picture of your offers to the users. Moreover, the relevancy also shows the public interest in ads and increase ROI or lead generation chances.

This is the reason, Facebook has introduced the Relevance Score while running Adwords or advert. Such score lies from 1 to 10 and the last value is the highest. It means, the advertisers must pay attention to the relevancy factors.

In the relevancy score, you must be familiar that, if the score is less, then your campaign cost will go higher. The relevancy score also states about the users’ behavior. For instance, if the users share or like the post, it means the ad is more engaging. However, if the user reports the ad as spam or hides it from the newsfeed, it means the ad is getting a negative impression. This way the score matters and you should think more about the same.

A quick way to increase your relevancy score

To increase the relevancy score either on Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising, you should insert the relevant image on the ads. The images play a key role in engaging the audiences. But you will have to take measures amid posting the ad with an image. For instance, youth will like different images and likewise, the other age group will like different graphics. So, you will have to analyze this factor amid posting an image. If your analysis goes in the right way, then the relevancy score will increase.

To boost the relevancy score, make your ads more engaging. The poor image or irrelevant content makes the users boring. So, you must redesign your ads in a way that engages more and more audiences.

Improper Campaign Settings

Facebook has designed some parameters to optimize the ads. If you had failed to achieve such targets set by Facebook, then this is the reason Why are you failing with Facebook Ads. So, you must focus on such parameters, and they are Awareness, User-friendly Campaign, and others.


In general, the basic of marketing is to make the product reachable to the mass. In short, if you failed to reach the mass via improper campaign settings, then your Facebook ads will fall. So, to avoid such situations, you need to run a campaign to increase the reach of the product. The awareness-based campaign is a good method for such marketers who want to boost the brand. If the awareness is good then the impression on Facebook Ad will increase significantly.

User-friendly Campaign

The users always seek the product in a solace manner. If any user reaches your site via Facebook ads and got stuck with several forms, then the impression will drop. Due to the same, Facebook ads will fall. So, you must run a user-friendly campaign so that the users can easily grab your product.

Video is also one of the factors for the fall of Facebook Ads. If you failed to post videos on your Facebook ads, then the reach to the audience of the product will fall. The prime reason is that the demand for videos has increased significantly in recent years. Now, the users like to watch about the product instead of reading about it. So, you can say, a video has become an important tool of Facebook marketing.

Ad Copies and Landing Page are mismatched

On the off chance, if the ad copies failed to reach the relevant page of a website. Then this could be the reason Why are you failing with Facebook Ads. The landing page of any website is also very important. If the user gets disappointed after reaching such a page via Facebook ads, then the bounce rate will increase.

For instance, if any user finds the discount offer on the Facebook ads and after reaching the landing page, found nothing. It means, he/she will feel cheated and due to the same, the Ad performance will get a severe impact.

Moreover, if there is an incorrect correlation between Ad Copies and the Landing page, then your relevance score will be reduced. If the same score gets reduced, then your CPC of the Facebook Ads will increase.

If the landing page is not relevant to the Ads, such as a call to action, and others, then Facebook Ads will fall. However, if you are offering a website experience to mobile users, then the landing page should be good. The information should match with the Facebook ads.

Improper Content

Content is essential for all domains and if the same is irrelevant in the ad copies, then Facebook Ads will fall. On Facebook Ads, you will get limited characters to describe your ads. For instance, the word limit for the title is 25 chars and for description, it is 135 chars. Keeping this in mind, you need to create an Ad that appeals to the users by meeting these parameters.

There are list of social media application that shows how content is relevant
There are list of social media application that shows how content is relevant

To create a powerful Ad, your Headline should be a catchy not boring one. Facebook users do not spend enough time on the Ad page. Keeping this in mind, you must create an eye-catching Title for an ad to increase the traffic.

How to play with the content on Facebook Ads?

While describing the ads, you need to play with the words smartly. You got limited words and need to describe the ads perfectly. This smart technique is known as Value Proposition. Moreover, you will have to analyze how the users will react to your ads. If the value proposition is poor, it means the content is irrelevant and you need to work on it.

Even after writing the catchy title and attractive description, your ads fall continues? It means you have failed to mention Call to Action. This is a general phenomenon that enables the users to perform the task after going through the ads.

For instance, if you got perfect ads, but not mentioned any CTA. Then the users may not click on it and will not reach the landing page. If this occurs, then Facebook Ads will fall. So, you need to apply Call to Action on your Facebook Ads to increase the traffic on your Facebook page. Also, ensure to avoid posting incorrect Call to Action statements, otherwise, Facebook ads will drop.


These were the reasons for the fall of Facebook Ads. In this article, you got the proper solutions to increase the traffic on your Facebook page. If you follow them, then definitely your business will enhance. So, before running a Facebook Ad, you must consider these points to optimize your ad. And also, try to avoid the mistakes that have been listed above. Now, go ahead and optimize your ads effectively.

