Falling Short of Your Ranking Goals? It’s Time for a Technical SEO Audit

When it comes to SEO, usually we talk about content and backlinks. But there is more to ranking than what you see on the surface. The technical underpinnings of your website are just as important: your site architecture, your mobile readiness, your load times, and more. Together, these aspects of SEO are referred to as “technical SEO.”

This is something that a lot of website owners overlook completely. And you know what? They pay for it—and sometimes they pay big.

Nothing is more frustrating than throwing money into content and backlinks only to realize that you’ve been pouring money into a black hole—all because your site’s technical SEO isn’t up to search engine standards.

Oftentimes when this happens, site owners cannot even figure out why they still aren’t ranking. They are doing everything else right, but it isn’t enough.


We Can Give Your Site a Thorough SEO Audit

Oxygen ITES is your technical SEO agency! We can give your website a comprehensive audit. Through our technical SEO service, we can review and improve the following aspects of your website:

Accessibility. We will check to make sure that your site is mobile-ready and displays well on a range of devices, offering a top-notch user experience on all platforms. Load times are related to accessibility as well. If your site speed is slow, Google will punish you for it. Our experts will diagnose any problems you have and give you recommendations for speeding up your load times if necessary.

Site architecture. While the basics of solid site architecture have remained unchanged for years, it is easy to get something wrong in this area, and when you do, Google notices. We will go over your site architecture and make sure that your HTML and XML sitemaps are in place, your content has a strong silo structure and your website is free of crawl errors. We will ensure that your indexation strategy is fine-tuned and that bots are crawling the most valuable pages on your site first.


Code. Our experts will check over the formatting for your JavaScript, HTML and CSS to ensure that all of your code is optimized.

Content. We also will check over the content on your website to make sure that there are no issues with duplication, hidden text, or other red flags which can adversely impact your ranking.


Let’s Get Your Site Back to Ranking with the Best Technical SEO

Even though technical SEO is largely the “invisible” side of SEO, it is just as vital as content, backlinks, and other more visible SEO practices when it comes to ranking a site. You can think of those as the tip of the iceberg. Technical SEO is what is underneath.

Ready to get started with a technical SEO audit of your site so you can get back to ranking? Contact us today at  HYPERLINK “mailto:info@oxygenities.com” “info@oxygenities.com” or give us a call at +91-9885346295, and we will get you set up with a consultation for your site.