Get Seen in Local Search

Run a local business, but can’t seem to get customers through the door?

These days, customers don’t flip through the Yellow Pages anymore. They get online, and they type their query into Google Maps and other local search services.

There are a lot of reasons local businesses may not show up in search results for their area.

We’re here to remedy that.

Our Four-Step Process to Get Your Phones Ringing

  1. We Build You Quality, Consistent Citations

It all starts with citations. Not familiar with citations? A citation is simply a listing for your business which includes basic information about your location, contact information, and business name. A citation can appear anywhere online.

A lot of businesses have few or no citations, or they have citations with inconsistent information in them. These poor quality citations can result in incorrect or duplicate listings for your business on sites like Google Maps, or may even result in your business not being seen at all.

The first thing we do when you order any of our local packages is track down all of your citations in a comprehensive audit. We update all citations we can to include current, consistent information on your business, and remove low-quality citations.

  1. We write you a high-quality press release.

Next, we shine a light on your business and what makes your products or services unique by writing an original, high-quality press release. We submit your press release to authoritative news outlets at the local, regional, and national level. The result is greater authority, visibility, and SEO power for your site.

  1. We keep building premium citations.

At this point, you should already be seeing a major boost in local rankings and search traffic. But we don’t stop there. We keep creating new citations for you in respected industry directories. This continues to cement your reputation in your niche.

  1. We create high quality backlinks to drive relevant, targeted traffic to your business.

Finally, we create backlinks with relevant anchor text leading to your site through a series of guest posts and blog comments. All are manually created with fresh, original, targeted content on respected websites in your niche.

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Q: What is your TAT?

A: Our TAT is approximately (timeframe). At the end of that time period, we will provide you with a comprehensive local SEO report.

Q: What does your citation audit process consist of?

A: We look for all of your business’s online citations. We check to make sure that they all contain up-to-date, correct, matching information. If we find citations which are incorrect, we update them if possible, or otherwise remove them. We also see if there are duplicates of citations. If there are, we remove the extra citations.

Q: How do I know that the citations you build will help me rank?

A: We only build citations for you on authoritative sites. Our audit process ensures that we do not create duplicates. The data we include in your new citations is 100% consistent and current.

Q: How many months of service do I need to order?

A: At a minimum, you need to order one month of service, as this is about how long it takes to deliver the initial package. We recommend ordering this as a monthly recurring service to ensure continuing consistency in all local citations.

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