Get Free Moz SEO Certification & Bright Local

Get Free Moz SEO Certification & Bright Local

As you know Moz SEO Certification Course and Bright Local are important to adopt for uplifting your events & local area business presence.

Moz offers certification courses to learn about Search Engine Optimization and SEO marketing strategy. It is important to educate yourself about marketing strategy in this digitalized world to build up an excellent business plan.

Semrush or Hubspot doesn’t offer these kinds of Certification course like Moz is offering to their members.

What are Moz and the Idea Behind its Creation?

Moz is the SEO community that helps to build the marketing strategy and focuses more on running the different SEO campaigns. Creation of MOZ was in the year 2004 for running the SEO service campaign.

Establishment of Moz is nothing but the intent to help small and big businesses to integrate SEO into their digital marketing campaigns.

Moz Certification Course Offers to Learn a Smart Marketing Strategy

Moz SEO Certification Course Offers to Learn a Smart Marketing Strategy
Moz SEO Certification Course Offers to Learn a Smart Marketing Strategy

In 2016, New Moz SEO Essentials Certification or Moz Academy was launched with the new module of SEO lessons. The course material helps people to learn step-by-step website optimization techniques in a wonderful environment. Moz puts a tremendous amount of effort to organize the SEO certification program that fulfill the requirement of its beginners to expert clients.

Moz SEO Marketing Tool Statistics 2020

  • It is a free Domain Analysis tool with more than 40 Trillion indexed links.
  • More than 740 Million keywords are existing inside the database.
  • Till the date, Moz claims to discover 8 Trillion plus pages.
  • According to Moz analysis, more than 50% of the business owners are planning to invest in a new strategy in 2021.
  • Moz free and paid tools are one of the most trusted applications to check websites DA, PR and more at a place.
  • Moz tools have a collection of features which helps individuals or SEO agencies to rank sites in the local state or global market.

What Do The Moz Courses Include?

Most of the MOZ courses will cover all the necessary topics that you should know and match with your requirement. Along with the courses, Paid Moz Certification Service program is there for you.

Most of the MOZ courses will cover all the necessary topics to match your requirement
Most of the MOZ courses will cover all the necessary topics to match your requirement

Moz courses will start right from the basic learning. As the days progress, it will cover the rest of the topics in the targeted hours. In the end, you will have to brush up on guide to SEO, FAQ, terms of use, citation, issue, usability and more.

Engagement metrics, choice of words, article or post writing guidance are available there in the form of blog and video training and tutorials. It will help you in taking care of your blog or site and achieve the milestone faster like a professional.

Take Moz Academy Courses For Free

It doesn’t matter whether you are running a small business or big. You no need to worry about the feedback, traffic and generating overall revenue in a short time. Moz Academy is offering a free certification course for all users with multiple resources. Either YOU can request to enrol for the SEO certification course or can ask your employee if they are interested. To join that Moz Academy SEO certification program, you o need to pay any cost.

It will cover all the topics right from the introduction & fundamentals. Such as local SEO fundamentals, competitor analysis, market motive, client onboarding, backlink audit & removal, data-free downloads, comment handling, question-answering, and more.

You no need to worry about the feedback, traffic in a short time.
You no need to worry about the feedback, traffic in a short time.

There are a few more topics like technical SEO site audit, Snippet creation, the fundamentals of SEO client processing. You will learn the value of SEO client pitch which is important for passing the exam.

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Different Products of Moz

There are two types of products that Moz offers to grow your business and earn more money through SEO campaigns. Moz Certification Service will uplift your SEO knowledge level and chances of achieving your goal become high.

1. Pro Moz

Moz Pro is a complete SEO package tool to manage your SEO performance at a place. Using a Moz Pro will help you to understand your visitors or audience along with GA Code tracking.

The tool will work as your partner to check the insight, functionality and identify your visitors landed on your site. To see the MOZ domain authority score, you can use its extension or DA checker tool as a domain authority checker.

You can track your performance and revise your SEO strategy to achieve the goal of bringing your website pages on SERP. You can optimize your Facebook posts, social media stuff, or other pieces of stuff to bring on the user’s screen.

2. Moz Local

Business owners in the UK, USA, India or other countries, use business or personal information including text messages, email address for GMB listing. In the list, most of the owners having multi-location businesses and are providing local or home services to their customers or clients.

For crawling and indexing their Google My Business Pages, they optimize it by adding their store details with unique phone number or NAP. They update the timelines with some whiteboard Friday offers, discount rate or news.

Likewise, Moz local is the second software that focuses more on promoting local businesses from the root using Moz Pro home techniques. You need to first verify your business either with Fakebook or with Google from your IP address.

You can provide PIN number, event posts, street, graph and other address sources for your customer. Such information will optimize your business pages in a short time on the local or state level.

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List Of Tools Available With Moz SEO Certification Course

1. Keyword Research

Keywords are the essential and basic research parts of the SEO as it drives the audience or traffic to visit your site. It is the step-by-step process for shortlisting the short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords. You can create a list of most relevant and trending keywords through Keyword Explorer given inside Moz APIs.

