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In this computer era, there are many ways to make money online. In this article, you’ll get to know about the method to Make Money Using OGAds. This method doesn’t require any experience in earning money online. Using this method only, you can earn a minimum of $150 per day. This way of earning money online is very beginner-friendly. You can also Earn 318 Dollars Using OGAds or more in a day after a few months of experience.

Learn how to make money using Ogads- A CPA Marketing tool

Let’s begin the journey to earn more and more money online using OGAds!

Know More About Earning Method from OGAds!

Talking about OGAds, it is an affiliate network platform that provides its member to earn money online. Compare to the usual ads format, it uses a slightly different ad format that is generally referred to as Content Locking CPA network or Cost-Per-Action (CPA). And, you’re wondering what is content locking or CPA. Then, let me tell you that you’ve come across content locking and CPA links many times. Content locking is a part of CPA, so when you see content locking then it resembles CPA. If you have access to a website then, you have to do nothing else than creating a link to promote. After sharing links on different promoting platforms, you can Earn 318 Dollars Using OGAds or more. This makes OGads Earnings the best like other affiliate networks.

Understand CPA & Content Locking Before You Make Money Using OGAds!

Currently, there are numerous ways to promote the business or products. One of the many ways of marketing is CPA Marketing. In this affiliate marketing model, whenever a specific action is completed, the link creator gets a commission every time. In simple words, the CPA, i.e., Cost Per Action link owners will get paid only and only if his/her links get clicked

The content locking is a technique used by site owners to act on getting access to specific content. It is an effective way to generate leads and, can achieve marketing goals efficiently. In simple words, this technique forces the user to complete a specific action before he/she can get access to the actual content.

How You Can Make Money Using OGAds Online?

OGAds affiliate network platform gives you free to sign up and get approved too. It just asks you to create a website to create the CPA Links or to perform Content Locking. If you don’t have any website then, it is very impossible to create the CPA Links or to perform CPA Content Locking. As soon as you reach the OGAds, you need to follow certain steps to create the link.

ogads earnings

The dashboard shows the revenue generated through the clicks.
One of the very first steps, before you create the link for further action, is to create an OGAds account. You can create an account for free. After successful sign-up, log in to your OGAds account. Once you logged in then, find a landing page that you want to promote. This landing page is very important as well as crucial. Now, you need to find an offer that visitors will want to click on it.

You can select any niche you want to promote from the landing page. Let’s see some variety of niche offered on OGAds landing page are follows:

  • Bodybuilding
  • Hair/Beauty products
  • Entertainment Video or Movies
  • Gaming
  • Weight Loss

So far you have learned to create an OGAds Account and make sure you save OGAds Logins Somewhere. Now, you have to redirect your selected landing page to your website. If you don’t have any website then, create the website. Once the landing page is redirected to your website, your earning link has been created. Now, you need to drive more traffic to the created link. And, to do that you will require social media websites/platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and many more. And, that you will be able to Earn 318 Dollars Using OG Ads in a day. That’s an exciting number, isn’t it! Let’s drive more and more traffic to your link.

Note: In coming days we will share CPA Instagram Method that will help you to make money from Instagram too.

How Facebook can Drive More Traffic?

Make Money Using OGAds is simple but, isn’t simple. Among many social media platforms, Facebook is one of the most powerful tools for the promotion of your landing page. And, to drive traffic from Facebook, you must have a Facebook account. If you don’t have one then, create a new account on Facebook so you can learn how to make money using Facebook.

Once created then, you can easily promote your landing page by posting landing page URL or link. Before you post the link, you must improve the post at its best so that the post gets much exposure. And, to provide more traffic to the link, you can ask customers or users to share and like the post. Below OGAds tutorial will help you alot.

What to do if Facebook Mark Spam or Deletes Your Post?

To avoid such problems, you have to do nothing other than creating a promotion page on your Facebook profile. As soon as you create the promotion/product page on Facebook, you need to follow a few more steps to drive more traffic. And, to do that go to Edit Option and change the setting for who can post. You need to set that in the setting as only Admin can post. And, go to the discussion table of the page and then, post.

Here, you can post anything like videos, movies, and anything else. You can simply share the CPA links also on that page. After posting any kind of videos on that page, won’t mark as spam and delete your post. By this way, you can Earn 318 Dollars Using OGAds using Facebook as a Social Media platform to drive more traffic.

Note: We will teach you How to Make Money Online From CPA Marketing And Landing Page for Ogads Member


This was all about the method to earn $318 using CPA Ogads. Facebook is a premier platform to get traffic and using this platform, you can earn more than $300 through Ogads. In the entire OGAds method 2021, you just need to create an event page, promote the same and lock it through the Ogads. Once the user, clicks on your posted link, then you will get the money through each click. Hence, step ahead and take a chance to earn money through the audience. And OGAds payment method is cool and easy to process.

You can also check OGads review to know the quality of their payment processing and all related stuff.