The URL inspection tool gives data about the indexed version of google about a selected page. This data will have many pieces of information like the AMP errors.

Google URL Inspection tool related to debugging that will make it easier for you to understand the appearance of your page while searching. 

URL Inspection Tool can be access from the bar present at the top of your screen, from the navigation sidebar. Others where you see the search option.

This tool can only come into use when you are dealing with web pages and web searches. 

Run the URL Inspection Tool

If the user wants to access and know the index status at present, then certain steps need to follow.

These steps are mention below.

The first step is the user has to open the URL inspection tool. The URL that you are providing should be complete and under the current property.

If it is not then you have to set the properties on a current status. Otherwise, you will not be able to check the status.

It is not necessary that the URL you are entering should be AMP. Non-AMP URL status can also be checked through the process. Along with this, it will also inform you whether there is any duplicate version of that webpage. After this, you will have to read the results. Then check the index status of the URL by requesting to provide it.

Test Live URL:


Google is able to Index the URL or not. It will be the biggest doubt in your mind. As you are aware of the fact that you can check and test the URL live.

This life can be helpful when you need to test the page with the changes it has made contrary to the indexed version.

You have to follow some steps for the live URL test.

  1. Keep an eye on the indexed URL. This is easily accessible to you and this will not demand any information.
  2. On the result pages, you will see an option of Test Live URL. You will have to click on that option.
  3. There will appear the Test Live URL. Go through that thoroughly and try to understand it properly.
  4. If you want to reset it, you need to press the reload icon on your screen.

The Rendered page

You can also take a look on the rendered page or more precisely at the screenshot. This can be convenient to confirm that everything present on the page is the same as you want them to appear. It will be easily accessible to the user when the test results are done. If the test results are not successful then you might face an issue in viewing it as it will not be available. The page itself will not allow to present a screenshot to the user. 

  1. To view the rendered page the user has to go through the steps mentioned below.
  2. Reach the homepage of the website you are working on.
  3. On the result pages, go for the option of test results.
  4. Again click on the option of View Tested page. If as mentioned the test results were not successful, the process will end here.
  5. Then view the screenshot but tapping on the screenshot tab.

How to find news leads for your business for free

If you are don’t have the budget for generating business leads then this method is just for you. As you can generate lots of leads with this method.

Let’s get started.

If you are from the IT industry, online marketing industry, or any industry and you don’t have leads for the business then think you are doing wrong.

Here is this article I will teach you how to generate free leads.

To do SEO or to run PPC for you need a budget but in this method, you need a tool that can do cold email outreach. Where you can send proposals to your upcoming clients.

Cold email sending tools are very expensive and they can cost you 10 USD to 1000 USD easily. But, there is lots of competition in the market and each of the big companies will give you the tools for trial around 7 to 15 trials.

To see which tool you can use and try for these 7 to 15 days you need to follow complete instructions to generate awesome leads for your business.

Here are instructions you need to follow: 

  1. Make a LinkedIn account and LinkedIn is offering a free one-month or 30 days business account where you can send a free pitch to the members relating to your business.
  2. Now extract all leads in Google or Excel sheet. There are tools like Phantombuster that cost nothing for 14 days trial period.
  3. You can try Kleanleads to extract emails from leads. And cost zero cents for 7 days period.
  4. Once you have a list of emails you need to verify those emails if they are valid or not. To do that you can try EmailListVerify, Zerobounce, VerifyBee, TrueMail. The above tools will allow you to verify a minimum of 100 emails in the trial period respectively.
  5. Now use the clean list and upload it on Use Woodpecker, Klenty, Reply, Lemlist. They all offer a 14-DAYS trial that means still you don’t need to spend even a single cent.
  6. Now you need to warm up your emails before start sending emails to the above emails. Otherwise, all emails will land in the spam box. So you need to have tools like Warmupinbox to warm your emails. 
  7. If you are looking to spend any money you can spend purchasing the real domain and email address. It can cost you around 14 to 24 USD.

If you are looking to learn more about cold email marketing. Just msg us at

How to Get Free Traffic from Different Sources

There are many websites from where you can get traffic for free. In this article we will discuss how to achieve free traffic for your website.

In this article, We will discuss how to generate free traffic that too in bulk.

Here is the list of websites from where you can generate traffic.