Visitors look for on a particular query on Bing or google SERPs using Google Chrome or another browser. So, the Moz Keyword Explorer tool will instruct you to select the right keywords.

While shortlisting the targeted keywords, post or search queries, make sure to do proper research. See today’s or recent trends but don’t opt the duplicate keywords. You can remove the irrelevant search queries from your list using sort by feature in excel file or worksheet.

2. Reporting on SEO

Whether you are a Digital Marketing Agency or you are working to support a small company, agreement & reporting is essential. It is important to create a proper report for different projects to expand digital marketing initiatives.

Reporting dashboard under Moz academy or Moz SEO Essentials Certification will help you to edit framework in a default format. You will learn to check the Keyword ranking status, user time spend, Traffic from star rating sites and more.

There isn’t any limit to pull out the data to fit into the report format. You can take the reference through useful Moz tutorial. You can improvise the reporting format using some menu, box, section, category, head, date, bold lines, spot, star, and more.

Not only LinkedIn but Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other services are there. On top of SEO, Social media integration is important from the marketing point of view.

3. Building Essential Links

Link building is another topic that is essential for you to learn and understand about the URL submission services. Links are important which helps in ranking the site through white hat SEO techniques.

You will learn to follow insight and tips to create an effective link. Building SEO backlinks is a process that requires more skills than a tool. And Moz will help you to understand it for making your site popular on Bing, Google or alternative search engines.

Inside link building guide, you will learn the use of tools to shortlist high authority sites for creating backlinks. A few examples are Whitespark, foursquare, Google Business Listings (GMB) verified by postcard, feeds creation and directory submission. Others are multi-language translation, credit from guest posting, sitemap creation and robots file creation.

4. Concept of Fundamental SEO

Start with the fundamental, as it is the key to share your site URLs to other places. It’s important to make your base strong and one who focuses on making a strong base wins the long race.

In fundamental, you will learn about placing and targeting the right keywords. You will learn to monitor the performance and keep an eye on analytics data along with the tracking code integration.

5. Optimization of the Page

You can be a winner by optimizing the page attributes for the targeted strategic keywords based on history or popularity. This topic illustrates an overview of the attributes and their importance. It will help you to understand the site crawl and different page optimization tools.

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Use of SEO Certification Courses

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of building quality and increasing the quantity of traffic on a particular website from a search engine. You can do it by yourself or by hiring any staff member or a Search Engine Optimisation Agency instead of getting paid traffic.

You can improve the SEO ranking by optimizing the text or content on the targeted website to maximize the conversion rate and lead generation. It is a long time process but in the end, it is worth giving your effort to optimize On-Page.

There is also a SEMrush SEO certification course in which SEO SEMrush fundamentals is the basic topic to start with.

Mentioning specific meta-titles and meta-descriptions to the website is important. It helps to maintain the changing algorithm for relevant searches and refining of the results of the Search Engine (SERP).

This educational platform provides the New Moz SEO Essentials Certification to the agencies and individual. Like other courses, you cannot win this certificate after completing the assessment but at the end of the specific course.

Separate SEO training teams are there who provides Moz blueprint training or SEO training course.

You can do different courses on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) like Beginners SEO, Advanced SEO. Also, somebody can opt for Inbound-Outbound Marketing, Keyword Research, and Competitive Analysis.

There is no harm in learning multiple things but keep in mind that the certification fee varies per course learning and certification.

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How to get Moz SEO Certification?

There are many SEO Certification programs and you can choose your best course according to your learning ability. After the successful choice of the SEO course, you need to look for the best institution that provides better education on courses.

It doesn’t matter at all whether you are doing the courses online or offline. The main fact is the taking of proper knowledge about SEO Certification.

How long does it take to get SEO Certification?

The time duration to achieve the SEO Certification depends on various factors. If you are a beginner, it won’t take long and, type of institution also affect how soon you’re going to see the certificate.

The institutions take the exam to qualify for the certification test. The SEO training team are there to help, guide and make you understand all the topics.

Generally, it takes 2-3 months to learn SEO and get the SEO fundamental or professional certificate. It is neither a long process nor a short term course.

Other SEO Certification Providers in the Global Market

  • Google Partner
  • Bright Local
  • Udemy
  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing Course
  • SEMrush Academy
  • ClickMinded SEO Training
  • Advanced Google Analytics
  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing for market beginners.
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimisation Certification training for Advanced SEO

Optimize Your Local or Physical Store with Brightlocal

Bright local is a one-stop solution to do local SEO for your business. It is the way to make marketing simple and you can manage your business through citation builder.

Learn to Optimize Your Local or Physical Store with Brightlocal
Learn to Optimize Your Local or Physical Store with Brightlocal

Bright Local has the feature of the screenshot of your citation to verify the accuracy. Managing this software is key and you can do it properly with the help of available technical experts to manage your BroghtLocal profile.

