[Creative]Best Instagram Bio for Students and School Boy To Gain Followers.

[Creative]Best Instagram Bio for Students and School Boy To Gain Followers.

Instagram Bio for Students: Instagram is a great social media platform for sharing your life. What is the most important thing about your profile? Your bio should be interesting and perfect!

Young people are increasingly using social media. They can interact with others and keep up to date on the latest trends. They write amazing Instagram bios for students to create compelling profiles.

Beautiful Instagram bio for students and school boy
Instagram bio for students and schoolboy

What is an Instagram bio?

Your Instagram bio is the area on your profile page that describes you. It can describe the business, brand, or purpose of your account.

Instagram’s users typically write a brief description, contact information and hashtags. It’s possible to be creative and show other people what you have on your feed. Describe who you are and the reasons why you should be followed.

Introducing yourself in your Instagram bio

It’s great for people to notice you in your Instagram bio. This is a great way to show others who you are.

Is it possible to follow me? What is my purpose? These are the questions that you should answer in your profile. This will make it easier for interested people to find and follow you on Instagram.

Create the perfect Instagram bio to represent your brand.

Your Instagram bio is the first impression you make on the platform. This is where you introduce yourself and give potential followers a glimpse of your personality.

Many people begin with a short introduction, then list their interests. There are many options for what you could include in your bio.

How to make your Instagram bio stand out

Your Instagram bio is what people see first when they visit your profile. It’s therefore important to make a great impression. Your bio is your introduction to the outside world. Make sure it’s great! When creating your bio, there are some key points to remember. Keep it brief and to the point. Make sure your message is relevant to your audience. Third, add personality and style to your content using hashtags and Emojis.

A bio can be funny or creative. You can change your name to be more memorable.

You should use Instagram as a tool to promote yourself as a student.

The benefits of having an Instagram Bio for Students

Your Instagram bio as a student can help you show off your accomplishments, connect with like-minded individuals, and build your brand.

You might not believe that your Instagram bio is important as a student. A well-written, informative bio can prove to be very beneficial. This can help you connect with professors and classmates, identify potential internship and job opportunities, and other benefits.

Your Instagram bio is an important part of your profile. It is the first thing people will see about you and can determine whether or not your chances of being noticed. A bio on Instagram is a must for students.

An Instagram bio that is well-written, concise, and engaging should be easy to read. It should be relevant to your account and reflect your style.

For a successful Instagram account, a good bio is crucial. It should be easy to read and concise, with a relevant title for your profile content. You should personalize it to reflect your style and offer something unique from the other bios on this platform.

Do you have to list your tutors in your Instagram bio

Creating a professional and realistic Instagram bio

Students must be careful with the content they post to their Instagram accounts. Students should have a professional and authentic Instagram bio.

Instagram Bio for Students is one of the most important parts of their account. It grabs viewers’ attention and makes them want to know more about you. It is important to have all the information on your profile, including your major and school.

You can create a great profile by using social media tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer to schedule posts ahead of time. This allows you to save time and focus on other tasks.

Using hashtags in somewhat Makes a Good Instagram Bio for Students?

Instagram has seen a lot of popularity with hashtags. Students can make great Instagram bios with hashtags.

You can search for content related to your interests with hashtags and follow other people who share your interests. You can also track hashtag usage through your profile’s hashtag page.

10 Tips For Building Your Great Instagram Profile

It is a good idea to have a detailed and interesting bio. Your bio should not exceed 160 characters. It should include your name and whereabouts. Your profile picture must represent who you are. This will be the first thing people see when visiting your profile. You can choose a photo of your friends or classmates or a selfie.

Also, remember that Instagram is all images. Make sure to upload high-quality photos to your Instagram feed.

How to Make Your Instagram Bio Stand Out

Students should create an Instagram bio that includes their goals, interests, and descriptions.

A great bio is essential if you want your Instagram account to stand out. There are many ways to improve your Instagram bio.

  • Share your goals and interests.
  • Tell us about yourself.
  • Add a link to your site or social media accounts.
  • Use hashtags that relate to the student’s interests and hobbies


This article will conclude with a list of top Instagram bios that students can use.

These are some tips for students to create an engaging Instagram bio.


