Information overload has become a major problem in the digital age. In the sea of information, businesses, content creators, and marketers are always looking for ways to make themselves stand out. Our Infographic Placement Service can help.

Imagine transforming complex data into visually stunning graphics that will captivate your audience. Information is made more engaging and accessible with infographics. We are not just attractive. Our expertise can help you boost your online engagement and ensure that the full potential of your message is reached.

Why did you choose Oxygen for your Infographic Placement?

We excel at transforming data to compelling visual stories. Our service can be tailored to your specific needs, whether you are a company looking to communicate complex data or a marketing agency aiming to increase audience attention.

Join us on this journey to transform data into visuals that will resonate with your target audience. Tell your story with infographics.

Infographic Creation

Transforming Data into Visual Masterpieces

Infographic Creation is a service that transforms your data into visually appealing visuals. We can create stunning infographics to convey your message. Engage your audience like never before.

Infographic Placement Strategy

Strategic placement maximises impact

Our Infographic Placement Strategy is more than just beautiful infographics. It’s a strategy to maximise their potential. You’ll be guided on how and where to share visuals in order to maximise reach and engagement.

Data Simplification

Make complex data accessible

Data can seem overwhelming. Data Simplification transforms complex information into easily-understood visuals. Simplify your message to increase understanding and effectively engage the audience .

Placement Infographics royalty-free images

Placement Infographics is a royalty-free image service that offers a wide range of images.

Diverse Image Collection: Display a variety of infographics of the highest quality to show off our rich image collection. It will allow users to understand what they have access to.

Information Graphics: Show a collection of information graphics that are being used on various platforms, such as websites, presentations, and social media. The versatility of the images is shown here.

Customer Satisfaction: Show a happy customer using one of our infographics to convey their satisfaction.

Location Infographic Templates

Get Location Information Easily

Transform data easily into insights. Data visualisation is easy with our templates. Create maps and infographics to resonate with your target audience. Simplify complex data, improve decision-making, engage your audience.

Customised to your Needs

These Location Infographic Templates can be customised to meet your needs. Customise maps, colours, and text to effectively communicate your message. Improved communication, tailored solutions and improved relevance.

Applications that are versatile

These templates can be used by businesses, educators, students, and researchers. Location data can be used in a variety of fields, including marketing campaigns and academic presentations. Useful, versatile, and impactful communication.

Easy-to-Use Interface

No design skills required. No design skills required.Accessibility, user-friendly, efficient content creation.

Strategies for Infographic Placement: Outranking the Competition

Let’s understand first why infographics have become a key component of SEO. Information can be presented in a more engaging manner with infographics. Your audience will love them, as they are like candy. We make it easy for them to remember and absorb your information.

Create Compelling infographics

Your infographics need to be the best in order to rank well on Google. This is how we make it happen:

a. Relevance of Content: Your infographic’s design should be in line with the content on your site. It will ensure that your visitors are interested in the graphics, and spend more time on your website. This is a factor Google takes into consideration when ranking.

b. Data Accuracy: Inaccurate data can damage your SEO credibility. Make sure your infographics have been thoroughly researched and checked for accuracy.

C. Visual appeal: A design that is eye-catching and appealing to the viewer’s eyes is essential. Infographics must be appealing visually, easily readable, and easily shared on social media platforms.

The Best Place to Display Infographics

It’s now time to place your infographics strategically to ensure that they dominate Google’s rankings. This is how we achieve it:

Integrate infographics seamlessly into the content of your website. You can use them to make your articles more informative and engaging.

Alt Text: Do not ignore the importance of this text. Describe your infographic using keywords and concise sentences. Search engines will be able to understand your content, which can boost your SEO.

These links should point to the page containing your infographic, boosting its authority. The links you choose should be directed to your infographic page, boosting its authority .

Staying Ahead of the SEO Curve

Innovation and adaptability is key in the highly competitive world of SEO. Keep up with the times by constantly refining infographic placement strategies. Here’s how:

Monitoring and Analysis

Monitor the performance of infographics. Google Analytics provides valuable insight into the behaviour of users, which can help you refine your strategy.

Enjoy Fresh Content

Google is always looking for new, fresh content. Update your infographics regularly to reflect new data and trends.

Share Social Media

Promote social sharing for your infographics. Your content will gain more backlinks if you share it more.

Pros and cons of Infographic Placement

The Pros of Placing an Infographic at the Start

Place an infographic right at the beginning of your piece to instantly engage your readers. This visual preview of content will encourage readers to keep scrolling.

Infographics can be used to enhance comprehension. We can act as a road map, providing readers with a quick overview of key data and points. It enhances understanding and establishes expectations.

The best mobile experience: As the use of mobile devices to consume content increases, an infographic is a great way to ensure that you have a visually appealing and smooth experience.

The Cons of Placing Information Graphics At the Start

The risk of superficial engagement is that an infographic may be used to grab attention but also cause superficial engagement. Readers may only glance at an infographic without reading the text.

Information graphics placed at the beginning of a story may miss the opportunity to gradually build the narrative. Infographics are not as effective at conveying complex concepts than storytelling.

Limitation of SEO impact: Most search engines prioritise content that is text-based. If you start with an infographic, it could affect your SEO efforts because the textual content is pushed further down on the page.

The Pros of Placing Information Graphics at the Center

Infographics can help maintain engagement by inserting them within your text. These visual aids break up the text, and prevent information overload.

Place infographics in context: By placing them where they are directly related to the text, you can provide context.

SEO Balanced: By placing infographics in the text, you can maintain a balance of visual appeal with SEO friendliness. The textual content around the graphic is still recognized and indexed by search engines.

The Cons of Placing Information Graphics at the Center

Potent Disruption Some readers might find the inclusion of infographics in the text to be disruptive, particularly if it interrupts the flow or argument.

The formatting challenges: It can be difficult to integrate infographics into an article without causing any disruptions. This requires careful consideration of the layout and format.

The Pros of Putting Infographics At the End

Complete Understanding: By placing infographics towards the end of your text, you allow readers to digest all the information first before moving on to the visuals. This ensures that the reader has a thorough understanding of the subject.

A strong conclusion: An infographic at the end can be used as an effective summary, to reinforce key points and leave a lasting impact.

This strategy is SEO friendly because search engines will prioritise text preceding the infographics, and therefore are more tolerant of their placement.

The Cons of Putting Infographics At the End

The risk of skipping content: Readers may skip the last few paragraphs of an article and miss the insights provided by the infographics.


1. What is Infographic Placement?

Infographic Placement is a service that turns data into engaging visuals.

2. Who can benefit from this service?

Businesses, marketers, and agencies seeking to enhance their content.

3. How does it improve engagement?

Infographics simplify data, making it more accessible and appealing.

4. Can I request custom infographics?

Absolutely! We offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

5. What platforms are suitable for placement?

We guide you on where to share infographics, including social media.

6. How quickly can I see results?

Results vary but expect increased engagement and audience attention.