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An ultimate guide for SEO for small business

SEO or search engine optimization is the science and art of optimizing your website. This helps in increasing the traffic to your website and hence boosting visibility. The main agenda of having a website is to improve your business. SEO helps in making sure that your website garners the quality and quantity of traffic.SEO is extremely important for your business especially if you have a small business. Hence, you must consider SEO for small businesses.

SEO for small business: The main SEO areas that you should focus on?

SEO is a part of an extensive field i.e. Digital Marketing. When it comes to your small business, these are the specific sectors that you should focus on:

  1. Website: A mobile-friendly and well-structured website for an amazing user experience
  2. Content: your content should be simple and expressive. Your customers should be able to connect with your content. The content should be extremely relevant and unique.
  3. Content Marketing: An informative content aids get you in touch with a wider audience.
  4. On-page optimization: Basic optimization is extremely beneficial. Hence think about your keywords and optimize your content, meta title, meta description and blog title.
  5. Local SEO: Local businesses must consider Local SEO for better visibility around the vicinity and more boosted conversions
  6. Authority building: Link building helps in building more authority on your website. Consider linking more website links from credible and more authoritative websites.

SEO for small business: Is SEO right for our small business

The primary way how people or your potential customers find about your products is through search engines. Search engines crawl through the web whenever there is a relevant query made and find the best results based on the key phrases or the words used by your customers. SEO is always the right marketing approach as it helps your business to get in front of your potential customers. Organic search visibility is the best but you can not completely depend on that. You can also look for other SEO methods such as PPC advertising and other paid methods. These methods are extremely effective for getting fast results. In many cases, a combination of organic visibility methods clubbed with PPC gives you the best results. You can consider the following factors to determine whether you require SEO for small business.

  1. Budget: you have to check your budget and determine if you have the budget that’s enough to compete with your established competitors
  2. Speed: Determine how fast you need your results. If you want to see a fast result, you might consider a paid SEO
  3. Competition: Some search terms and phrases are already used by established brands in your niche. These are the terms or phrases that are very difficult to compete with. Hence it is important to run significant research and choose your words and phrases that you want to optimize your content for.

Key Components of SEO for small business

You have to master the following key components for running a successful campaign of SEO for small business. See a steady upward ascent of your traffic with these fundamentals:

  1. Keyword research

These are the specific words or phrases that your customers type while searching for you or any business in your niche. These keywords are important for figuring out the kind of content that will be relevant and hence useful for your readers or users. A good keyword strategy complemented with constant monitoring of the metrics and regular updates as per the trends is beneficial for ranking higher for the relevant searches.

  1. Copywriting

You have to write content that is relevant and informative to your readers. If your content is not relevant, people might bounce from your website fast. Hence a good content keeps your readers on your page for a longer time and decreases the bounce rate. This improves the rank of your website. The average time that a person spends on the first page of google search results is around 3 minutes and 10 seconds. Therefore crafting a good copy is always a bonus.

  1. Content marketing

A good content marketing strategy comprises crafting blogs or articles that include specific keywords that focus on informing and engaging your audience. This can be a big part of your online strategy depending on the kind of business that you run. It is recommended to create a landing page that comprises all the important competitive keywords with a decent search volume. Make other informative contents and link them back to your landing page via related long-tail keyword phrases. This makes your site easier to be crawled by search engines as well as readers.

  1. Link Building

The quality of your website is determined by the number of internal links and external links. The quality of our backlink portfolio boosts your rank in SERPs. It is recommended to use links from highly authoritative sites to link to your content. These highly authoritative sites are strong indicators of the quality of your site.

  1. Usability and UX

Optimize your website pages and make them simple and easy to load. A well-designed page that is easy to navigate keeps visitors on your page for a longer time and hence decreases the bounce rate.

  1. Local SEO

Local SEO is a unique and marvellous strategy to increase the visibility of your website in the nearest vicinity where your business is located. You can craft blog posts that are locally relevant and use keywords that are used commonly by the local users for finding your business.

