YouTube Clips one of the much awaited from project from Google. YouTube is Initiating the power to create clips out of other creator’s live streams and VODs. They name this feature “Clips”. YouTube Clips overcome the problem YouTube Shorts is facing right now. This is one of the biggest initiate taken by YouTube that can beat the likes of Instagram Reels and TikTok App. This Feature is being offering to some top creatures on YouTube for now. Incoming days we can see this feature being share with other developers too. You can edit the video from 15 to 60 secs from online streaming that is heck of tool offered by YouTube. Viewers can cut the clip from the online stream from funny moments, embarrassing blooper and many more things can be capturing from this tool. As you know, short videos works really well when compare to the big video that can be more 1 hour. Example you can example TikTok. TikTok has being boosting with multiple filters and features that made one of the fastest growing app right now. It groundbreaking feature right after live-streaming on YouTube. In this feature, people love to share stuff that are interesting and keep the audience attach to the live-streaming. For more example online gameplay. Even Facebook is brought their platform for gamers. fake bell ross for sale

YouTube Clips: It is on Testing Phase:

A small group of creators are already testing this YouTube Clips feature. Clips can be created during life streams from Video on Demand (VOD) from this feature. You can come to know which group of creators are using this feature with this icon.
youtube Scissor Icon
YouTube scissor Icon Click on the scissors icon that will be displayed under the video. Some Clips can be made from certain channel only. To use this tool you can add title and click clips stretching the time distance of the video and it will generate a URL. That link you can share on Social Media and other platforms too.
YouTube Clips
YouTube has not shared much information about this feature yet that includes which creators are testing this feature. Bad side of this feature can hurt the copyrights that are related to the videos on YouTube.