Company is giving a free trial service for 14 days and that’s all without giving any card details.

What all does Bright Local provide?

Currently, the Brightlocal is focusing on 4 main things, which are:

  1. Local SEO Tools
  2. Citation Builder
  3. Reputation Manager
  4. Agency Lead Generator

Most of the global digital marketers trust the Brightlocal for optimizing a business or website to bring local traffics. A novice can start creating backlinks on authentic sites with the help of bright local.

Most of the global digital marketers trust the Brightlocal for optimizing a business site.
Most of the global digital marketers trust the Brightlocal for optimizing a business site.

You are either a freelancer or a Local SEO Expert, you can save your time efforts from putting manual effort in creating backlinks. One of the most popular Local Search Engine Optimization tool, Bright Local, is capable of doing these tasks automatically.


Thank you very much for reading this article in details with Moz SEO certification and local SEO optimization process. There are several SEO giants like Brian Dean, Tommy Friffith, keep sharing their experience through the blog.

However, if you need any helping hand to optimize your site for global or local business presence, never hesitate to contact us. We have a team of highly-experienced professionals to handle even complex SEO projects to provide a very good conversion rate.

PPC Packages for Big Businesses at affordable price.

PPC Packages for Big Businesses at affordable price.

PPC Packages for Big Businesses
PPC Packages for Big Businesses

If you’re manufacturing or producing any kind of product then, you need to sell it. How your products reach everyone is a question? Its simple answer is by marketing your product. At present, there are two forms of marketing, and they are independent to each other. One of the two is traditional marketing and, the other is digital marketing.

In Digital Marketing, the internet is the prime mode for the advertisement for the product. It is often termed as Internet marketing. There are many distinguished ways to ads your product online. One of the models that require advertisers to pay the fee or charge every time ads are clicked or opened. That model in general known as Pay-Per-Click and PPC Packages for Big Businesses boost the business.

About PPC

Search Engine Optimization is the organic way to rank the site on Search Engine Result Page (SERP) or to increase your web page traffic. In Search Engine Marketing (SEM), you need to pay the amount to the advertiser to show your ads to someone.

PPC is one of the best and popular forms in advertising your product on a search engine. The same includes, YouTube, Social Media platforms, or on a third-party site. Advertisers need to bid for the keywords and the ads’ placement which will reflect on the targeted place. Search engines like Google, Bing, and many more are responsible for ad placement. PPC campaign Management is the key to success.

Keyword research and proper optimization to these campaigns will generate amazing numbers for your website.

Know where your ads will show via PPC advertising?

Based on your audience targeting and ad placement methods, it will reflect on several places. For instance, if you are advertising through Google Ads then you have the option to target the placement. A few mentions are Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP), YouTube Channels or videos, and Mobile Application. The other places are third-party websites and email boxes.

There are many Services who are trying to push their sales but PPC works in total different fashion with overcoming new set of challenges.

Some Service providers are charging heavy price to their clients.

PPC is an art the requirements a lot to master and convert this supremacy into a service

PPC Advertising Charges & PPC Packages for Big Businesses

The charges for pay per click depends on various factors. Depends on your bidding strategy, existing competitor, location, and more, it may cost you a higher or lower amount. However, creating appealing ad copies to convince the user will help you to earn higher ROI. Also, with the time, when enough advertising history will be created, the advertiser will charge you a comparatively lower bidding amount.

If we talk about PPC Packages for Big Businesses then it may vary from country to country or cities. To provide a professional PPC account audit, a skilled agency might cost you a bit higher. But will save you a huge amount and from unwanted clicks.

What are the main platforms?

1] Google Ads

Google Ads is the most demanding advertisement platform in the digital world.
Google Ads is the most demanding advertisement platform in the digital world.

Since its launch in 2000, it has ruled the advertising market. Its services are available worldwide and present on many devices. According to the report, there are more than 300000 apps that can host Google Advertisements.

2] Microsoft Advertising

Bing has now become the official Ad running business partner of Microsoft.
Bing has now become the official Ad running business partner of Microsoft.

Bing has now become the official Ad running business partner of Microsoft. Bing Advertising system is a service offered in both Bing and Yahoo Search engine. Till 2015, Bing has a 33% market share for Bing Ads only in the United States.

3] Facebook Advert

Facebook advert can target in-takers based on demography, age and gender
Facebook advert can target in-takers based on demography, age and gender

It is the advertising platform from Facebook. Facebook advert can target in-takers based on demography, age, and gender. One of the PPC Service Agency, which is great for advertising with a billion users.

Stats which influences you to go for PPC advertising for your businesses

PPC Statistics give you the clear picture of the forthcoming business growth.
PPC Statistics give you the clear picture of the forthcoming business growth.

[1] A survey says almost 75% of people say that the paid ads help them easy to find.

[2] About one-third i.e., 33% of people prefer paid ads because it provides user direct answer to their search query.

