Instagram Marketing Services

Instagram marketing is how products use the app to make communication with their target audience. It is commonly used to market services or products and create brand loyalty and awareness. It has become popular as marketers know the power of visual content.

Also, 32 percent of marketers said visual pictures are the kind of content most necessary for their strategy.

The channel’s popularity with clients makes it a massive opportunity for businesses that are willing to dive in and begin interaction. As with all kinds of social media marketing, it always pays to create a sense of community.

Statistics for Instagram Marketing 2021

  • 14% of U.S. adults have never heard of Instagram. Keep in mind that while Instagram does have a huge reach in the world, it does not reach everyone. That is why knowing your audience is necessary.
  • Over 1 billion individuals use Instagram every month. It makes Instagram the second-ranked traditional social platform in terms of active visitors behind Facebook.
  • Instagram users spent an average of 30 minutes every day on the platform
  • 83 percent of individuals use Instagram to explore new services or products. 87 percent said they took specific action such as after seeing product details and make a purchase.
  • 90 percent of individuals on the Instagram outlet follow a business as per Instagram
  • According to Sprout’s Social report, videos get 21 percent more engagement compared to pictures. 19 percent more communication compared to carousels.
  • 98 percent of marketers said Instagram is the most influential channel for influencer marketing. It has 44 percent higher than Facebook as per Sprout Social.
  • More than 50 percent of Instagram accounts use Explore every month.
  • A discovery tab is a place for Instagram visitors to explore new accounts and new content to follow. Getting your content featured on explore option is a key way to expose your product to new followers.

Benefits Of Instagram Marketing

Visual Platform

Instagram separates it from all the other social media outlets. It is more photo-centric. It comprises photos or videos that will accompany the text.

Reach New Audiences

Instagram makes it easy to explore new people or even new businesses. One of the methods to discover new clients on Instagram is by #hashtags

Connect Multiple Channels

Using Instagram on your website helps you to communicate with clients across different platforms. It increases the cross-platform engagement.

Generate Sales

Professional pics aid to promote your service or product. It highlights your services. Visual channels such as Instagram generate more engagement that drives sales.

Fuel your social media

One of the advantages of Instagram is that you can share your post to your followers. In any other social media outlet like Twitter or even Facebook.

Build an Audience

On Instagram, you might create your followers organically. It produces a natural relationship between your followers and your product or service.

On Instagram, you may build your followers organically. It allows a natural relationship between your brand and your followers.

Enrich your brand’s image with Instagram

Build Consideration

Expand and engage your target audience with beautiful content that increases comments and clicks.

Earn Conversions

Send intrigued clients to your site for buying or your app for installation.

Increase Awareness

Catch the attention of the hippest influencers out there and increase your brand awareness with Oxygenites.

You need a dedicated team to get the results Instagram is capable of.
As Facebook, Instagram makes it simple and easy to set up an ad campaign. It also makes it easy to post an image. But, it is really hard for Instagram content to fulfill its potential.

Instagram is known for its beautiful appeal and magazine-worthy pictures. It means that most of the visitors have a discerning eye. They can spot content that has been used from other platforms in about a second flat. They are keen to watch new trends instead of recycled fads.

With a committed team, your product or service can begin to produce hip content that starts the current trends. As we monitor it to analyze results and real-time improvements for future strategies. We can also run cross-platform ads with Facebook that stand apart on both platforms.

Oxygenites Instagram Marketing Services:

Content Creation

Oxygenites can schedule regular posts that will fit in with the artistic beauty of Instagram. We also aid you to build a page that attracts real users.

Audience Identification

We also assess and find your target audience, understanding how best to use Instagram’s powerful targeting ability.

Oxygenites can implement and build an effective Instagram marketing strategy that is specifically catered to your brand’s image.

Dedicated social media specialist

As your partner, Oxygenites offer you a committed social media specialist. They take an active part in your goals, services, brand, product, or service. Also, they serve as a continuous point-of-contact for your team, avoiding the hassle that comes with companies that shuffle you between marketers


Oxygenites work with data-tracking techniques to get insights that point where each campaign went right and improving your strategy every time.

Custom, professionally-designed images

A compelling post is only one part when it comes to Instagram. You also should have an eye-catching image that provides users to comment or like and follow your company. As a part of our Instagram marketing services, you get a series of custom, high-quality pictures.

Audience Engagement Videos

Video posts on Instagram get 38 percent more engagement than image posts. They tend to get over twice as many likes and comments, on average.
Participant engagement on Instagram is necessary to success. Your brand can get a benefit by working with a strategy to get short-form video content that produces leads. Remember, Instagram is a scrolling application. Your brand has less than a second to make an impression on your potential clients. Video allows visitors to slow down and take in your messaging without asking too much in return.

Promote Your Business on Instagram

If you wish to put your brand visibility in front of a massive audience of potential clients, Instagram is the best place to be. A stunning post, an optimized profile, and the right kind of approach can aid your company to succeed and grow.
Oxygenites committed social media tools can aid you to find your goad, take a deep dive into your strategy and create engaging visual ad campaigns.