In this Method, You will learn an alternative method for the Edu Scholarship SEO method that has been there for a long time.

Edu Scholarship Links SEO method is known to many SEO companies now, but there is an Alternative Method that can scale more results for you.

In this article, We will discuss this method that is unique and has success.

You need scraping tool like you do with Edu Scholarship SEO method.

Steps to follow this Method:

  1. Scrape Edu Websites using Scrapebox or any other alternative tool and Make a list. Remember you need to include keywords while Scrapebox the websites. (if you don’t have a scrapebox then purchase from Blackhatworld).
  2. Using Scrapebox, you will have found a list of Edu Website list. Now Extract Emails from these websites.
  3. After extracting the emails, make sure these Emails belong to the student of the University. These Students have access to the University website Blog.
  4. You can request the students to get your link to be added to the University Blog. Upon Approval, you will give them some amount of money.

Use these Operators while searching “Keyword”

Advantages of This Technique:

  1. You will get an Amazing Backlink that has a very low Outbound link.
  2. Your ranking will Improve on Google Drastically.
  3. Your DR (Domain Rating) and DA (Domain Authority) will see a serious Jump in the ranking.
  4. Remember,.com domain is far attractive to google regarding Edu or Gov links since they carry Authority as Google needs trusting sources.
  5. You can start an SEO service on Fiverr, Blackhatworld, or alternative sites like Warrior forum where you can sell these links at affordable prices.