6 tips  for SEO for small business

  1. Focus on technical SEO

Technical SEO is the aspect of SEO that is not as much under your control as on-page SEO.  Technical SEO helps in optimizing your website that it becomes easily crawlable by search engines so that it is easily visible to your audience. You can have amazing content on your website but if your website takes a long time to load due to technical SEO issues, your readers might bounce faster. A lesser bounce rate is an extremely important factor for boosting the rank of your website in SERPs.

  • Create a sitemap and submit it to Google

There are various tools and plugins that you can use for creating sitemaps. One of the most popular plugins of WordPress for creating a sitemap is Yoast SEO. This plugin helps WordPress users generate a sitemap automatically and keep it up-to-date whenever you publish new content.  You should submit your sitemap to Google via Google Search Console. It is a free service by Google that helps you manage the online presence of your business.

  • Old pages that do not perform

Keep track of the pages that are not getting traffic. You should analyze your pages and take down the pages that are not performing well as these pages affect the ranking of your website negatively.

  • Fix broken and old links

Links from credible and authoritative sources are a  big factor for ranking your website in SERPs. Hence you should fix all the broken links or old links.

  • Optimize your image

It is recommended that you should use relevant images. After you add images, you should consider writing optimized captions and also never forget to add alt text as your alt text tells search engines what your image is all about.

  1. Local SEO

One-third of all the mobile searches conducted by people are location-based. More specifically “near me” searches have increased effectively.  It is paramount to capitalize on the opportunity of local SEO for small business as Google’s algorithm automatically prioritizes the options that are available nearby. The most essential part of Local SEO is setting up GMB(Google My Business) account.  Claim your GMB listing and fill out all the necessary details i.e. name, address and contact number. These pieces of information will flash up on the screen when someone searches for your business. The most unique feature of GMB is the questionnaire. You should consider answering as many questions as you want to as it makes the experience of your users easy.

  1. Research keywords

Before crafting your content, you should consider research on how people are searching for your business. Multiple online tools are available for conducting your keyword research faster and easier. You should search for the relevant keywords that have more search volume and lesser search difficulty. Optimize your content with these keywords as it increases the visibility of your website.

  1. Optimize on-site SEO

On-site SEO is all about whatever is written on the page. The main goal is to create and maintain the interest of your customers on your website. You have to incorporate all the relevant keywords strategically and naturally within your content. Craft the content in a way that makes your website easily visible on the relevant searches. 

  • Optimize page titles and headlines: Your headline is a very important factor for boosting your CTR(Click Through Rate). CTR is the ratio of the number of people that clicks on your content to the number of people that visit your website. Optimize your title as well as headlines with your primary keyword to get easily searchable.
  •  Use proper header tags: You should use optimized header tags. It is recommended to divide your content into smaller sections with a header optimized wit your keyword
  • Optimize your meta-tags: Every Content Management System allows you to enter your meta-tags. This is a brief description of your blog. This helps search engines crawl and understand if your blog is relevant to your meta description.
  1. Streamline Content Marketing

Content marketing is time taking. It takes a lot of efforts. You should have a specific template and use more visual representations. It is recommended to add more videos on your website as it helps search engines to crawl and find you easily. You can consider sharing your posts and content on social media. Do not completely depend on organic visibility methods, you can also use a combination of paid marketing as well.

  1. Build authority with links

Linking your content with credible and authoritative websites give more leverage to the rank os your website. Google understands the quality as well as the quantity of your backlink profile. Hence it is an indicator of whether your website is worth reading or not.  According to research, the number of links attached to your website is directly proportional to the rank of your website. Research for the best links in your niche and do not forget to research the links that your competitors are using for ranking higher in SERPs for relevant searches.


It might feel a lot to do when it comes to SEO for small businesses. But the more you delay, the further you will be from being easily visible. You can use all of the formerly mentioned tips for conducting SEO for your small business for boosting your revenue as well as traffic. 

