Get Your Very Own Wikipedia Page


When you type in a query on a search engine for a company, you probably are either looking for the company’s homepage or you are searching for some kind of third party verification that this business is legitimate and relevant.


That kind of verification can come from any number of sources, but one of the best signals that a business is influential and trustworthy is a Wikipedia entry.


If you look up a company and you do not see a Wikipedia page, you may immediately wonder why. Is the business so new that it simply doesn’t have a reputation yet? Has it accomplished so little that none of it is noteworthy? Is it not a legitimate business at all?


Right now, if your business has no Wikipedia page, those are the kinds of questions which people are asking when they enter your company’s name into their search bar.


The Wikipedia Page We Build For You Will Last


If you have hired other SEO companies in the past to build you a Wikipedia page, you may have been initially pleased with the results, only to have your hopes dashed later when you discovered the page had been removed.


This is all too common an occurrence. Since Wikipedia is strictly moderated to a high set of standards, new pages which do not meet those standards will be deleted.


Our SEO team is well-versed in Wikipedia’s rules and standards, and is able to conform to all of the site’s quality protocols.


Our writers know how to use the informational (not promotional) tone which Wikipedia requires for its entries. They also know how to incorporate high-quality, authoritative sources to establish legitimacy and relevance.


The result is that Wikipedia trusts the page, and keeps it online and maintained.


When users browsing the web see that your business has a Wikipedia page, there is an immediate sense of trust: “This company has a Wiki page … they must be legit.”


Let Us Help You Build Reputation and Trust Through a Wikipedia Page


Ready to get a Wikipedia page for your company and enjoy all the rewards that follow? This time, work with a company that can make that page stick. Give Oxygenites a call at +91 9885346295 or email to discuss your future Wikipedia page!