Quora is a community, platform or you can even call it a question-and-answer website. On top of that, professionally using this forum, you can Get Free Traffic from Quora without investing a huge budget.

Quora is among the top website across the globe for people. A high-ranked question-and-answer platform where people on Quora look for information.

Tips & Tricks tGet Free Traffic From Quora

It is one of the successful platforms for Quora writers and for running the marketing campaign as well. There are so many top Quora writers and versatile Ad Managers are available on the website.

Why Quora Is So Popular?

Before going inside, let’s dig deeper to understand the Quora topic a little more in brief. Quora is a US-based company In California, United States of America. Initially, in the year 2010, Quora was not available for the use of the public.

It is so authentic and pure that every content and every piece of information on Quora is for the very same user. Users like you, who use this website just like you all the people join such informational platform.

It is the best online platform to enhance your site ranking and generate high traffic from Quora including ecommerce stores.

It is not only for posting questions and answers but you can get the blog post ideas from Quora. You can create your blog and promote your blog on Quora to generate traffic on your blog. The stats say that blogging on Quora is another way to improve your traffic.

Benefits Of Answering On Quora

  • Answering on Quora will provide you with the opportunity to enhance your writing skills and helps to generate quality content.
  • Users on Quora also write answers on it from the marketing point of view for increasing the traffic on the blog or website.
  • Creating a backlink for your content and posting it on Quora by just answering is an added advantage to generate traffic for the sites.
  • Quora is one of the best sources for long-term traffic. This means posting the answers on the Quora website can keep on driving the traffic even 6months after its creation.
  • The forum is free where any Quora user can post questions and answers.
  • It is a knowledge hub and when writing answers on Quora it provides an immense amount of knowledge.
  • Receiving a word of appreciation or getting upvotes and overwhelming comments from other Quora writers feels good.
  • You can satisfy someone through Quora’s answer and take the blessings and appreciation, that’ll help you boost your confidence.
  • Quora partner not only allows you to post the text content but you can also add videos, images, and other backlinks to your post.
  • Quora is best for the blog as well, such as blog content, blog articles. You can use Quora for the blog post, and you can take an idea or promote your blog on Quora.
  • Once you answer on new query, the emails with updates go directly to the inbox of your all followers.

How To Rank Your Answers On Quora?

1. Start with creating an appealing profile

Start with your authentic credentials, don’t be fake or use any silly name, choose your real name. For that, you can follow the policy of real name so that you can use your real name in your profile. Make sure you use your high-quality image as a profile picture because it is important too. It should look nice and professional from every angle.

Complete the process with other information carefully by following every step correctly. Choose the right topic and choose it very carefully because the Quora topic plays a vital role to attract the audience.

Add Quora profile bio which should not be too short and shouldn’t be too long either. A good bio contains a few texts regarding who you are and what your profession is. You can even take an idea from some other profile that has a greater number of followers. A then you can apply those points while writing your bio on Quora.

You can also add your social media URLs such as Facebook URL or Ingram URL. Besides adding social media URLs, you can add your personal and promotional web URL.

2. Search For Topic-Related Questions On Quora

Use the Quora search bar to select the questions having more than 1K followers. It will help you to reach more audience as the follower is itself more than one thousand. It will help you to increase your traffic and overall revenue for your websites.

More followers mean higher chances to get direct traffic to your website. Simply, the more the number of followers more traffic will generate. Try to post a quality answer with no grammar mistakes and high-quality content.

To Get Free Traffic from Quora, right before posting any answer research well about the question. Read the mind of the user what the user is looking for in the answer. If you can impress the user with your best answer, there is a high chance for upvotes.

3. Search For Quora Existing Question Ranking On Google

Look for the Quora existing question which is ranking high on google and make your strategy accordingly. If you find any Quora existing question and its ranking is at the top in google. Consider that question and the topic and read the content. Take an idea about the topic and the quality of the content and implement it on your Quora post.

4. Shortlist Some Popular Questions To Answer

It is the best way to analyze thing that what topic do audience likes and want to read about. Make a list of such answers and questions which has a greater number of followers. You can also use the Quora filters to short the published questions based on time, number of followers, number of existing answers, and more.

5. Create A Standard Answer Format To Stands Out From The Crowd

Try to stay focused on the topic rather than using unnecessary points which doesn’t make any sense. Avoid using useless points, write to the point with an example if possible. You can use multiple styles such as bold, italic, and also use H₁ and H₂ in your content. Adding some graphics in the first section would increase the chance to earn higher CTR.

6. Create Quick To Use Answering Templates Including Heading Tags

Your answer should be in proper format and you should follow all the guidelines of writing. It should look professional, nice, and clean. Avoid grammar mistakes and adding lots of bullet points now and then. There should be a heading, title, subtitle, and everything which makes your answer look unique and simple at the same time.

7. Add Some Images To Support Your Answers

Adding an image is the added advantage in the content that you post on Quora. It can add more value to your answer and you can explain your answer with the reference of the image. Explaining the real-time scenario like adding a screenshot can come in handy too. It will increase the chances that the user follows your steps and follow your way of explaining.

