We are proud to announce that Oxygen will be offering you the chance to build your own Virtual Private Server. Imagine being able to create your own hosting environment and ensuring that your website is running smoothly, securely, while reducing costs.

Our VPS services offer you unmatched benefits. You can now enjoy total control and freedom. Your website will perform better, which is ideal for startups, businesses and techies. Oxygen’s VPS is the perfect way to start your digital journey.

What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

Let’s quickly touch on the what before we get into the why. Virtual Private Servers, or VPS as they are often called, combine the benefits of shared hosting with dedicated servers. It’s essentially like owning your very own slice of internet. You should seriously consider this:

Enhance Security

Security is paramount in the digital world. Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated. Protecting your data and website is a must. VPS hosting offers a strong security framework that reduces the risks of data breaches. You virtual private server will be isolated, which makes it more resistant to attack.

Complete Control and Customization

Want full control of your server’s environment? You can have full control over your server environment with a Virtual Private Server. With a VPS, you can customise the settings of the server to suit your needs. You can install customised software and configure it according to your preference. You can optimise the performance of your website with this level of customisation.

You can now scale your business with the touch of a finger

As your online presence grows, so do your hosting requirements. VPS hosting is scalable. Upgrade your resources whenever you need to, and your site will be able to handle increasing traffic without any problems.

Benefits of make your own vps

Customised Configurations

Tired of the same old solutions that fit everyone? You can customise your VPS to meet your specific needs. Enjoy improved performance and website loading times, as well as seamless compatibility.


Precision Control: Customise your VPS to match your unique requirements.

Faster website load times will enhance the user’s experience.

Project Compatibility – Ensure that your VPS is perfectly aligned with the demands of your project.

Security measures that are robust

On-line threats change every day. Using our VPS, you can be assured of the highest level of security for your data. You can rest assured that your website is protected against online threats.


Protect your data with advanced security protocols.

Rest assured that your assets online are protected.

Secure online environments can help you gain trust from customers.

Insights into Why You Need to Set Up Your Virtual Private Server

You can now scale your business with the touch of a finger

As your online presence grows, so do your hosting requirements. VPS hosting is scalable. Upgrade your resources whenever you need to, and your site will be able to handle any traffic increase.

Reliability & Uptime Assurance

Any online business that experiences downtime is doomed to failure. You can say goodbye to downtime with VPS hosting. This robust infrastructure guarantees high availability, allowing your visitors to access your site around-the-clock. The reliability of your website builds trust amongst both search engines and users.

Search Engine Dominance

Let’s now address the elephant that is in the room. SEO dominance. VPS hosting is crucial to achieving your goal of outranking a specific article in Google. Here’s how:

The Speed of Life

Google and your users both love speed. Search engines love a website that loads quickly. It not only improves user experience, but it also gets brownie points. A VPS allows you to optimise the speed of your website, which plays a key role in Google’s algorithm.

Trust and enhanced security go hand in hand

Search engines prioritise secure websites. Hosting your website on a VPS that has robust security features signals to Google your website is trustworthy. The trustworthiness of your website can have a positive impact on its search engine ranking.

Search Engine Friendly Customization

You can implement customised SEO strategies with a virtual private server. A VPS gives you the freedom to implement SEO strategies tailored to your specific needs, whether it is optimising the server for mobile compatibility or tuning the performance of your website.

How to Set Up a VPS

With our VPS, you’ll get lightning-fast performance, and you won’t have to worry about reliability. Imagine being able to customise your server to meet your exact needs without having to rely on shared hosting. Our VPS services are designed for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and development teams.

The days of shared servers and limited resources are over. You can have complete control of your virtual server by choosing our VPS. This will ensure that your application or website runs smoothly and efficiently. Our cost-effective hosting solutions allow you to scale your resources easily.

Switch to VPS Hosting today and see the difference. Now is the time to take your hosting up a notch and elevate your web presence.


Our high-performance virtual private server will unleash the potential of any website or application. Goodbye to long loading times, and welcome to happy visitors. Enjoy dedicated resources, SSD storage and a seamless online experience.


Our VPS hosting service is unmatched in its scalability. It allows your website to grow along with you. You don’t have to worry about resource limitations. Your server can be upgraded or downgraded as you need it.

Total control

With our Virtual Private Server, you can take full control over your server. You can customise server settings and security to suit your needs. It’s all your server and your rules.

Support 24/7

Our expert team of support staff is on hand to help you at any time. We’re always here for you, whether you need help, have questions or are experiencing problems.


How do I set up my DIY VPS server?

We provide step-by-step guides for easy setup.

Can I upgrade my server’s resources later?

Yes, our service allows easy scalability.

Is 24/7 technical support included?

Absolutely, we offer round-the-clock assistance.

What makes VPS hosting better than shared hosting?

VPS offers greater control, performance, and security.

Do I need technical expertise to use this service?

No, our service is designed for both beginners and experts.

How often are backups performed?

We perform daily automated backups for your peace of mind.

Can I migrate my existing website to your VPS?

Yes, we offer a seamless migration process.

Is my data secure on your servers?

We prioritise security with robust measures in place.