Hey guys !

This is Rocky here..,

Yesterday I told you guys there is a update around the corner which will be Google Penguin 4.0 update and here it is !!!

Very strong update from Google ! This penguin update will be real time like panda update will is working as real time. That means will come to know which are really worthy and which are not.

The problematic senerio we might be facing is that. If we have made spammy link then Google penguin 4.0 will reward you with penalty. That is so simple as that.

As an SEO analyst, I would suggest you to make links which are worthy. Don’t make dirty links by using GSA. I would even recommend you to keep content informative while making links.

If you are making content promotional then your risking your website because of current penguin and panda updates.

While making links always look towards their metrics. It will help you to get good backlinks and if you are maintaining free blogs like WordPress and Blogspot then always try to update them. So, they will be equivalent or better then any private blog link.

Always try to be honest with Google and try follow the laws and you will find your links on Google easily.

Google Penguin 4.0 is not your enemy treat as your friend and find a better way to overcome any competition with good material.

Google says blah blah things just ignore them. Concentrate on basics, as they keep changing every 6 months with some stupid updates.

Keep making money online within rules..!!!

Thanks Rocky !!