Engaging the audiences is the best way to rule the digital world. The process may be gaming, music, creating memes, and many more. Once the users get indulged in such activities, then their spending time on your website will increase. All such tasks are performed by Discord bots and here you will know about the best Discord bots and their benefits. Moreover, you will also get some useful Discord bots for Digital Marketing, grab it to boost your business.

If you are familiar with Discord Bots, then you might have used this tool on such activities. However, if you are not unaware of this great utility, then you must know about it. The Discord Bots is an essential utility for a business due to its features. Moreover, the best Discord bots listed here will be beneficial your Digital Marketing and allied business.

A Glimpse of Discord Bots and Useful Discord Bots for Digital Marketing:

Discord Bots are nothing more than an AI that really works well to engage the audiences. This utility is used by the digital marketer for automated tasks for example Bot chats to resolve the query and many more.

These bots are also used in community building that is useful for your business. Moreover, using Discord bots you can perform multiple tasks on your server to keep users busy. The task includes automated video, music, games, and many more on the server.

While using the bots, when the users realize that they are getting some useful information as well as entertainment. Then they will pay for more and will also share with their friends and colleagues.

Discord Bots- Statistics:

Discard Bots Statistics reveals the importance and presence in the digital world.

  1. Discord bots are growing significantly and currently there are around 6.7 million servers that support Discord.
  2. The registered users for Discord bots are 250 million and monthly active users are 100 million.
  3. In 2020, the revenue generated through Discord bots is $120 million and the valuation is $3.5 billion.
  4. $380 million is the total funding of Discord bots and this shows how relevant it is for the business.
  5. Each day the conversion on Discord bots is 4 billion minutes and 25 billion messages are sent per day.
  6. The largest Discord bot server is Fortnite that covers 571,000 members.
  7. The comparison of Discord bots to last year shows that the value has raised to 75%.

Best Discord Bots that are useful for your business:

As stated earlier, Discord bots are primarily used for building the community. So, knowing the right one from the bunch is a tidy job. But, here you will get to know about useful Discord bots for digital marketing.

  1. MEE6

    If you want to reduce the manual effort in engaging the audience, then MEE6 is best for you. It is a Discord bot that will welcome your community member. Also, it will assign a special role to them on the server.

MEE6 is very much popular and most efficient Discord Bot.
The plus point of MEE6 is the customization feature. In short, you can customize the Discord bots as per your need. Moreover, if someone violates the rule of the server, then this bot will kick them off. Isn’t the best part and here you don’t have to scratch your head to do this job.

  1. ProBot

    It is a Discord bot that retains 99.9% uptime which means, it will not get down, and also it won’t let you down. The customization feature is available in the ProBot and you can set the commands as you need.

Most useful and engaging Discord bot and can customizes easily.
It is very much helpful in greeting the members on the server and also it has the potential to kick off them. In short, if any new member joins the community, then ProBot will fetch the welcome message. Also, if any member posts the violated images, text, or others, then ProBot will kick him off from the server.

  1. Dank Memer

It is an ultimate humor discord bot that will entertain the members.
If you have created an entertainment hub for the users, then Dank Memer is good for you. Memes are a good way to spread humor and also give the ultimate fun to the users. Dank Memer performs the same task and you can use various commands on this to engage the members.

  1. Community Hubs Beta

    It is one of the best Discord bots that acts as a bridge and connects the Discord channel via Hubs. In simple terms, this utility enables the members to communicate with other members of the community.

This Discord bot will enable you to engage two community on one platform
Let us understand Community Hubs Beta via an example. For instance, if you retain 2 servers, one for SEO and another for PPC. And now want to share the video with both the community on a common subject, then this Discord bot will help you.

  1. Voicy

    Voicy is the most efficient communication Discord bot that retains 50,000 funny voices.
    It is always essential to keep an efficient communication utility on the server so that members can communicate efficiently. Voicy is the Discord bot that fetches more than 50,000 funny voices from the network. Through these voices, the members of the community will be entertained.
  2. Musiplay

    Musiplay is one of the most outstanding and entertaining Discord bots that minimizes your effort to handle the community members. Using this, you can set the commands to post the YouTube video offering the answer to the users’ questions.

A great utility to [pay music or YouTube video on a server
Musiplay is the best way to run a YouTube video on Discord. The members of the community can even share the videos with others that helps them to gain additional information.

Through this bot, you can also play music and this will also entertain the members.

  1. Quillbot

  2. It is one of the best Discord bots that paraphrase the sentence completely. For instance, if you have a chat with a member on an Influencer Marketing topic and you got some useful text information. Then at this point, you can’t use it directly but using Quillbot you can paraphrase the content.

QuillBot is a paraphrasing Discord bot that paraphrase the sentence in no time.
Apart from paraphrasing the content, Quillbot offers Word Flipper whose role is to change the words through synonyms.

  1. Spixx

    If you want a fun-loving and entertainment zone for a community, then Spixx is good for you. Using this, you can fetch music, memes, and games for the members through the commands.

Spixx is the outstanding Discord bot that engage the users efficiently.
Spixx is the best digital marketing utility and the reasons are the command for the games. Using this command, you can engage the user to play a game and can advertise what you want. This is the perfect way of marketing because you are getting completely unknown leads.

  1. Giveaway Bot

  2. It is the ultimate Discord bot useful in the games to select the winner. It helps resolve queries and also prevents the other winner to enter into the next giveaway.

GiveAway Discord bot is useful in the game and the puzzles.
If you are running a contest or quiz, then using this bot, you can easily manage all the activities.

A Guide to add Discord Bot on the Server:

Now you are well versed with the best Discord bots and it’s time to add it on the server. All, you need is to select the useful Discord bot for digital marketing and then search it on Google.

Once you reach the landing page of the respective Discord Bot, click on the add button and then select your server (admin).

The Discord bot will take some time to add to the server and once the process is done, then you can use it smoothly.

However, if you want to remove Discord Bot from the server, then move to the admin server list. Here, you will get the list of added bots, select the one that you want to remove, and further click on the Ban button.


This was about the best Discord bots and using the same you can enhance your business. Moreover, the listed useful Discord bots for Digital Marketing are outstanding. Hence, choose the one wisely as per your business.