[3] According to a report, click-through rates (CTR’s) of paid ads is 11.4% approximately on Google only.

[4] 63% of individuals or customers clicks on Google Ads.

[5] Many businesses have a double ROI on what they expense. In simple words, the income is $2 if 1 USD is invested.

[6] Compared to organic visitors, 50% of PPC visitors are likely to purchase the products.

[7] In a report of HubSpot, 65% of Business-to-Business (B2B) companies have grabbed the customer through LinkedIn paid ads.

[8] The facts of Creative Root Marketing, there are more than 300000 smartphones that host Google Ads. These makes Google the best PPC marketing company. It can enhance the PPC campaign and PPC marketing as well because of heavy users.

[9] Many online platforms can advertise your products. Such online pages are Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, and many more. And, some media streamers like YouTube and many others also can increase the popularity of your products. According to a report, 43% of new customers buy the product by watching product reviews.

[10] Google says that 70% of millennials like the product after they click on the products’ ad.

[11] Wordstream states that on average, 41% of ads go to the top 3 on SERP.

In 2021, the top important trends of the PPC model to watch out for

After 2018, the PPC advertising system has undergone some significant and great changes. It continues to evolve more quickly because of new features, tools, target options, and campaign types present on the various online platforms.

Google and Facebook are the most prominent online advertising platforms. So you shouldn’t depend on them only. You should diversify your ad platforms. The diversified platforms allow advertisers to reach as many target audiences.

The engagement rate plays a vital role in marketing to leverage investments. In this, Artificial Intelligence and Automation plays a leading role. The main objective is to build the brand in PPC marketing. PPC management offers a double down on remarketing. An upcoming feature allows the advertisers to deliver the cross-channel ad experience.

Success factors for paid search marketing (PPC)

1] Understanding of your competition

The effectiveness of this system is so high that it became the most popular method. This competition either can be healthy or cannot be healthy. The competitive market makes the bids expensive. Some advertising companies get involved in bidding wars that resemble the bid to exceed the desired amount. Sometimes the bid goes more than 10 dollars or pounds. To compensate for this, professional PPC advertisers are required. The professional can manage the undesired amount.

The SEO doesn’t even charge a penny but, the growth is time-taking. Cost-Per-Click (CPC) varies from low to high depends on the type of professional you’ve hired to bid for ads.

2] Access to Larger brands for Campaigns for running your ad

Those companies which have the lowest budget and, a few ranges of products. It may not be possible to compete with increased lifetime value for them. The larger player you’re, you will get more deals for marketing. So, look for the growth and development of your company.

3] Unlimited Reach to Customers

Maximum of the searchers will not see your advertisement. And the majority see scans and click on the natural listings. The proactive and aware users will reach your ad so, reach is a problem. The target audience should increase continuously.

For that, the unaware audience should see and scan the advertisement. The unaware audience will come in contact when the best advertising agency will post your ad. Many best agencies have PPC management system to leverage the brand value.

4] Proper audience target

The market is full of consumers of different age groups. To reach out to them analyze your product demand to them. The product is different for the different age groups. Before advertising understands the need. Gender is also an important term to ponder while advertising for any product. The same rule applies for gender-wise marketing as for the age-group. Demography plays an important role because people have their needs according to location and language. And, devices also have an impact on the ads because users carry different devices like mobile, PC, and, laptop.

4] PPC can be complex but, effective

PPC model can compete effectively but, complex to set up. Large marketing campaigns need to have the best experienced and knowledgeable advertisers or advertising agencies. The search engines like Google keep updating new facilities. For that, you need to stay notified of an official blog to gain an idea.

Strategies to implement PPC in your Business

1] Budget Management/Review

Sometimes budget gets exceeded the level it was set. At that moment you need to review and re-evaluate the distribution. This causes due to poor optimization for larger campaigns. The competitive market metrics should be also taken into account while assessing the budget for the campaign.

2] Audit your Campaign regularly

The process is simple for experienced but, complex for fresher. So, understand the cost by auditing the unnecessary expenses. The larger campaigns have high budgets and proper management. To boost the growth calculate your cost.

3] A/B Testing

This testing method allows advertisers to improve conversion rates constantly. It is impossible to understand the behavior of the customer virtually. And, most of the campaigns hardly come close to maximum productivity after a successful launch. By implementing this test can improve your performance.

4] Optimise your landing page

The catchy and strong headline helps and compels the visitor to stay with your website or ad. Ads must contain a proper keyword and ad text. The simple, smooth, clean, and eye-captivating design of your content, as well as page, is required. A good page looks trustworthy and much professional. This can set an image of consistency for your brand in the customer’s eye. For being a customer apple eye you need to optimize your landing page.

5] Check your performance on Google Analytics

The tool offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic is Google Analytics. It is a web analytics service embedded in the Google Marketing Platform brand. You can keep track by using this tool continuously. And, how good your advertising is responding you can also track it.

Benefits of PPC Advertising

1] Great targeting

Through PPC, you can target a bunch of people who looks for products. These customers have a high purchase intent.