Amazon Infographic – Different perspective of Amazon Search Result

Amazon Infographic – Different perspective of Amazon Search Result

Amazon is dominating the current world and is the leading e-commerce site. Most of the US shoppers have diverted their way to Amazon as they get almost all the products. The products listed on Amazon cover clothing to electronic and is a one-stop-shop. It is beneficial for consumers as well as small & medium businesses.

Amazon Infographic gives the comprehensive idea of Amazon Search.

Amazon became a big brand due to its search result that helps the consumers to get what they want. Now, let’s see different types of Amazon Search Result and how it boosts the business.

Statistics of Amazon Search Result

The comprehensive statistics of Amazon gives the vision as how it is holding the market.

1. Amazon is the leading e-commerce site and occupies a 45% share in the US e-commerce sector.

2. The revenue of Amazon is increasing tremendously, the rise of $47 billion has seen in a year.

3. 9 out of 10 shoppers check the price of a product on Amazon.

4. Only 2% of shoppers accessed Alexa to purchase a product.

5. Amazon retains a wide range of home appliances and in the past year, it sells around 1.1 million products.

6. Third-Party plays a crucial role in enhancing the Amazon business. More than 50% of such parties contribute to Amazon’s growth.

7. Amazon reached a remarkable height in the traffic aspect. The stats show that it enabled 200 million unique visitors per month.

8. The click on the first page direct to the brand and the proportion is around 80%.

9. 1 million small and medium businesses use the Amazon platform to enhance their business by selling the products.

10. Around 44% of the shoppers buy the product from Amazon at least one time a month.

11. Around 95% of the shoppers knock on the door of Amazon once a year to get the desired product.

12. Around 85% of Amazon sales come directly from Amazon Basics.

How Amazon Search Result Differs from Others

Like other search engines, Amazon is quite popular among users. Even the stats prove it, around 54% of the product search comes from Amazon. At present day, consumers are more dependent on this giant. The figures show that around 44% of consumers buy something from Amazon once a month.

Amazon is the ultimate and most profit-oriented platform for small and medium businesses. The reason is they get the best profit and sell almost 50% of their product on Amazon. Now, you may wonder how they are getting the profit and what is the search algorithm of Amazon.

Amazon Search Research Pattern

Amazon has designed a unique pattern of the search. The same helps the consumers to get the desired and associated products. Amazon search result depends upon two major factors. They are Search Algorithm and Advertising Strategies.

Why Search Algorithm?

The search parameter of any engine is very important and the Amazon search engine is unique. The A9 algorithm of Amazon finds and analyzes the search volume as a search of high volume feature ample elements. These elements are the product suggestions that help the consumers to shop as per the need.

For instance, if you shop for a shoe, then you will get the socks’ recommendation. This will trigger your mind to get additional products related to the shoe. This was how the search algorithm played its role.

How Advertising Strategies play a key role on Amazon Search Result?

The advertising strategies give a new search look to the consumers. It showcases the targeted keyword or specific search related to the product. For instance, the ad will show sports shoes instead of common shoes. The advertising strategy is to target the particular keyword that will help the consumers to buy the product.

These were the two essential factors of Amazon’s search. Moreover, there are different components of Amazon Search that bound it tightly. These elements are quite helpful for the consumers. It is beneficial for the businesses too, as they got various modes to show the ads.

Elements of Amazon Search Result

There are few elements of Amazon Search Result that are outstanding. Let’s see them all so that you can get comprehensive info on each element.

Sponsored Brands

It is a kind of Amazon ad that features on the top of the Amazon page. At a time, it features 3 products on the search page. These products help the consumer to get it without giving much effort to the e-commerce site. You can get the sponsored brands on the top, alongside, and within the search page of Amazon.

The brand ads featured by Amazon enables the shoppers to get the brand product smoothly.