1. Facebook.

2. Twitter.

3. Quora.

4. Medium.

5. Job Posting Sites.

6. Fiverr.

7. Reddit.

8. University Websites.

9. SEO Clerks.

10. Instagram.

11. Slack Communities.

Let’s talk about each website from where we can generate traffic for free.

1. Facebook :

Facebook is one of the biggest Social Media Platform where you can get lots of traffic for free. On Facebook you can go to communities like Fan pages and Groups.

Request with admins that you are hiring people for job. Tell that could like to leave a URL along with the details of the job.

2. Twitter:

Twitter is one of the biggest microblogging website. It is having good traffic and many people use Twitter every day. Along with good hashtags you can go traffic even further.

You need to use #hashtag something like #hiring #offering these kinds of hashtags can increase your traffic even further.

3. Quora:

Quora is a Question and Answer sharing community with awesome algorithm that can filter the spam really faster. On Quora you can answer people who are looking for the job. Tell them that your website is offering jobs. Through this you can increase good quality of traffic.

4. Medium:

Medium is one of the fastest growing platform where medium recently started program where they are paying people for writing on their platform.

Here you can start posting jobs relating to your industry.

You can also post relating to offers that you are offering for your clients. It will get huge shares on the platform.

5. Job Posting Sites:

Job posting sites like, and many more. It can fetch a lot of traffic if you make post on those platform. These are amazing source of sometimes traffic you can get 300 visits from a single job post on this website.

6. Fiverr:

Fiverr amazing platform make a job post referring something like

“I want a website similar to this website:”. It will make bring huge traffic from that platform.

7. Reddit:

Reddit is one of the well established platform from where you can get potential traffic on your website.

From Reddit, you can ask people “How to grow traffic on as I have been trying to increase traffic since few months.” They will go through your website, and it will improve your dwell time too.

8. University Websites:

You can offer Universities Scholarship for the students or job placement.

They will add your website on their job portal. In return, you will get tons of traffic from University pages even with a single link pointing to your website.

9. SEO Clerks:

You can post your requirement before SEO clerks, and you will find many people visiting from that website to your website. Since many people will look to target you as client and are looking to learn more about your website.

10. Instagram:

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platform where people share pictures. You can share link only if you have 10,000 followers.

If you don’t have those numbers then you can do one of thing. Make Job posting images and submit on website. These will make people interested. They will start visiting your website more than often to understand the job.

Additional tip for generation of traffic:

11. Slack:

On slack, you can connect with people who are looking for jobs.

You can easily find communities on slack that are related to digital marketing and PR.

You can quickly generate traffic from those websites on your website.


By apply these above methods you can bring the traffic to your website. I Don’t think it will convert into any lead for your business.

Stop thinking that it will help you can generate any leads for your website from this method.

The Best Search Engine Alternatives for 2021

Google is named for providing an unmatched customized experience. Unfortunately, the search engine service comes at the cost of your secured as Google tracks your online presence and gathers all the information. Customization can be a cause for concern, especially when you see highly tailor-made campaigns and content targeting you.

The interesting news is the market is stocked with other search engines alternatives. It provides more security in addition to a host of other practical options. We have listed a few of the best alternative search engines here. Let us take a look!

The evolution of search engines is a never-ending process. Over the last two centuries using these best search engines. Some water has passed under the bridge. The search engine landscape has been toiled at different times by large companies that might stay here forever. Disruptive and innovative technology had various plans for these companies, sending them off to the history books.

How do Search Engines work?

Search engines have three main functions:

Rank: Display content that will offer best answer to searcher’s query. It is ranked by most relevant to the least relevant.

Index: Organize and store the content found during the process of crawling

Crawl: Discover the web for content on each URL they search.


A product of Microsoft, Bing is the second most used search engine across the globe. Some users prefer using Bing as they feel that its additional visual options provide a greater experience. Bing gets its search results from Yahoo! The homepage has a vital background that displays stunning pictures of sports, animals, places, people, and much more.

Bing’s video search presents a grid of large thumbnails that allow you to preview the video when you hover over them. Clicking on the videos opens them on a similar page. Like Bing, Google, display ad campaigns and options like spellcheck, translation, sports scores, flight tracking, and sports scores. The search engine has apps for Android and iOS.