1. What should my Instagram bio look like?

Your Instagram bio is a great way to share information about yourself and your account.

Your bio should not be too long or too brief. It should also relate to your Instagram content.

You can use hashtags or links in your bio to make it more interactive.

2. Are my grades included if I do not want to?

This question does not have a simple answer. It is up to you to decide whether or not you include your grades. This will depend on your company, your GPA and your career goals.

You can show your academic accomplishments through internships and volunteer work, even if you don’t want to include them on your resume.

3. Do I need to use only one line for my bio text?

You should not use only one line in your bio.

A bio is a short description of yourself and your work.

You must provide enough information to allow the reader to learn about you, your skill set, and your career goals.

4. How do I change my Instagram bio?

Many Instagram users have asked this question at one time or another.

We will show you how to modify your Instagram bio in just a few easy steps.

1: Navigate to your profile page and click the “Edit Profile” button.

2: Click on the “Bio” tab to enter your bio text.

3: After editing your Instagram bio, tap on “Done Editing”, then click on “Update Profile.”

5. How can I make my Instagram bio stand out?

What should your bio look like on Instagram?

You should include your username, a sentence or two about you, and a link in your bio. Your username should be written in all capital letters without spaces. It should also be identical to your social media profiles.

6. What should I put in my Instagram bio?

Your bio is what people see first. It should be memorable and reflect your personality. The bio should be concise and direct, just like your Instagram profile.

Your bio should include key details, such as your hometown, work experience, and favourite things.

How to Use Reddit to Increase Traffic For Business?

How to Use Reddit to Increase Traffic For Business?

This article will show you how to use Reddit for more traffic and build your brand with that free traffic on Reddit.

What is Reddit?

I guess you know that Reddit is a Social Media Platform that is well moderate compare to Facebook, Twitter, or Any Social Media Website.

I have been using Reddit for over 12 years now, and I struggle to maintain my account additional push Backlink from Reddit to website.

Since, It is one of the best moderate platforms.

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The trick to getting Traffic from Reddit for Free:

  1. Ask a question on Reddit relating to any topic that your website sells. Tell if anyone has used this service from[website or Company]. I prefer you avoid placing a backlink in your post.
  2. Make sure your website in the Top 3 Searches on Google for Longtail keywords relating to the product or service that you mentioned in the post on Reddit.
  3. People will search about your website on the Internet come back to reply to you for improving their Karma on Reddit.
  4. This Method is a Gold Mine for the People who are Brands on the Internet.
  5. Alternatively, You can come with other options like stating, “I have read about this service or product on “Medium.com”, and they are referring to this[website or Company]. Can you let me know your opinion about this product or service?”.

Please let me know if you have any doubts regarding this method. I will keep adding more Reddit methods that are impressive and easy to do for you to generate more Reddit Traffic for your Website.

Learn how to use the “I’m Feeling Curious” feature on the Google iOS app. Enjoy a daily dose of interesting trivia and knowledge.

How to Use Google Docs with Google Operators

Type this google operators in your google search to get most of these hacks. 

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/ intitle: seo marketing

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You will get amazing results that you haven’t seen before. 

We have been using these operators for ages and finding exciting results that helpings to understand how people are planning their business for tomorrow.

An Ultimate Guide For SEO For Small Business

SEO or search engine optimization is the science and art of optimizing your website. This helps in increasing the traffic to your website and hence boosting visibility. The main agenda of having a website is to improve your business. SEO helps in making sure that your website garners the quality and quantity of traffic.SEO is extremely important for your business especially if you have a small business. Hence, you must consider SEO for small businesses.

SEO for small businesses: The main SEO areas that you should focus on?

SEO is a part of an extensive field i.e. Digital Marketing. When it comes to your small business, these are the specific sectors that you should focus on:

  1. Website: A mobile-friendly and well-structured website for an amazing user experience
  2. Content: your content should be simple and expressive. Your customers should be able to connect with your content. The content should be extremely relevant and unique.
  3. Content Marketing: An informative content aids get you in touch with a wider audience.
  4. On-page optimization: Basic optimization is extremely beneficial. Hence think about your keywords and optimize your content, meta title, meta description, and blog title.
  5. Local SEO: Local businesses must consider Local SEO for better visibility around the vicinity and more boosted conversions
  6. Authority building: Link building helps in building more authority on your website. Consider linking more website links from credible and more authoritative websites.

