As you know Moz SEO Certification Course and Bright Local are important to adopt for uplifting your events & local area business presence.

Moz offers certification courses to learn about Search Engine Optimization and SEO marketing strategy. It is important to educate yourself about marketing strategy in this digitalized world to build up an excellent business plan.

Semrush or Hubspot doesn’t offer these kinds of Certification course like Moz is offering to their members.

What are Moz and the Idea Behind its Creation?

Moz is the SEO community that helps to build the marketing strategy and focuses more on running the different SEO campaigns. Creation of MOZ was in the year 2004 for running the SEO service campaign.

Establishment of Moz is nothing but the intent to help small and big businesses to integrate SEO into their digital marketing campaigns.

Moz Certification Course Offers to Learn a Smart Marketing Strategy

In 2016, New Moz SEO Essentials Certification or Moz Academy was launched with the new module of SEO lessons. The course material helps people to learn step-by-step website optimization techniques in a wonderful environment. Moz puts a tremendous amount of effort to organize the SEO certification program that fulfill the requirement of its beginners to expert clients.

Moz SEO Marketing Tool Statistics 2020

  • It is a free Domain Analysis tool with more than 40 Trillion indexed links.
  • More than 740 Million keywords are existing inside the database.
  • To date, Moz claims to discover 8 Trillion plus pages.
  • According to Moz analysis, more than 50% of the business owners are planning to invest in a new strategy in 2021.
  • Moz free and paid tools are one of the most trusted applications to check websites DA, PR, and more at a place.
  • Moz tools have a collection of features that help individuals or SEO agencies to rank sites in the local state or global market.

What Do The Moz Courses Include?

Most of the MOZ courses will cover all the necessary topics that you should know and match with your requirement. Along with the courses, Paid Moz Certification Service program is there for you.

Most of the MOZ courses will cover all the necessary topics to match your requirement
Moz courses will start right from basic learning. As the days progress, it will cover the rest of the topics in the targeted hours. In the end, you will have to brush up on a guide to SEO, FAQ, terms of use, citation, issue, usability, and more.

Engagement metrics, choice of words, article or post writing guidance are available there in the form of blog and video training and tutorials. It will help you in taking care of your blog or site and achieve the milestone faster like a professional.

Take Moz Academy Courses For Free

It doesn’t matter whether you are running a small business or big. You no need to worry about the feedback, traffic and generating overall revenue in a short time. Moz Academy is offering a free certification course for all users with multiple resources. Either YOU can request to enrol for the SEO certification course or can ask your employee if they are interested. To join that Moz Academy SEO certification program, you o need to pay any cost.

It will cover all the topics right from the introduction & fundamentals. Such as local SEO fundamentals, competitor analysis, market motive, client onboarding, backlink audit & removal, data-free downloads, comment handling, question-answering, and more.

You no need to worry about the feedback, traffic in a short time.

There are a few more topics like technical SEO site audit, Snippet creation, the fundamentals of SEO client processing. You will learn the value of SEO client pitch which is important for passing the exam.

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Different Products of Moz:

There are two types of products that Moz offers to grow your business and earn more money through SEO campaigns. Moz Certification Service will uplift your SEO knowledge level and chances of achieving your goal become high.

  1. Pro Moz

    Moz Pro is a complete SEO package tool to manage your SEO performance at a place. Using a Moz Pro will help you to understand your visitors or audience along with GA Code tracking.

The tool will work as your partner to check the insight, functionality and identify your visitors landed on your site. To see the MOZ domain authority score, you can use its extension or DA checker tool as a domain authority checker.

You can track your performance and revise your SEO strategy to achieve the goal of bringing your website pages to SERP. You can optimize your Facebook posts, social media stuff, or other pieces of stuff to bring on the user’s screen.

  1. Moz Local

    Business owners in the UK, USA, India or other countries, use business or personal information including text messages, email address for GMB listing. In the list, most of the owners having multi-location businesses and are providing local or home services to their customers or clients.

For crawling and indexing their Google My Business Pages, they optimize it by adding their store details with unique phone number or NAP. They update the timelines with some whiteboard Friday offers, discount rate or news.

Likewise, Moz local is the second software that focuses more on promoting local businesses from the root using Moz Pro home techniques. You need to first verify your business either with Fakebook or with Google from your IP address.

You can provide PIN number, event posts, street, graph and other address sources for your customer. Such information will optimize your business pages in a short time on the local or state level.

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List Of Tools Available With Moz SEO Certification Course

  1. Keyword Research

    Keywords are the essential and basic research parts of the SEO as it drives the audience or traffic to visit your site. It is the step-by-step process for shortlisting the short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords. You can create a list of most relevant and trending keywords through Keyword Explorer given inside Moz APIs.

Visitors look for on a particular query on Bing or google SERPs using Google Chrome or another browser. So, the Moz Keyword Explorer tool will instruct you to select the right keywords.

While shortlisting the targeted keywords, post or search queries, make sure to do proper research. See today’s or recent trends but don’t opt the duplicate keywords. You can remove the irrelevant search queries from your list using sort by feature in excel file or worksheet.