The conversion rate of sponsored brands is 3 times higher than Google Ads. This figure clearly shows that the consumers are heading directly towards Amazon instead of Google Search for purchasing the goods.

Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored Ads is also a kind of advertisement that features on the Amazon Search Page. As per your search on Amazon, you will get the sponsored ads. Like Sponsored Brands, sponsored product ads are also available on the top, alongside, or within the Amazon search page.

Amazon Sponsored Ads gives a new way to find the product.

The sponsored product ads are very (important) than other elements of Amazon Search. This is because it gives the probability that clicking on the sponsored ads will convert the lead to a business. In short, if you click on the sponsored ads, then the probability of buying the product showing on the ads is high.

Amazon Exclusive Brands

Amazon retains a wide range of exclusive brands and together they give a huge profit. Its top-rated brands show the products relevant to the consumers. For instance, if you search for Washing Machine, then you will get an Amazon suggestion. It includes the brands, washing machine utilities, and many more. The filter of brands and specification of the product in a more precise manner enables the consumer to purchase the product effectively.

Amazon Choice

Amazon Choice is a great feature of Amazon Search as it gives ample information about the product. The same includes, competitive price, rating of a product, purchase rate, and many more.

Amazon Choice is the ultimate feature comprising of Badge and Carousel.

Amazon Choice appears in two forms, and they are Badge and Carousel. In the former, the consumers get the product listing at one place symbolized as a badge. That gives some information such as price, specification, and others. This data helps the people to purchase the product in no time.

Moreover, Amazon Choice appears in the Carousel form that showcases the top products. The shoppers get the idea of the product due to the presence of a price list. The same helps them to distinguish the best product from the others.

Expert View

An expert view is always good to judge the product. Amazon retains the verified experts that provide the reviews of a product. They offer comprehensive information about that product, how to use it, and others. The comprehensive information, help the users to purchase the product efficiently.

Organic Search Result

Amazon offers an amazing search result that is relevant to the consumer’s search. It gives the best search result that enables the user to do the shopping smoothly. This shows that Amazon’s search algorithm and patterns are quite advanced compared to other search engines.

The algorithm focuses on almost every essential parameter that is useful for the consumers. They are price, specifications, reviews, rating, Title, product descriptions, and others.


This was all about Amazon Search Result and the algorithm that is directing Amazon to boost its business. The advanced algorithm of Amazon, i.e., A9 triggers the traffic by enabling the shoppers to get what they want. Even the stats also show that 54% of the users move to Amazon than other search engines to buy the product.

Guest posting guide: Discovering the SEO success

Guest posting guide: Discovering the SEO success

Blogging is a very essential tool for building your website or brand authority. Today in this blog we are going to examine how guest blogging works. We will talk about how you can make the most out of guest blogging opportunities. In this article, we will walk you through what is guest posting ad the benefits that it has for SEO. We’ll go through the benefits and also look for how to execute a planned strategy for Guest Posting.

Guest posting: definition

guest posting : a better understanding of what is guest posting
guest posting : a better understanding of what is guest posting

The act or the tactic of contributing blogs posts or content to another person’s website is known as guest posting or guest blogging. In the guest posting, the writer acts as a guest or a contributor author and writes blogs for websites that don’t belong to them. Generally, guest bloggers write for similar blogs that are within their niche or industry. Click on this to have a better understanding.

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Discover the benefits of guest posting

Guest blogging is one of the best tactics of marketing. It is a symbiotic tactic as it benefits both the writer and the publishers. Audiences enjoy and appreciate relevant and high-quality content. The potential benefits of guest posting are as follows:

  • Establish brand awareness
  • Boosts authority of your domain
  • Building relationships in your niche or industry
  • Drives more traffic to your website
  • Reach new audiences
  • Enhances the mail list
  • Link building which boosts the overall SEO
  • Boosts the social media following as well

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Guest posting: importance of guest posting in SEO

Guest posting is one of all the important strategies for boosting the SEO of your website. If you want to rank higher in SERPs, you must start writing guest posts. Here are a few ways how guest posting benefits SEO:

Instant exposure to target traffic

Contributing to other blogs will always pique your audience’s interests. If you have written a quality blog, you will start driving more traffic. It’s obvious that it will start to help you to gain traffic from the moment it goes live. Make sure that you optimize your landing page as well as your CTAs as it helps in boosting the conversions for your business.

