In the digital world, there are several platforms to earn money, such as YouTube, Blogging, Ads, and many more. Most of the users indulge on these platforms and no doubt they earned well. But, there is another way to boost the income, i.e. SEO. If you are wondering how to make profit with SEO? Then hold your breath and go through the article.

Search Engine Optimization enhances the business via bringing the traffic.
Earlier, users know that SEO is a tool to increase the traffic on the website. Through the traffic, they run the ads to earn money, a form of affiliate marketing. But, most of the users are not aware that SEO is also a tool to generate money. Might be you are familiar with the keywords, but playing with them in proper planning can fetch the ultimate result.

Statistics of SEO-Business Oriented

seo marketing stats

SEO Statistics reveals its popularity and how it impacts on business.

  1. Most of the users are spending time on the internet and 93% of users access Search Engines.
  2. Google is the leading search engine and holds 90.1% space in the market compared to other search engines.
  3. Advertiser states that SEO is a powerful tool to generate money. Around 57% of B2B agree with the business output given by SEO.
  4. The demand for Content Marketing, a branch of SEO has increased. Around 73% of the marketers agree with the same.
  5. Before purchasing a product, users do the homework with the help of a Search Engine. As per the report, 61% of users search for the product online before buying from a shop.
  6. The users are moving forward to the organic search result and about 80% of users avoid paid search results.
  7. If the loading time of the website takes an extra couple of seconds, the bounce rate increases to 50%.
  8. The rate of driving traffic to the website by SEO is higher than any other tool and it is 1000%.
  9. The percentage of users using four or more words are 69%.

How Keywords can help you to make a profit with SEO?

The keyword is the search that the user does to get the result. It might be a long, short, or, problem-based keyword. The spiders of Google or other search engine crawls the website page and ranks it as per the keywords. So, it becomes an important part of SEO.

You will have to analyze the keyword and if the same is low-competitive. Then you will come to know how to make a profit with SEO. If you target a high competition keyword, then you will not get the optimum result. Let’s see the competitive keywords in more detail.

Low Competition Keyword:

It is the keyword that brings the traffic to the website having no link building. In short, if you created a new website or stepped down in the competitive market. It is hard to beat the existing beast. So, you need to think about such a keyword that got a minimum search.

Moreover, there are only 10 spots in Google SERP and millions of websites. So to make reachable your website to users will be a tough job. At this point, you can go with low- competition keyword as It will bring traffic to your website.

Are you in doubt that long-tail keywords and low competition keywords are the same? Then you are almost right, not absolute right. The reason is that they give the result alike. With the long tail keyword, you will get less competition and the same applies with low competition.

A piece of comprehensive information to get a low competition keyword?
If you want to bring traffic to a website with a long tail keyword, then analyze the competitor’s website. Look from where he/she is getting the traffic. You need to focus on the keyword that is ranking and bringing the traffic to your competitor’s website.

Once you complete your homework, then get any keyword suggestion tool. Then type the input, click on the Go button to get the list of low competition keywords. Now, you need to analyze those keywords and shortlist the one that matches your need.

What is Problem-Solution Keyword?

It is a keyword that is related to the problem that the users face. To make a profit with SEO, such a keyword is not relevant because the user needs the solution. It is not sure whether the user will buy any product or service. The chances for the purchase of the product that may fix the issue are quite less. Because most of the users, either visit the nearby repairing shop or to the retailer to get a new one.

Understand how to make a profit with SEO in few Points

Now, you are familiar with the keywords, their use, and their application in SEO. It’s time to know how to make a profit with SEO. Well, the process is very simple and for your convenience, the same is expressed in few points.

Search for low competition keyword

First, you need a low competition keyword, for that you can use Google auto-suggest or Keyword Everywhere. Google auto-suggest fetches the queries that the users are looking for. This will help you to know what the user exactly needs.

Local Competition keywords using Google auto-suggest gives ample data.

local competition keywords

However, Keyword Everywhere will give you the statistics of the keyword such as Volume, CPC, and Competition. These data are very important as they tell you about the traffic and the competition. If they are low, then you can go with that keyword.

Know the use of Keyword Everywhere:

If you are using the Keyword Everywhere, then you need to focus on the answer portion. If the rate of authority sites offering the answer is high, that means the competition is high. However, if such a rate is low, means you got a forum section where users are answering. Then such a focussed keyword is your low-competition keyword.

Target the Product or Services:

Now, look out for the product or service that you want to promote. Make sure to analyze the market carefully. It is just like a share market and you need to know which product will come in demand. Hence, target that product or service. In short, you need to do deep research to get a better output.

Recommend the users about the product or services:

Next, recommend the users about that product via an article. You can insert the link of that parent company offering the product. One or two links on the article are sufficient to get the result

Allow Google to Index your website:

Access Google Search Console and request Google to index your page. Through this, you can even reach the top position of SERP via low competition keywords.

Final Result:

If the product recommended by you got the sale, then you will get the commission from the company. Might be the amount will not be too big, but good enough for such small work. The amount range may be in the range of $10-$30/ month.

Well, this method is a hit and trial method where you need to deeply analyze the product that may bloom on the market. Moreover, you will have to give special attention to the low-competition keyword. If everything goes fine, then you can make profit with SEO.

An efficient way to make Google Index your Page?
In the above process, you have to request Google to index the page so that your website reaches the audiences. If you are new to SEO, then you must know the process to index the page.

Step 1: Open your browser and visit the official website of Google Search Console.

Step 2: If you have signed in to your Google account, then you will be directed to the Google Search Console page. However, if not done, then sign in with your Google account.

Step 3: At the left panel, you will get the URL Inspection icon, click on it. Then paste the desired URL that you want Google to index.

Step 4: After completing the above task, click on the Request Indexing button located beneath the Search Console bar.


This was all about how to make a profit with SEO. If you are good with SEO, then try one time and see the result. However, if you are a beginner, then also you can take a chance as there is no harm. All you need to analyze with the keyword and product.