Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the usage of social media outlets to engage with your target audience. It helps to drive website traffic, build your brand and increase sales. It involves publishing great content on your social media profiles, engaging your followers, listening and analyzing your result and running social media ad campaigns. The main social media channels currently are Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Snapchat.

Social Media Marketing statistics for 2021

Some Social Media statistics that you must know for 2021 are:

  • 500 million people use Instagram stories and Instagram has 1 billion monthly active visitors
  • Globally, over 3.6 billion individuals use social media and the number is estimated to increase in 2025 to 4.41 billion
  • The largest demographic on the connection is women aged 18-24 years old
  • Facebook still reigns as the most used social network across the globe. In quarter 3, 2020, the network demonstrated over 2.7 billion active users monthly as per MAUs.
  • The top social media platforms ranked by many active users are YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger
  • The all-industry benchmark for Instagram engagement rate is 1.22 percent. It has decreased by 23 percent.

How do Oxygenites social media management services work?

You are thinking what it is like to work with the best social media management company like Oxygenites. This section provides a sneak peek at our customer experience. And with a customer retention rate of more than 95 per cent, you can trust Oxygenites offers unparalleled service.

Our social media management process includes four steps:

Meet your social media account manager:

When you invest in social media services from Oxygenites, you get a committed social media account specialist. This social media account manager oversees and conducts every aspect of your social media strategy. They make sure to create content of your posts to the designing of your images.

They also build your social media strategy, studying your company’s reputation online, past social media performance, and competition. Their practical approach is something that has created more revenue for our customers in the previous years.

Receive an in-depth analysis of your social media presence:

Once your dedicated social media account manager meet with your team, whether a phone call or in-person. They take the next thing in introducing your social media campaign. They arrange a massive amount of research during this stage, looking at your history, competitors and more.

This study serves as a helpful reference for your social media expert. It offers them with valuable details about what your company’s techniques will require doing to succeed. Also, it shows any unique opportunities or hurdles.

Your committed social media account specialist shares all their findings with your team. Like, they might highlight the performance of a competitor’s social media strategy. Or, they might come up with the positive reputation of your brand online.

See real, tangible results:

Once your team approves your methods, your committed social media expert can start developing your monthly deliverables such as images, custom posts and ads. Every month, your team should review and approve these deliverables that is easy and simple with our toolkit.

Following your strategy’s launch, your social media account manager can analyze the performance of your ads, posts and more. If you have any queries, you can trust your account manager to respond within 24 business hours.

In the first and following months of your social media advertising, your business must see noticeable changes in your day-to-day. You might see more orders coming from social media. For example, more questions, more comments on your social media pages about your company, events or products.

At Oxygenites, this is the target of our social media optimization services.

Oxygenites SMM services include evaluations of your businesses current engagement in social media networks. We emphasize on trust management, reputation, community, content delivery and accessibility. Concentrating on these SMM tools offers our SMM professionals a channel to fully assess. And involve into the following problems when looking at a customer’s social media presence. And make suggestions accordingly:

Community Networks:

Oxygenites has SMM professionals on staff who are expertise on Twitter, Facebook, Google plus and other social media channels. Adding social media buttons or badges to appropriate pages allows individuals to share specific content and sites on these popular social media outlets.

Integrate social media on the site:

Is the social media website enabled? Build a friendly space for marketers, journalists and bloggers with feeds. It allows a community to access details directly from the source is why SMM is integral to the success of social media.

Trust management:

Social media outlets have vast differences as compared to other advertising models. An SMM experts understands that trust is about genuine connection and relationship-building as opposed to just sending a message or a sales pitch.

Top-rated media content:

Figure out the best content on your website already available. It includes but not restricted to: images, slideshows, videos, white papers, and other media copies. As a social media marketing organization, we also offer SMM services around creating new content to share. And both trust and link for your website. Multimedia sites: Either host on your own website, add content to other platforms such as Flickr, YouTube, or others, and build a profile. SMM’s professionals at Oxygenites refer to these content pieces as engagement objects. The aim by which you engage with your audience and the aim by which the community engages with your businesses.