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Expand your network

Several websites that have guest posting opportunity have communities that involve contributors from various respective niches. In such communities, the contributors brainstorm trending topics and potential topics. Previously getting in touch with influences was difficult but via guest posting communities you can also participate in various email threads. This helps collaborate with other co-authors. Hence, you can expand your network via guest posting

Boost social media shares

Social media shares are the best way to grow your online reach exponentially. The more shares your content gets, the more value it’ll have in the eyes of your audience. Research and pick up websites that are socially active. Share your guest posts with such websites. It is obvious that you will earn a lot of shares on your content. Always consider embedding shareable contents on your guest post as they help in getting more engagement over social media.

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Grow your social media following

Besides increasing the number of shares, guest posting is also helpful in increasing the number of followers on social media. Contribution to an authoritative brand improves your position in the eyes of your audience and turn, makes people vouch for your brand. In most of the guest blogging profiles, you get to customize your profile. Hence, you can add your social media links. This helps in establishing authority and credibility and easily drives people to your social media accounts. Ensure that you post relevant content regularly. Consistent posts related to the relevant interest of your audience will help in boosting your number of followers.

Improve your online authority

The online market works on your authority. You must build the authority of your brand as your current as well as potential customers will trust you base on that. By contributing to other authoritative blogs, you can always win the trust of your audience. It is a chance to prove your credibility as a source of information. It helps your audience to understand that you are recognized by other reputed brands.

Strengthen your backlink profile

Most of the blogs allow you to leave at least one link to your website. As there’s no monetary compensation for all your hard work, you can add a link of your website on your guest post. All you can do is leave a good keyword optimized link along with your blog. You can also leave a brief brand mention. A mention of your website on an authoritative website can help leverage your position and make your content more discoverable. It benefits your SEO and makes your content more index able by Google and other Search Engines.

Build brand awareness

Guest blogging is a great way of building your brand authority in your niche. Try to share more content that is relevant as well as unique. Add more information about what your company does and ultimately how it is going to help your audience. Add value to the lives of your audience to get more conceded with them. Try to instill your brand’s voice in almost all of your posts as this helps in making your brand more recognizable.

Generate quality leads

One of the most fundamental goals of strategizing a great content for your guest posting is to acquire quality leads. You should always pick up relevant websites with higher authority. Aim for such websites that already have a steady flow of traffic. It helps you connect with people who are already interested in that you have to offer. When you are developing the page that brings you traffic, always emphasize actionable steps. These steps should be related to the guest post that you have submitted to another blog.

Shorten the sales cycle

You have to be smart while you are picking up topics for crafting your guest post. The biggest challenge for all the content marketers has been the sales funnel. When you share your content via popular blogs, you are increasing the familiarity of your brand amongst your audience. Hence, you are shortening the whole sales cycle for your products as well as services. Rather than potential leads coming to your site, you are introducing your brand’s value propositions via contributing to various guest posts.

Sharpen your content marketing skills

The best way of learning content marketing is by deploying various strategies. For guest posting, you have to craft a good content. You have to develop a content research. Adopt the right voice for your content for the right set of audience. Also perform influencer outreach and so on. By launching a guest posting campaign for yourself, you are signing up for improvement. Guest posting also helps you in positioning yourself for growth at every facet of content marketing.

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Guest posting strategy: a better understanding of execution

It is important to build a proper guest posting strategy for achieving more visibility, traffic and so on. Framing a successful guest posting strategy includes multiple steps that will help you set up clear goals, expectations and standards. These help to decide the best opportunities that will be best for you besides setting up a good foundation for your website. In the rest of the article, we will walk you through various steps for crafting a successful guest posting strategy.