2] Low Wastages

With perfect and right keywords, phrases, exact match lines you can target the searchers. You can ensure the ads must show to the only targeted audience.

3] Predictability

It is comparatively more predictable than SEO because of traffic volumes, ranking, returns, and costs.

4] Speed

The PPC ads can appear much faster than the SEO. The latter needs a much longer time especially for new sites created. Promotion and branding of the product are relatively smoother in the PPC system through an ad on sites.

5] Control

The possibility of achieving high ranks and increasing direct visitors to the relevant page is high. It can achieve with the use of a sufficient budget and agency with good PPC skills. The technology used for bidding must be accurate.

6] Higher Conversion Rates

Compare to SEO, it has higher conversion rates by targeting the audience which can affect the growth.


Now, you are familiar with the PPC and its role in the business. In the present era, most of the people are dependent on the internet. The same helps them to buy the product and PPC plays an active role in it. Apart from increasing the visibility of the product, it gives enormous profit to the business owner.

CTR Manipulation – The Next Best Strategy To Rank.

CTR Manipulation – The Next Best Strategy To Rank.

What is CTR?

An CTR is an abbreviation for Click-Through-Rate which is a part of Search Engine Marketing. CTR is defined as the percentage of people who has clicked on your ad after seeing it.

CTR is a pivotal factor in Search Engine Marketing. It helps Search Engines to understand if your page, post and video has more engagement as compared to your competitors.

Organic CTR Manipulation
Organic CTR Manipulation Is one of the best way to rank your keywords.

This article in-depth will walk you through various tactics and techniques to increase the engagement or popularity of your website and pages.

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What is CTR manipulation?

CTR manipulation involves various techniques and tactics that are used for appearing as organic traffic or organic click through. Click Through Rate manipulation is a crucial factor as a traffic strategy for the webmasters.

Manipulation of your Click Through Rate is extremely beneficial for enhancing the ratio of clicks to impressions for a determined keyword. This helps in boosting the popularity of your videos, posts, pages and so on.

CTR manipulation imitates the user behavior with user-generated signals. For making search engines believe that a website is more authoritative or credible than it actually is.

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What is the best time to implement CTR manipulation?

If you are done optimizing everything at its best and you are on page one. CTR manipulation is the best tactic to climb up on the top slots.

CTR manipulation is definitely a ranking factor that can be used for increasing traffic and engagement to your website.

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How to increase your CTR?

Here are a few steps that will help you improve your search-click though rate. This will help you increase your targeted traffic, build your quality score besides boosting your sales.

Craft state-of-the-art headlines

There are a lot of content present on the internet. The main challenge is to stand out amongst all of them. One of the most common yet best ways to do it is to craft an innovative headline for you.

All your banner ads, ad copies, email campaigns subject lines and so on. They should be extremely attention grabbing for people to land on your page.

Optimize your meta description

Your headlines wouldn’t be getting the right kind of attention if you do not have a well optimized meta description. It is an important aspect of on-page SEO.

Meta description doesn’t help in boosting your ranking or even improving your quality score. But it is definitely crucial for improving your click through rates.

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Usage of rich snippets

Rich snippets have always been a part of ranking factors. Snippets are really useful for drawing the attention of your readers and giving more relevant information.

Use quality visual assets

One of the most effective ways of optimizing your content is adding visual content. This is helpful as human brain responds to visual content faster than anything else. This persuades more people to click on your ads and end up on your landing page. Hence, the usage of quality visual assets helps in boosting the engagement of traffic and hence the CTR improved.

Optimize URL for your user

Your URL has to be short, crisp and relevant. Optimize your URL and make it more friendly as that’s helpful for increasing the CTR.

Use Heatmaps

A smart way of improving your CTR is using Heatmaps on your website. This helps in understanding the parts or the sections where your users click the most.

What are few other ways of CTR Manipulation?

How to increase Instagram Story Engagement to Win.

How to increase Instagram Story Engagement to Win.

Boost your Instagram Story Engagement with Our Methods.

The engagement on Instagram Story is a nice approach to boost the business.
The engagement on Instagram Story is a nice approach to boost the business.

The best form of video marketing is with Instagram stories. It takes minutes to create, boost brand visibility. The impermanent nature helps you to experiment with various marketing tricks for free. Instagram stories are (popular) than ever. More than 70 per cent of Instagram users watch Instagram stories every day and mobile video consumption is doubling every year. It means that if you are not making any Instagram stories especially for your business then you must do it. Here you will get to know about the ways to increase Instagram Story engagement. But before heading to the depth of Instagram Stories, let’s see some statistics.

Understand the Future of Instagram Stories via Statistics

The statistics give you a clear picture of any business. The data, graphs, pie-chart, and others will help you to know about the progress of Instagram Stories. Through these data, you can choose to move ahead or step back. So, let’s see some figures of Instagram and its future aspect.

