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Passionate about search engine optimization, copywriting, and digital marketing? Looking to join a great team dedicated to offering the web’s premiere SEO services? Oxygenites is always in search of top talent and would love to hear from you! Below, you can view current open vacancies and apply.


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Job Roles at Oxygenites


Digital Marketing Specialist


In this role with Oxygenites, you will plan and carry out digital marketing campaigns. This may incorporate a combination of SEO, social media, and content strategies.


Your tasks as a digital marketing specialist at Oxygenites may include:


  • Researching to develop comprehensive digital marketing campaigns for clients in a range of different niches.


  • Developing new websites from scratch or updating and renovating existing sites.


  • Coordinating on- and off-page SEO.


  • Managing social media campaigns on sites such as Facebook and Instagram.


  • Coordinating with our content management team to integrate compelling content and copy into your digital marketing plans.


Job Requirements:


  • A minimum of 3 years of experience in the digital marketing field.


  • Up-to-date knowledge of cutting edge SEO techniques and the ability to implement on- and off-page SEO. You should be able to unite the parts which comprise an SEO campaign into a harmonious and powerful whole.


  • A strong understanding of the role of SEO-optimized content and copywriting in digital marketing and the ability to integrate it successfully.


  • You must be well-versed in social media and be able to successfully manage campaigns on social sites.


  • You must be fluent in HTML, FTP, and CSS.


  • Familiarity with Online Lead Generation and Conversion Tracking.


  • Keyword research abilities. You should be well-versed in SEMrush, Raventools, Google Keyword Tool, and similar platforms.


  • You should be skilled in reading and interpreting analytic data and making adjustments to campaigns as needed to further optimize results.


  • You will need to not only be able to plan elements of digital marketing campaigns but also put together schedules and game plans for implementing goals along a timeline.


  • Strong teamwork skills. You will be working with other digital marketing specialists as well as content managers and writers on our team. You may also be collaborating directly with our clients.


  • The ability to consistently meet deadlines.


  • Willingness to adapt to the unique requirements of each specific project.


Vacancies: 8 Positions

Pay: 9,000 to 10,000 ₹/-

Note *:– Freshers can apply for the job.

Content Writer


Job Description:


Have a way with words? As a content writer at Oxygenites, you will be responsible for researching and writing blog posts, articles, guest posts, website copy, and other compelling content.


Your tasks as a content writer at Oxygenites may include:


  • Conducting the research necessary to put together informative, accurate posts on topics in a variety of niches.


  • Writing engaging content which is original and grammatical.


  • Creating copy which converts for landing pages, ads, emails, and other applications as needed.


  • Using keyword research and your knowledge of SEO to tailor your posts both to search engines and human readers.


  • Augmenting existing posts to make them more comprehensive.


  • Editing content as needed to improve grammar, flow, structure, etc.


Job Requirements


  • Native quality English writing skills.


  • Ability to meet specified deadlines reliably and without deviation.


  • Excellent research skills.


  • Willingness to accommodate specified requests regarding structure, content, voice, intent, etc.


  • Strong teamwork skills.


We are more concerned with the quality of your work than we are with years of experience. When you apply, please submit at least 3 samples of your best writing. If we contact you, please be prepared to complete a short test assignment in order that we might gauge your abilities.


Vacancies: 10 Positions

Pay: 12000 ₹/-



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