  1. Reporting on SEO

    Whether you are a Digital Marketing Agency or you are working to support a small company, agreement & reporting is essential. It is important to create a proper report for different projects to expand digital marketing initiatives.

Reporting dashboard under Moz academy or Moz SEO Essentials Certification will help you to edit framework in a default format. You will learn to check the Keyword ranking status, user time spend, Traffic from star rating sites and more.

There isn’t any limit to pull out the data to fit into the report format. You can take the reference through useful Moz tutorial. You can improvise the reporting format using some menu, box, section, category, head, date, bold lines, spot, star, and more.

Not only LinkedIn but Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other services are there. On top of SEO, Social media integration is important from the marketing point of view.

  1. Building Essential Links

    Link building is another topic that is essential for you to learn and understand about the URL submission services. Links are important which helps in ranking the site through white hat SEO techniques.

You will learn to follow insight and tips to create an effective link. Building SEO backlinks is a process that requires more skills than a tool. And Moz will help you to understand it for making your site popular on Bing, Google or alternative search engines.

Inside link building guide, you will learn the use of tools to shortlist high authority sites for creating backlinks. A few examples are Whitespark, foursquare, Google Business Listings (GMB) verified by postcard, feeds creation and directory submission. Others are multi-language translation, credit from guest posting, sitemap creation and robots file creation.

  1. Concept of Fundamental SEO

    Start with the fundamental, as it is the key to share your site URLs to other places. It’s important to make your base strong and one who focuses on making a strong base wins the long race.

In fundamental, you will learn about placing and targeting the right keywords. You will learn to monitor the performance and keep an eye on analytics data along with the tracking code integration.

  1. Optimization of the Page

    You can be a winner by optimizing the page attributes for the targeted strategic keywords based on history or popularity. This topic illustrates an overview of the attributes and their importance. It will help you to understand the site crawl and different page optimization tools.

Use of SEO Certification Courses:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of building quality and increasing the quantity of traffic on a particular website from a search engine. You can do it by yourself or by hiring any staff member or a Search Engine Optimisation Agency instead of getting paid traffic.

You can improve the SEO ranking by optimizing the text or content on the targeted website to maximize the conversion rate and lead generation. It is a long time process but in the end, it is worth giving your effort to optimize On-Page.

There is also a SEMrush SEO certification course in which SEO SEMrush fundamentals is the basic topic to start with.

Mentioning specific meta-titles and meta-descriptions to the website is important. It helps to maintain the changing algorithm for relevant searches and refining of the results of the Search Engine (SERP).

This educational platform provides the New Moz SEO Essentials Certification to the agencies and individual. Like other courses, you cannot win this certificate after completing the assessment but at the end of the specific course.

Separate SEO training teams are there who provides Moz blueprint training or SEO training course.

You can do different courses on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) like Beginners SEO, Advanced SEO. Also, somebody can opt for Inbound-Outbound Marketing, Keyword Research, and Competitive Analysis.

There is no harm in learning multiple things but keep in mind that the certification fee varies per course learning and certification.

How to get Moz SEO Certification?

There are many SEO Certification programs and you can choose your best course according to your learning ability. After the successful choice of the SEO course, you need to look for the best institution that provides better education on courses.

It doesn’t matter at all whether you are doing the courses online or offline. The main fact is the taking of proper knowledge about SEO Certification.

How long does it take to get SEO Certification?

The time duration to achieve the SEO Certification depends on various factors. If you are a beginner, it won’t take long and, type of institution also affect how soon you’re going to see the certificate.

The institutions take the exam to qualify for the certification test. The SEO training team are there to help, guide and make you understand all the topics.

Generally, it takes 2-3 months to learn SEO and get the SEO fundamental or professional certificate. It is neither a long process nor a short term course.

Other SEO Certification Providers in the Global Market:

  • Google Partner
  • Bright Local
  • Udemy
  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing Course
  • SEMrush Academy
  • ClickMinded SEO Training
  • Advanced Google Analytics
  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing for market beginners.
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimisation Certification training for Advanced SEO

Optimize Your Local or Physical Store with Brightlocal

Bright local is a one-stop solution to do local SEO for your business. It is the way to make marketing simple and you can manage your business through citation builder.

Learn to Optimize Your Local or Physical Store with Brightlocal.
Bright Local has the feature of the screenshot of your citation to verify the accuracy. Managing this software is key and you can do it properly with the help of available technical experts to manage your BroghtLocal profile.

Company is giving a free trial service for 14 days and that’s all without giving any card details.

What all does Bright Local provide?

Currently, the Brightlocal is focusing on 4 main things, which are:

  • Local SEO Tools
  • Citation Builder
  • Reputation Manager
  • Agency Lead Generator

Most global digital marketers trust Brightlocal for optimizing a business or website to bring local traffics. A novice can start creating backlinks on authentic sites with the help of bright local.

Most of the global digital marketers trust the Brightlocal for optimizing a business site.
You are either a freelancer or a Local SEO Expert, you can save your time efforts from putting manual effort in creating backlinks. One of the most popular Local Search Engine Optimization tool, Bright Local, is capable of doing these tasks automatically.


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