The statistics of Instagram Stories gives true picture of the users engagement.
The statistics of Instagram Stories gives true picture of the users engagement.

1. The recent records show that1 Billion monthly users are connecting with Instagram. Around 500 million monthly users are accessing this platform every day.

2. The concept of Hashtag (#) was launched by Twitter but widely used by Instagram. As per the record of Hubspot 2020, the average post on Instagram consists of 10.7 hashtags.

3. The youths like Instagram and 71% of the users are under 35 years of age.

4. The stats of the past 2 years shows that the use of hashtag has increased significantly. The revealed record states the rise of the hashtag is 133%.

Demand of Instagram Stories among Business Owners

1. 50% of Instagram users are connecting with at least one business.

2. Instagram also helps the users to decide whether to buy the product or not. The records show Instagram helps 80% of the users to decide about the product.

3. Instagram is good for business and 71% of the business owner are using this platform to enhance the business.

4. The demand for Instagram Stories in the U.S. is very high. Around 96% of the US business owners are planning to use this platform for running ads in the coming year.

5. The Instagram Stories has also risen sharply and most of them are posting by the Business owner. Around one-third of the Instagram Stories are posting by such guests.

Ask questions

When you are looking for insights of consumer into a service or product that you are marketing, ask your audience questions. It is an equally viable idea for Instagram story. You can add an answer sticker to your Instagram stories where your users can submit their replies.

If you don’t have ideas for your next Instagram posts, then asking questions is the best approach to decide what content to publish next. You can easily drive engagement and offer people what they want. It is a win-win situation for both of you.

Use a Storyboard to build Structure

When you use storyboard for your Instagram stories ahead of time. Then you have to keep time aside to ensure that everything that you post has a clarity. And tells a lot more about your business and brand.

With a clarity in beginning, middle and end to your Instagram posts stories, your followers will become more engaging till end.

It means that you may see your exit rates on your Instagram analytics drop for stories. As per your audience stick around for all your story posts.

You can think about providing something unique and interesting with your stories posts. You can rather than reposting the same content again and again you have shared everywhere. Make sure that your Instagram stories content is unique and offers your followers a purpose and excitement to watch.

Know What Instagram Stories Content Resonates With Your Followers

Knowing that what type of content your users likes the most can really pay off when it comes to your engagement and views.

You can use Instagram analytics to know more about what kind of content performs the best. And then you can use that insight to create a post.

For example, if you understand that there are tons of views on your behind-the screens content. But your exit rates increase when you share your static image posts to your Instagram stories. Then you can edit your concept ideas and your story board to include it in your BTS action.

Start Communication with Instagram Stories Stickers

More than 500 Million Instagram accounts are there who posts stories every day. And the number is going to increase in 2021.

Instagram stories stickers are the best way to encourage your audience to chat and exchange their experiences and opinions with you. Which, in turn, will help you to create a loyal audience that feels connected to your product, service or brand.

Regularly Test and Analyze New Content Types

Some of the best content plans on Instagram story come from experiments. You can test out new forms of content that is daunting on Instagram. If you think that you are good at it and you are getting good engagement with the current strategy. Then trial, content experiments and error are key to get ahead of the curve. Build a strong strategy.

For example, workdays were used for posting. But after a few trials you realized that Sundays are the best days for engagement to get longer attention of viewers. Then you must go for it.

You have to choose the content and tease out to your viewers on Sundays instead of weekdays.

Not sure from where to start? Here’s a couple of ideas you can try out this month.

You can test new type of contents such as user-generated, selfie-style video. Also, quotes, memes, mini-infographics are great options to your Instagram stories.

You can experiment with video types. Also, one can put short videos on Instagram posts or GIFs. You can try something unique and different.

One can test different Instagram stories styles. You can check if it improves your engagement level. Whether a chatty BTS resemble with your followers or weekly round-up.

When you test with different styles and type of content, make sure to check analytics.

You can watch how your posts is performing over time. And also check several metrics like engagement rate, likes and comments on your Instagram story. One can track your content for one month. You will get to know how much your Instagram story engagement has increased.

Collaborate with Other Brands on Instagram

If you feel stuck in a rut and not sure what you have to post for your audience? Then you must Collaborate!

Whether you host an Instagram takeover on your Story posts, simply lead an Instagram live with another brand. Or even co-design a product, brand or service, collaborate. Collaboration is the great method to build new audiences. It keeps your audience engaged with something unique and different.

Myntra collaborated with fashion influencer to create a winter collection. Both brands showcased the products on their Instagram story. Plenty of user-generated details making it highlights.

When you collaborate with another brand, you have to think about the followers too. You have to keep the partnership beneficial. You have to ensure that both your viewers will wish to engage with.

Build a strong brand

Clarity, consistency and innovation are king for companies aiming to build brand visibility on Instagram. A haphazard or erratic technique would not work.

One must concentrate on core areas like presenting your creating style patterns. Also, presenting your profile that keep your images looking fresh and appealing. You must master the use of hashtag. And make sure to be interactive with your audience daily. You have to build loyalty and engagement towards your followers.

