If you are like other brand management professionals. You may lie awake at night thinking when the next emergency will scare your well-laid plans. You must take the case of the COVID-19 outbreak. Oxygenites understand the online reputation management world smolders with the falls from grace, tales of tragedy, and salacious rumors. It can destroy entire businesses, brands, and even careers. As with any challenges, a little online marketing strategy can go a long way.

Important statistics for online reputation management 2021

  • 70.87 percent of keywords with a relevant search of more than 10,000 monthly searches include two or more words
  • 13.53 percent of keywords with 10 or more monthly searches include two words
  • It is demonstrated that there are 3.5 billion searches on Google per day
  • Roughly 8 percent of search are phrased as questions
  • 70 percent of searches includes four words
  • 0.16 percent of the most famous keywords are responsible for 61 percent of all searches
  • On the other type of things, only 0.78 percent of Google users clicked on results from the second page
  • The average global internet visitor spends almost more than 7 hours online per day
  • 319 million of these visitors came online in the past twelve months. It is almost a 7 percent increase. It is almost 8,75,000 new visitors every day.
  • Together, the best 3 search results in Google get 75 percent of all clicks
  • The no.1 result in Google search results has an average CTR of 32 percent.

Why Does Reputation Management Matter?

Just some years ago, the internet was different. Today, organizations didn’t interact with clients, they just sold to passive audience individuals could not raise their voice in a proper way. The overall communication landscape was top-down.

The circumstances have changed radically. Today, sites are no longer static brochures. Visitor-generated content is a need. And, regular communication on social networks are important to any company’s success.

No matter the size of your company, individuals are talking about you that include clients, customers, friends, and prospects. They are tweeting about your current product, posting a Facebook update. And leave a comment on your blog about their customer service and much more.

How Your Business Will Navigate the Social Media Landscape

If you are a business doing business online, there is a good opportunity that individuals are talking about you on social media. Whether it is Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Google, or any other platform. Your business needs to have a presence in the social media world to grow your brand, business, fans, and awareness.

As an additional component of our online management service, we will work closely with you to aid you to manage your online presence. We will set you and your company up with state-of-the-art social media reputation management tools and techniques to promote your brand image. Clients love a positive product or service they can communicate with, great customer experience, and businesses that listen. Social media reputation management allows you to do all of it and more.

Paid Media

Paid media involves all marketing efforts that need payment to feature your company on external networks and websites. It includes PPC campaigns with Google Ads, sponsored posts on influencer or industry blogs. Also, it includes ad campaigns on Facebook and many more. Paid media drives traffic to your digital assets and increases reach by creating new relationships with clients and partners.

Social Media

Profiles and Pages on social media are an extension of your brand, product, or service. Also, you can build additional avenues for individuals to connect. When it comes to social platforms, it is necessary to commit to the resources to stay active on them by publishing fresh content regularly. Also, to stay active on them by engaging in conversation. As a normal rule: not having a profile on a particular network is better than having an inactive one.

SEO is a major factor when executing a Reputation Management Program.

If you build your positive message and then push it out, thinking the world will watch it. Well, without search engine optimization results, your reputation management efforts will go waste as no one will be able to find them.

Once you build your product message and developed the online assets to cater to that message. Our Oxygenites will optimize them so that they show a higher ranking in the search engine. You can sit back and see that your brand message is reaching the masses.

When the masses associate the message your brand is catering, you will see a change in their attitude towards your business and bottom-line. This is what search engine reputation management all about.

Representing Your Brand Accurately

Your online presence is often the most crucial and first impression that your business can make on potential clients. Portraying your brand, service, or product as an active and positive online presence can turn into more conversions, good press, more fans. Also, increase leads and increased brand awareness.

Drive ROI Through Enhancing Customer Experiences.

Feedback must be leveraged to aid your company’s functioning and improve relationships with clients. It is important that you strive for a positive client relationship as they heavily impact your word of mouth, digital presence, and overall brand loyalty. Also, 92 percent of individuals use customer reviews to help their ordinary buying decisions.

Oxygenites method to online reputation management for a company involves being very proactive in creating up an earned media and strong online assets. We not only integrate the best SEO practices with the help of social media marketing goals. But also other targeted techniques for your business growth.

  • Leverage these tools with your social media.
  • We will help in performing any kind of damage control on the areas that hurt your business.
  • There may be such a thing as any press is a good one, but we will ensure that it’s all good press.
  • We will aid you to take control of your brand, service, or product online presence using positive messages and well-optimization.

Oxygenites also offer you access to the industry’s current business reputation management strategy. So that you are the first to be alerted when likes, comments are made about your company. You do not wish the conversation going on without any idea. To avail online reputation management for your business contact Oxygenites now for more details.