Discover how to profit with SEO strategies. Learn techniques to boost your website’s visibility and drive organic traffic.

SEO for small business: Is SEO right for our small business

The primary way how people or your potential customers find about your products is through search engines. Search engines crawl through the web whenever there is a relevant query made and find the best results based on the key phrases or the words used by your customers. SEO is always the right marketing approach as it helps your business to get in front of your potential customers. Organic search visibility is the best but you can not completely depend on that. You can also look for other SEO methods such as PPC advertising and other paid methods. These methods are extremely effective for getting fast results. In many cases, a combination of organic visibility methods clubbed with PPC gives you the best results. You can consider the following factors to determine whether you require SEO for small business.

  • Budget: you have to check your budget and determine if you have the budget that’s enough to compete with your established competitors
  • Speed: Determine how fast you need your results. If you want to see a fast result, you might consider a paid SEO
  • Competition: Some search terms and phrases are already used by established brands in your niche. These are the terms or phrases that are very difficult to compete with. Hence it is important to run significant research and choose the words and phrases that you want to optimize your content for.

Key Components of SEO for small business

ou have to master the following key components for running a successful campaign of SEO for small business. See a steady upward ascent of your traffic with these fundamentals:

Keyword research:

These are the specific words or phrases that your customers type while searching for you or any business in your niche. These keywords are important for figuring out the kind of content that will be relevant and hence useful for your readers or users. A good keyword strategy complemented with constant monitoring of the metrics and regular updates as per the trends is beneficial for ranking higher for the relevant searches.


You have to write content that is relevant and informative to your readers. If your content is not relevant, people might bounce from your website fast. Hence a good content keeps your readers on your page for a longer time and decreases the bounce rate. This improves the rank of your website. The average time that a person spends on the first page of google search results is around 3 minutes and 10 seconds. Therefore crafting a good copy is always a bonus.

Content Marketing:

A good content marketing strategy comprises crafting blogs or articles that include specific keywords that focus on informing and engaging your audience. This can be a big part of your online strategy depending on the kind of business that you run. It is recommended to create a landing page that comprises all the important competitive keywords with a decent search volume. Make other informative content and link them back to your landing page via related long-tail keyword phrases. This makes your site easier to be crawled by search engines as well as readers.

Link Building:

The quality of your website is determined by the number of internal links and external links. The quality of our backlink portfolio boosts your rank in SERPs. It is recommended to use links from highly authoritative sites to link to your content. These highly authoritative sites are strong indicators of the quality of your site.

Usability and UX:

Optimize your website pages and make them simple and easy to load. A well-designed page that is easy to navigate keeps visitors on your page for a longer time and hence decreases the bounce rate.

Local SEO:

Local SEO is a unique and marvelous strategy to increase the visibility of your website in the nearest vicinity where your business is located. You can craft blog posts that are locally relevant and use keywords that are used commonly by local users for finding your business.

Enhance your SEM campaigns with expert ad copy tips. Improve your click-through rates and achieve better results.

6 Tips for SEO for Small Business:

Focus on technical SEO:

Technical SEO is the aspect of SEO that is not as much under your control as on-page SEO. Technical SEO helps in optimizing your website that it becomes easily crawlable by search engines so that it is easily visible to your audience. You can have amazing content on your website but if your website takes a long time to load due to technical SEO issues, your readers might bounce faster. A lesser bounce rate is an extremely important factor for boosting the rank of your website in SERPs.

Create a sitemap and submit it to Google:

There are various tools and plugins that you can use for creating sitemaps. One of the most popular plugins of WordPress for creating a sitemap is Yoast SEO. This plugin helps WordPress users generate a sitemap automatically and keep it up-to-date whenever you publish new content. You should submit your sitemap to Google via Google Search Console. It is a free service by Google that helps you manage the online presence of your business.

Old pages that do not perform:

Keep track of the pages that are not getting traffic. You should analyze your pages and take down the pages that are not performing well as these pages affect the ranking of your website negatively.

