If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Imagine What a High-Quality Infographic is Worth

Are infographics part of your SEO strategy yet? They should be. You have heard that “content is king.” While the written word still has the power to convert, infographics provide site visitors with information which is easy to scan. Comprehension is enhanced by visual cues, making for a powerful, memorable impact.

Some of the benefits of infographics include:

  • Evergreen. A well-made infographic with evergreen content can boost traffic and provide value to site users for years to come.
  • Shareable. People love to share infographics, so this is a great way to get your links circulating on social media sites.
  • Perfect for mobile. We are living in a mobile age dominated by smartphones and tablets. Reading a lot of dense text on a small screen can be inconvenient. Many mobile users prefer visual content for exactly that reason.
  • Adaptable and re-usable. Infographics can be posted on your website, shared through guest blogging, or even used in your next white paper or video. The possibilities are endless.
  • Get your brand in the news. Journalists often turn to infographics while writing their stories, especially those which contain facts and figures. By making their job easier, you make it more likely that your infographics and your brand will be featured by the press.
  • Amazing return on investment. Considering how versatile and evergreen infographics are, they can provide you with an amazing ROI.


Check Out Our Infographic Portfolio

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At Oxygenites, we can build you an infographic from the ground up:


  • We can create an infographic for a specific topic you give us, or we can come up with a relevant, share-worthy topic for you.
  • Our first-class writing team will draft the text for your infographic after you approve the topic.
  • Once you approve the text, our designers will create a layout around the text for an optimized flow of information.


Anyone can create an infographic—but only an experienced team like ours can put together a quality graphic which integrates coherent, logical design elements and text. 


Ready to stand out from the crowd with eye-catching, impactful infographics which drive traffic to your website and build awareness for your brand? Contact Oxygenites today at +91-9885346295 or email info@oxygenites.com. We can’t wait to design your infographic!