If you are new to Quora, you can use a few free tools to design the required images. It includes Canva, PPT, MS paint, what’s app status color, Facebook post theme, and more. With the touch-up of your creativity, you can easily create some infographics. And as time progresses you will learn everything on Quora and the tools as well.

8. Create The Answer With Deep Research to Publish On Quora

Answering on Quora in more than 300 words would be easier to rank on Google. Neither write too many words nor just finish the answer in one or two sentences. The length of your content should be ideal which looks professional. In such a way, thousands of visitors can read your answers in no time. Before writing an answer make sure you research the topic and then pan how to write and implement accordingly.

9. Add Your Business Page URL Inside The Answer

Adding a business page URL in your answer is a smart move and a good way to generate traffic to your website. But make sure your page URL stays within the topic. You have no right to add your page URL which is about fashion and you have to answer the technical question. Therefore, do not welcome the bad impression to enter. Avoid doing that, every user is smart, and they won’t entertain your content else they will leave your page immediately.

Also, never provide any affiliate links directly in your answer. Instead, you should create a separate landing page and then link that URL while answering on Quora.

You can also use interlinking methods in a few answers despite adding your site’s direct links every time.

10. Use Quora Spaces

Just like other social media platforms, there is the option of creating your page on Quora as well. Like on Instagram or Facebook, they have the feature of creating a business page. Quora is also providing this feature which is not exactly like Facebook but somewhat is similar to use the page for business marketing purposes. In the Quora community, such businesses pages are called Quora Space.

11. Analyse The Result Over Time And Improve Yourself Accordingly

You must keep checking Quora on regular basis. It gives you the idea to understand your audience and your content better. You can see other content that has got more views and more followers than yours to enhance your content. You can get feedback from the number of comments in the comment section and upvotes. Also, you can check the result in Google Analytics, which shows the incoming traffic to your site from Quora. It is better to improve your skills and learn from your mistakes and always look for improvement.

Quick Tips to Get Free Traffic from Quora

1. Add To The List To Answer Later

Start making the list of questions that you want to answer later. Research deeply about the topic once at a time from the Quora feed. Take some time to choose the trending Quora topic and start adding it to the list to answer later. Make sure that you choose the topic of your interest, as it helps you to put less effort into researching.

Try to Answer one by one or maybe one answer a day might work best for you. If you are not busy and have free time then you can post two or maybe more than two answers per day on Quora. It is totally up to you how you manage your time.

2. Don’t Copy And Paste Answers

Remember the golden rule of writing the answer on Quora, never copy-paste the answers from any sites. Your answer has to be unique and stands out in the crowd. It doesn’t make any sense to copy the content from other sites and then simply paste it on Quora. It is pointless and it will not work as well.

In the worst condition, if you answer with copied content on Quora, your account can be suspended. Once your ID gets suspended on Quora, it is near to impossible to recover it.

Create your content, original content, and post on Quora. An easy way might take less effort but never give a fruitful result. Whereas if you put in your effort and work hard. It will pay off sooner or later.

3. Use HREF to Search Quora Traffic

You can use the HREF tool to see the existing traffic on Quora. And then search for the keyword related to your niche(s). As the result, you can shortlist the topic by popularity and then select a few for writing the answer. Most people ignore this trick but you shouldn’t. Because you can get mass traffic to your blog or website after using this trick.

Make sure, you answer only those questions which are popular. Avoid choosing to answer to those question which is less popular. The popularity of the question does matter as it increases the chance for more views.

4. Chose Such Questions Having Lower Answers But Higher Followers

Another way of choosing the question is by selecting the question of which has fewer answers. But make sure the number of followers must be higher. It is difficult to choose a question with fewer answers but higher followers. To handle this situation, you have to keep visiting Quora more frequently.

Spending more time on the web will make you understand the platform more and it is very helpful. Time is key to success, so spend your time to unlock the door to success. Spending time will help you to identify such question which has less answer but higher followers.

5. Answer As Many Questions As You Can

If you have a lot of time then try to make the most of it. Write as many answers as you can by maintaining authentic information. You will get the experience and understand the writing style, format, content, brand awareness, and marketing strategies.

It doesn’t mean you skip your meal and stop going anywhere and keep on writing. It doesn’t mean writing a lot of answers without proper format or quality content. You can’t compromise with the quality of content and topic.

6. Select Related Questions As Well

Don’t stick with just one form of a question, keep looking for other related options as well. If you can write on the vehicle-related topic then you can write about, cars as well as the bike. If you know how to write good content, you can write on any topic. So, don’t shy away from choosing a topic that is not of your interest to but somewhat related to that. And Related Question section on Quora will do your work.

7. Do Not Put Your Web URL In The Initial Stage

If you are a beginner on Quora then hold on! If you and looking to put your web URL then it might be a blunder. Because there are higher chances to mark your profile as spam by the authorized community. So to begin the journey, just keep answering a few questions on a regular basis. Once you get good views or have answered enough questions, you can start adding your blog or website URLs to the content.