Fix broken and old links:

Links from credible and authoritative sources are a big factor for ranking your website in SERPs. Hence you should fix all the broken links or old links.

Optimize your image:

It is recommended that you should use relevant images. After you add images, you should consider writing optimized captions and also never forget to add alt text as your alt text tells search engines what your image is all about.

Local SEO:

One-third of all the mobile searches conducted by people are location-based. More specifically “near me” searches have increased effectively. It is paramount to capitalize on the opportunity of local SEO for small businesses as Google’s algorithm automatically prioritizes the options that are available nearby. The most essential part of Local SEO is setting up GMB(Google My Business) account. Claim your GMB listing and fill out all the necessary details i.e. name, address, and contact number. These pieces of information will flash up on the screen when someone searches for your business. The most unique feature of GMB is the questionnaire. You should consider answering as many questions as you want to as it makes the experience of your users easy.

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Research keywords:

Before crafting your content, you should consider research how people are searching for your business. Multiple online tools are available for conducting your keyword research faster and easier. You should search for the relevant keywords that have more search volume and lesser search difficulty. Optimize your content with these keywords as it increases the visibility of your website.

Optimize on-site SEO:

On-site SEO is all about whatever is written on the page. The main goal is to create and maintain the interest of your customers on your website. You have to incorporate all the relevant keywords strategically and naturally within your content. Craft the content in a way that makes your website easily visible on the relevant searches.

  1. Optimize page titles and headlines: Your headline is a very important factor for boosting your CTR(Click Through Rate). CTR is the ratio of the number of people that click on your content to the number of people that visit your website. Optimize your title as well as headlines with your primary keyword to get easily searchable.
  2. Use proper header tags: You should use optimized header tags. It is recommended to divide your content into smaller sections with a header optimized with your keyword
  3. Optimize your meta-tags: Every Content Management System allows you to enter your meta-tags. This is a brief description of your blog. This helps search engines crawl and understand if your blog is relevant to your meta description.

Streamline Content Marketing:

Content marketing is time taking. It takes a lot of effort. You should have a specific template and use more visual representations. It is recommended to add more videos to your website as it helps search engines to crawl and find you easily. You can consider sharing your posts and content on social media. Do not completely depend on organic visibility methods, you can also use a combination of paid marketing as well.

Build authority with links:

Linking your content to credible and authoritative websites gives more leverage to the rank of your website. Google understands the quality as well as the quantity of your backlink profile. Hence it is an indicator of whether your website is worth reading or not. According to research, the number of links attached to your website is directly proportional to the rank of your website. Research for the best links in your niche and do not forget to research the links that your competitors are using for ranking higher in SERPs for relevant searches.


It might feel like a lot to do when it comes to SEO for small businesses. But the more you delay, the further you will be from being easily visible. You can use all of the formerly mentioned tips for conducting SEO for your small business for boosting your revenue as well as traffic.

Top 10 WordPress Theme Loads Fast 2024

The best WordPress themes help to load fast and quick as you grow your site with time. Plus, you gain access to a fast WordPress theme 2021. It does not mean that you have to pay for an expensive theme. There are several options available for all your needs and budget. The article will aid you to select the quick and fast WordPress theme to introduce a fast-loading. Also, Highly customizable and SEO-optimized WordPress website for you. The right WordPress theme for 2021 will make sure that you sit is secure, fast and reliable at all times. It also offers an optimal experience for user. It turns to help you to get more- organic traffic.

What to Search for in the WordPress Theme That Loads Fast For 2021


Let us accept it, nobody wants a slow-loading site. It increases bounce rates, affects our user experience, and reduces sales and conversions. Both Google and Facebook recommend that the importance of fast-loading web pages and now stories (web pages) and favor websites that loads quickly.

Research suggests that the bounce rate increases by more than 50% for each additional page speed increase for 1- second. Also, visitors visit more than 6 pages when page load time is 2 seconds as compared to 8 seconds.

Google says, Pagespeed is something that is the most crucial for search engine ranking for SEO

You see there are different factors to make sure that your site loads fast. Any WordPress theme that you select to install on your site must ensure that it needs less resources and loads quick.