Paramount options of Bing Search:

·Switch off the background picture

·RSS feeds for desired search results

·Weather forecast

·Personalized search options

·No king has ruled forever

·But Google still remains a search engine behemoth in 2021, having more than 90 per cent of the world search market share

·Google no doubt, a cut above all the other competitors in the search engine landscape when it comes to user interaction


This is one of the reasons why Google has crowned the title the “most used search engine.” The defining factor for Google’s success is the algorithm that fetches users the most relevant results, and above that, an unmatched personalized user experience. Google also has its demerits. When I think about Google’s pristine days, there was more focus on keeping the users happy. Fast-forward to 2020 and their priorities have changed significantly.

The pure organic search engine results page of Google is a past thing. Google SERP options like Knowledge graph, map pack, and snippets have taken up main positions on the Search engine results. There is no chance for sites to get similar visibility as before. The monetization of visitor details on a massive scale caused a persona shift for Google as an advertising medium. The more customization you want, the more visitor data Google will get from you. So, if you are concerned about security, Google is not the right search engine for you, at least in 2021.

Over the decades, empires have built and fallen. If Google continues to run the game without giving credit to sites and without asking for the user’s consent before sharing their information. Google’s omnipotence as the most used search engine in the world might be short-lived.


It is a famous search engine for those who value their security and privacy. They are put off by the thought of their every doubt being logged and tracked. It has a neat and clean interface with fewer ads and infinite scrolling. So the user experience is streamlined and nice. There is absolutely no user tracking as well as you can even add DuckDuckGo’s extension to your browser to keep your activity secret. The DuckDuckGo search engine has a useful option named bangs. It allows you to search directly within another site from DuckDuckGo by typing a prefix. Like, typing ‘Amazon clothing’ would take you directly to Amazon clothing search results for the query ‘Amazon clothing’


It is older than Google, and a few internet visitors still depend upon it as their main search engine for everyday use. It is the third most extensively used search engine after Bing and Google. Yahoo provides different other options in extra to basic searching.

It serves as a news aggregator, email service, online shopping place, games center, travel directory, and many more. With support from about 38 languages, it is a formidable alternative to Google. It is even the default search engine in Mozilla Firefox. Instead of providing a standalone search engine, it offers a vast range of services right from sports to food among other things.

After occupying Flickr, Yahoo’s search results image improved speedily. There are also sections like Yahoo Answers and Yahoo Finance. It provides a goldmine of details on different topics. Most importantly, Yahoo is prime to Google when it comes to putting security and privacy on the top.

Unique Features of Yahoo! search engine include:

·Link domain- it is an undocumented Yahoo Search operator

·Write emails from the Yahoo! Search box.

·Identify the order of search keywords in queries

·A vast portal of extra services

Bottom line

Everyone knows that Google is the top, reliable and the most preferred search engines. It has ranked a whopping 90 per cent of its market share. Even after getting this credibility, the renowned search engine is lacking behind in terms of information privacy and security of users.

These search engine might not provide the highly customized experience that many Google visitors have become used to. They make up for it with better privacy than Google. If you are like most unperturbed visitors, you may wish to escape the Google ‘filter bubble’. The engine alternatives discussed above provide a refreshing experience.

How To Make Big Money Using New Instagram Automation?

In this article we are going to share to make money through Instagram automation that will give you amazing earnings.

Instagram is one of the fastest growing platforms alongside TikTok, Youtube Shorts. Its reels are dominating after India Bans Tiktok In India.

Lets discuss about how to make money through Instagram Automation.


1. You need around 80 Accounts that needs to be warmed up really well otherwise they will look fake.

2. You need Tool like Instafollower or Jarvee (Formerly know as Massplanner).

3. You need around 40 IPs that will cost you around 40 USD.


1. Upload the IPS and 80 Accounts On Jarvee.

2. Scrape list of users that are related to your niche.

3. Message those list of Contacts and make sure you follow them.

4. Keep the Message very generic stating “Hello, How are you doing?”

5. After they reply try to pitch your product and mention its benefits.

6. Make sure you have landing pages created for the links that you have submitted in the message box along with the information.

7. One more thing those landing pages should have Payment gateway.


Many users on Instagram are trying to become something with their profile. Try to pitch your product that can help them to build their career on Instagram.

If you have any doubts regarding this method please let me know. You can make lots of money from this method on Instagram you can say around 6 Digits you can make from this method.