  1. Determine your guest posting goals
  2. Find guest posting opportunities
  3. Qualify guest posting sites
  4. Develop blog posting topics
  5. Create the perfect pitch
  6. Write a post worth publishing
  7. Follow up on your work
  8. Track your results

Now we will elaborate on each of these points for your better understanding.

Determine your guest posting goals:

Like every other marketing strategies, a good guest posting strategy also comes with planning. It starts with setting up goals about what you want out of it. Outlining your sets of goals help in creating a clear roadmap for reaching your goals. When you know what you want out of your guest posting, it will be easier for you to identify the best opportunities available. The thing that can be achieved through guest posting are:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Introduce your projects and services
  • Improved visibility on social media
  • Boost SEO
  • Improved traffic quality and quantity
  • Gain more leads

Find guest posting opportunities

After determining your goals, you have to determine guest posting opportunities. If you are finding any difficulty in finding opportunities for guest posting, you can use the following tactics:

  • Start looking for websites that publish the relevant content to attract your audience
  • Find similar sites to these sites that allow guest posting
  • Check out where your competitors are posting

Qualify guest posting sites

Once you have listed out your potential guest posting sites, you have to start qualifying them. Pick up the blogs that will accept your guest post and will contribute towards your guest posting goals and strategies. Make a set of criteria that aligns with your goals. Look for websites that have the following;

  • Same or similar target audience
  • Desired size of the audience
  • Drive the desired amount of traffic
  • Strong search authority

Develop blog ideas

Brainstorm a few ideas for your guest post. The topics should meet up your goals as well as serve the needs of publishers and readers. Make topics that align with the interest of your audience. Certainly, you don’t want to frame a topic that has been already covered. Via guest post, you have to fill up the content gap and content needs.

Create a guest post pitch

You have to catch the attention of the publisher for getting your guest post published. Here are a few steps that talk about what you should do for getting your guest post noticed.

  • Find the correct person or a point to contact
  • Read the guidelines of guest posting
  • Craft a compelling subject line
  • Have a personal touch. Avoid any promotional intonation.
  • Talk about the benefits that the publisher will reap from the guest posting
  • Add proof your the quality of your writing. Add some links to your previous works or some guest posts that you have already written.

Write a post worth publishing

A publisher will like your content only if your post is publish-worthy. For crafting a content that is publish-worthy you can do the following:

  • Follow the guest posting guidelines of the website
  • Don’t make your content sound promotional. Make it more informative or give it an intonation that your audience desires.
  • Add value by offering more informative takeaways
  • Proofread your content and avoid plagiarism
  • Add a link to your website page in your guest post
  • Add a bio to help your readers get more insights about you


Once you are done submitting your guest post, you have to take follow-ups actively. To build a good connection with your publisher, help him manage, publish and promote your post. Share your guest post on social media for promotions. Be active on social media and respond to various comments. Link your guest post to your website.

Track your guest posting results

Like every other marketing strategy results, guest posting results have to be tracked as well. To understand the results that you are gaining from quest posting, you have to measure the results. This helps in strengthening your guest posting strategy. Use metrics to track and monitor your marketing ROI on each of your guest posts.

Make a list of your posts with names of the websites, the live link as well as relevant marketing KPIs. Track metrics that are relevant to your goals of guest posting as this helps in identifying the sites that helped you reach your goals. These metrics will include the following:

  • Amount of referral traffic
  • New website visitors count
  • Social share count
  • Number of comments
  • Changes in the placement of SERPs
  • Number of new leads
  • Brand mentions or links

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Now that you have gone through our blog, you can start strategizing your guest posting plan. Guest posting will support your SEO, marketing as well as PR initiatives. You can use the formerly mentioned guest posting strategies for building your brand awareness, drive more traffic to your website and generate leads.