Search Engine Marketing services

Oxygenites can generate real growth for your company. And at Oxygenites our search engine marketing services make that happen with desired sales, valuable conversions to your business.

As a part of our SEM services, your company gets:

  • Regular reporting
  • Transparent pricing
  • Advanced AI software
  • Custom strategy
  • Dedicated account manager
  • And much more!

With an effective ad campaign, cutting-edge artificial intelligence and experienced account manager, your organization can grow its operations, revenue, conversions and brand.

Important Statistics for SEM 2021

  • As per Moz, 8 percent of queries is phrased as FAQs
  • According to Oxygenites, 50 percent of all search queries include 4 or more words
  • As per Moz report, 18 percent of searchers enters a new doubt before clicking on any results for their original search
  • As per search engine watch, 94 percent of clicks on the Search engine results page go to organic results.
  • Nearly 60 percent of the pages ranking as per search engine watch. They are in the top 10 Google results is more than 3 years old.
  • According to Andrew Lipattsev, strategist at Google, search quality said content, links, and Rankbrain are the top three factors for higher rank results.
  • 47 percent of consumers reviews at least 5 kinds of content to engaging with sales associates as per Breezy Hill Marketing
  • As per Oberlo, 54 percent of product searches begin on Amazon, surpassing Google
  • Facebook is the top searched keyword on Google after YouTube and Amazon as per Ahrefs
  • Compressed pictures and text help 25 percent of web pages save more than 250 KB. And 10 percent save more than 1 MB.
  •  It reduces the bounce rates as well as higher page rank on Google SERPs
  • Backlinko reports that low bounce rates correlate with increase ranking on Google.

What are search engine marketing services?

Search Engine Marketing is the process through which you do your product, service or brand marketing to be visible in SERPs. Many things come under SEM such as Google Ad campaigns, mobile app advertising, YouTube advertising. Also, PPC ads, bid management, display ad marketing, remarketing and contextual networks.

When the concept of Search Engine Marketing was launched, the aim was clear, to get visibility by optimizing websites. With time, the aim transformed as SEM was perceived to be a practice that could get footfalls and get sales.

What do Oxygenites professional search engine marketing services include?

We provide several SEM services to our clients to stand apart from the crowd. Let us discuss some of our SEM services that include:

Keyword Research:

We offer high-converting keywords, low cost that your clients use regularly to find your business online. We set budgets, keyword match types and manage pay-per-click keyword bids to increase your share of voice on the top-performing keywords search.

A/B Testing:

You can tap into our in-house digital copywriting experts to build a winning copy for your search engine marketing text ads. They are on message, brand and are well-designed to convert. We use proper call-to-action and emotional triggers to generate more click-throughs. We help your AB test your ad copy for the responsive rates as well as conversions.

Campaign Strategy:

Oxygenites help you set up your search engine marketing ads on Google Ads, YouTube, Binge ads, and other search platforms. We help you create lead tracking in Google Analytics, define campaign targets, drive targeted traffic to your site. Also, geotagged your campaigns at the lowest cost-per-click.

Tracking & Tools:

We can set up revenue tracking and campaign conversions. Also, other third-party tools to get real-time information for optimization. We also build dashboard reports to pull API details from different platforms and tools. We continuously optimize existing campaigns for a higher return on investment.

Why choose Oxygenites for SEM services?

Your business can select from a range of search engine marketing. Oxygenites is the best in the market that provides your team and business several competitive benefits when it comes to our Search engine marketing. It includes a customer recommendation score that beats the industry average by 500 percent.

Get results from your SEM:

We at Oxygenites understand that how important are results for your business. When you invest in PPC or SEO or even both, you wish for desired outcomes. Whether you are looking for higher sales, creating brand visibility of your product or service, Our team is there to help you. They will work on every single detail to get results for your company.

Access advanced machine learning technology:

At Oxygenites, we offer our customers access to our exclusive marketing tools. It includes artificial intelligence and machine learning. It allows offering data-backed suggestions when it comes to improving your PPC and SEO strategy. We also provide our customers return on investment.

Combined with your account manager’s expertise, it aids your company to maximize the performance of your search engine marketing with Oxygenites. It means more sales, more conversions, more revenue, and greater customer satisfaction to your clients.

Highly Optimized Ads:

When you have marketing tools in place and a budget to spend, you can make your brand, services, or products reach the right customers. One of the methods is using keyword match types that include broad match, exact match, and much more.

Quick Results:

When you start investing after your SEM ad campaigns, the outcomes show up to appear within a short time. It means that your services or products get the targeted visibility, sales, and footfalls.

Brand Awareness:

Brand Awareness is one of the aims that businesses target while they approach SEM companies. Optimizing those ad campaigns, doing the Google Ads campaign. And getting on the first page of Google aids you a lot.

Measurable Performance:

When you can quantify your efforts, it becomes easy to check the performance of your business. Like impressions, unique page views, CTRs for your campaigns, and so on. It clearly shows whether you are going in the right direction or not.

Oxygenites are the best when it comes to SEM services. We understand our customer’s requirements and make sure to meet them. Schedule a call right away for more details!