Google is named for providing an unmatched customized experience. Unfortunately, the search engine service comes at the cost of your secured as Google tracks your online presence and gathers all the information. Customization can be a cause for concern, especially when you see highly tailor-made campaigns and content targeting you.

The interesting news is the market is stocked with other search engines alternatives. It provides more security in addition to a host of other practical options. We have listed a few of the best alternative search engines here. Let us take a look!

The evolution of search engines is a never-ending process. Over the last two centuries using these best search engines. Some water has passed under the bridge. The search engine landscape has been toiled at different times by large companies that might stay here forever. Disruptive and innovative technology had various plans for these companies, sending them off to the history books.

How do Search Engines work?

Search engines have three main functions:

Rank: Display content that will offer best answer to searcher’s query. It is ranked by most relevant to the least relevant.

Index: Organize and store the content found during the process of crawling

Crawl: Discover the web for content on each URL they search.


A product of Microsoft, Bing is the second most used search engine across the globe. Some users prefer using Bing as they feel that its additional visual options provide a greater experience. Bing gets its search results from Yahoo! The homepage has a vital background that displays stunning pictures of sports, animals, places, people, and much more.

Bing’s video search presents a grid of large thumbnails that allow you to preview the video when you hover over them. Clicking on the videos opens them on a similar page. Like Bing, Google, display ad campaigns and options like spellcheck, translation, sports scores, flight tracking, and sports scores. The search engine has apps for Android and iOS.

Paramount options of Bing Search:

·Switch off the background picture

·RSS feeds for desired search results

·Weather forecast

·Personalized search options

·No king has ruled forever

·But Google still remains a search engine behemoth in 2021, having more than 90 per cent of the world search market share

·Google no doubt, a cut above all the other competitors in the search engine landscape when it comes to user interaction


This is one of the reasons why Google has crowned the title the “most used search engine.” The defining factor for Google’s success is the algorithm that fetches users the most relevant results, and above that, an unmatched personalized user experience. Google also has its demerits. When I think about Google’s pristine days, there was more focus on keeping the users happy. Fast-forward to 2020 and their priorities have changed significantly.

The pure organic search engine results page of Google is a past thing. Google SERP options like Knowledge graph, map pack, and snippets have taken up main positions on the Search engine results. There is no chance for sites to get similar visibility as before. The monetization of visitor details on a massive scale caused a persona shift for Google as an advertising medium. The more customization you want, the more visitor data Google will get from you. So, if you are concerned about security, Google is not the right search engine for you, at least in 2021.

Over the decades, empires have built and fallen. If Google continues to run the game without giving credit to sites and without asking for the user’s consent before sharing their information. Google’s omnipotence as the most used search engine in the world might be short-lived.


It is a famous search engine for those who value their security and privacy. They are put off by the thought of their every doubt being logged and tracked. It has a neat and clean interface with fewer ads and infinite scrolling. So the user experience is streamlined and nice. There is absolutely no user tracking as well as you can even add DuckDuckGo’s extension to your browser to keep your activity secret. The DuckDuckGo search engine has a useful option named bangs. It allows you to search directly within another site from DuckDuckGo by typing a prefix. Like, typing ‘Amazon clothing’ would take you directly to Amazon clothing search results for the query ‘Amazon clothing’


It is older than Google, and a few internet visitors still depend upon it as their main search engine for everyday use. It is the third most extensively used search engine after Bing and Google. Yahoo provides different other options in extra to basic searching.

It serves as a news aggregator, email service, online shopping place, games center, travel directory, and many more. With support from about 38 languages, it is a formidable alternative to Google. It is even the default search engine in Mozilla Firefox. Instead of providing a standalone search engine, it offers a vast range of services right from sports to food among other things.

After occupying Flickr, Yahoo’s search results image improved speedily. There are also sections like Yahoo Answers and Yahoo Finance. It provides a goldmine of details on different topics. Most importantly, Yahoo is prime to Google when it comes to putting security and privacy on the top.

Unique Features of Yahoo! search engine include:

·Link domain- it is an undocumented Yahoo Search operator

·Write emails from the Yahoo! Search box.

·Identify the order of search keywords in queries

·A vast portal of extra services

Bottom line

Everyone knows that Google is the top, reliable and the most preferred search engines. It has ranked a whopping 90 per cent of its market share. Even after getting this credibility, the renowned search engine is lacking behind in terms of information privacy and security of users.

These search engines might not provide the highly customized experience that many Google visitors have become used to. They make up for it with better privacy than Google. If you are like most unperturbed visitors, you may wish to escape the Google ‘filter bubble’. The engine alternatives discussed above provide a refreshing experience.