Implement the process and brand with the best techniques for Instagram. You can present a consistent and positive brand to your followers.

Schedule Your Instagram Stories in Advance

You can schedule your Instagram stories in advance if you want success!

Now that you have your best time to post worked out for your product, brand or service. You can set aside time to plan as well as schedule so that it gives a better chance at increasing your target audience views. And reaching to a wider audience.

It means that you don’t miss even a single chance to increase your overall Instagram stories. Storyboarding, include a swipe up link or call to action.

You can think of this scheduling and planning time as your Instagram review on stories. You can give a look through it. And once you are happy with what you are going to post on your Instagram stories. All you have to do is schedule a right time for it to go live!

Write Longer Captions

Did you know that your Instagram caption or content can be up to 2,200 characters long? It is a lot of space to share with your viewers.

One of the reason that affects how your Instagram post performs in the algorithm is the time spent on the feed post.

So, one of the effective ways of increasing your Instagram story engagement is writing longer captions for your Instagram feed post.

Many of the Influencers suggest that it is one of the best way to boost your Instagram engagement.

Create a branded hashtag

A branded hashtag is a key part of a successful Instagram stories marketing strategy.

The best starting thing is a branded hashtag for your Instagram stories posts. It must be memorable, short and include your brand, service or product in some form. Think #Newstyle from New collection or #India from Make in India.

The advantages of branded hashtag are to make your content drive traffic and discoverable to your profile. Also, to create a strong community around your product, service or brand. It also helps you to organize your unique content to track and find it easily.

You can use the hashtag in your bio, that is visible to everyone who visits your profile.

There is no rule that you should have only one hashtag. You can create hashtags for a specific competition or campaign, encourage audience generated content and showcase brand advocates.

Take the clothing brand Myantra as an example. The brand opted for the hashtag #clothing which fits right with its mission of clothing store. Or #onlineshopping that serves the purpose of online shopping for its customers.

Share Data Your Audience Will Love

Posting data-driven and personalized content is a big trend prediction for 2021 and it helps to drive great engagement too. CEO and Founder of Social studies, Inc, Brandon Perlman says that personalized content and machine learning will not anywhere.

He says, there is a lot more infographics and data-driven analyses being shared from real consumers, fans and brand advocates.

The best example is of Spotify’s campaign that is informative, personal, brilliant, custom, utility-driven, just slick and shareable.

Cross-Promote Your Instagram Stories on Your Feed

When you get tons of engagement on your Instagram feed posts, then you can leverage it to drive traffic to your Instagram story. It is a simple and easy way that helps to remind your audience that you have live Instagram stories. And they stand to learn more if audience tap to see your most recent posts. It is a technique that can be used on Later’s Profile on Instagram. When you have a great content to share but you cannot share it all in a post caption then you must use this strategy.

Get Creative with Animations on Your Instagram Stories

Instagram story is a popular one with more than 500M users daily. One of the way to stand apart from the crowd is with engaging and innovative Instagram stories animations.

There are many tools and apps such as Over and Mojo that can help you create awesome fun animations for your Instagram. Story posts without having to spend hours learning how to edit videos or hiring a graphic designer.

Use GIF Stickers to Strengthen Your CTA

Whether you wish your followers to swipe up, tap-and-hold or tap forward your screen to know more. There is a GIF sticker to help you.

You can include GIFs, like animated GIFs in your Instagram stories posts to allow your audience to take action your Instagram. Story posts without overloading the text with design.

Remind Your Audience About an Awesome Launch With the Countdown Sticker

When it comes to introducing a new product, service or brand on social media platform. You have to ensure that you are creating a buzz!

And one of the best way to future proof your success of campaign is by using the countdown sticker feature. If your audience tap the countdown sticker they be watching the countdown, so when that time runs out. They get a notification to check back in with your feed and post.

Celebrate your big and small wins

Who doesn’t love a success story! It could be as simple and easy as posting video testimonials from your clients. You can use Instagram stories as a medium to publish bite-sized case studies. After and before shots, You can post such Instagram stories to increase your Instagram engagement. You have to ensure that you are showing off the big selling points of your product, brand or services. You have to tell your audience how they can get advantage from them.

Plan to promote a live event

If you plan to stream an Instagram event Live, you must take benefit from free publicity by uploading a promo to your Instagram story. It is one of the best methods to keep your users in the loop and drive more views on your Instagram Live Stream. You can post some follow-up questions after the Instagram Live stream. You can ask your audience what they would like to watch for the next one.


While you may not be able to increase your Instagram stories engagement in a day, on a positive note. It can be done easily with some improvement in your marketing strategies.

So next time when you are going to create your Instagram Stories posts. You must think about the easy and simple strategies to draw in more viewers. Also, encourage your users to engage with your Instagram story posts and create captivating content. You will start to see increase in your Instagram stories engagement.