Flexible Features Of Customization:

When you build your site and add more functions, your theme must give you the option to personalize. And customize depending on your requirements or your visitors’ needs.

Your needs will change with time as you scale your business. It is necessary to make sure that the WordPress theme is a rich-feature. And you should add more updates and content to your website with time.

Most of the WordPress themes for 2021 include to create a child theme or download it. The advantage of installing and using a child theme is that it aids your speed up and efforts of development. It also helps if you add new features and update your website regularly.

Page Builder Compatibility
Not so long site-building was expensive, laborious and time-taking task that needs tons of coding. You had to be proficient in CSS, PHP and HTML to build an operating website. It needed the help of highly experienced and professional developer.

But, all thanks to the rise of WordPress Page Builders!

Designers and Web Developers can now launch and create sites incredibly fast. As a result of this now creating more customers and generating more income is easy.

There are different Page Builders in the market. You have to make sure that any WordPress theme is compatible with the page builders you select to use on your site.

Plugin Compatibility
Plus to the theme, your WordPress site needs a slew of Plugins of WordPress. It includes WP Rocket for caching, Yoast SEO for SEO and Learn Dash for creation of course.

Any WordPress them you select should be compatible with the most recognized WordPress plugin you might use.

Any theme for WordPress you install must have all the important details to aid you use. And install that software- install guides, support forums, FAQs, adequate documentation and tutorials.

How You Should Test For The WordPress Themes That Loads Fast

To search the WordPress themes that loads fast, you have to set up a test site on a droplet using PHP 7.4

The test website has no plugin installed or optimization performance. It only has the default post of Hello World.

To test each theme, you have to install the theme and test the homepage default. It is the blog archive page that lists the Hello World Post.

If a theme suggests additional plugins, you need not install those plugins.

This is the fairest method to do things as it puts each theme on equal footing. Of course, if you import demo theme content, your website will get more weightage so the method is not at all perfect. But, it offers the out-of-the-box performance to each theme.

In scenario, where a theme provides both a paid and free version, you can use the free version. To test each them, you must run through.

·GTmetrix that offers Yslow scores and PageSpeed Insights and information on file size and HTTP requests

·Google web development technique that uses lighthouse and offers a score between 0-100 in four separate categories: Best Practices, Performance, SEO and Accessibility

Remember that the screenshot for each theme is not representative of the actual page that you will test. Note that testing the default theme, it is not a vital demo website.

Statistics and Facts about WordPress

·Over 60 million individuals choose WordPress to power their blog or Website

·Similarly, WordPress powers over 75 million websites on the web (WordCamp)

·Search Engine Journal study demonstrate that the WordPress share of the global content market management is 60.2 per cent

·W3Tech says that WordPress powers 37.8% of the internet

·Google trends suggests that in December 2018, there were 30 million Google searches for WordPress.

·Google says that a Google search of WordPress offers you about 2,060,000,000

·WP Begineer research show that 14.7% of top 100 sites are powered by WordPress

·WordPress data says that over 409 million individual view more than 20.7 million pages of blog on WordPress.com each

·Websitebuilder study recommends that WordPress is 10x more renowned than Joomla. Also, 8.9 times more well-recognised than Drupal.

·Tens of thousands of new WordPress.com websites are created every day as of 2020

·WordPress says that WordPress.com visitors produce about more than 136.2 million new blog posts

·There are 77.7 million new comments every month as WordPress data showcase

·More than 1014 WordPress websites and 496 Woocommerce stores join every day and almost 10 million sites tracked by W3Techs

·WordPress has more monthly user visitors than Facebook and the same as Amazon less than 25x individuals on staff.

Glimpse of WordPress Theme

·WordPress has a 60.8% share in the CMS market

·WooCommerce holds 22% of the top 1 million e-commerce websites in the world

·There are more than 55,000 plugins features for the WordPress Plugin Directory

·WordPress holds 14.7 per cent of the top websites of the world

·More than 500 websites are built every day by using WordPress. While only 60-80 every day are built on channels such as Squarespace as well as Shopify.

·The most renowned and widely used content system management in the world now powers 40 per cent of all sites on the internet. But there are a few outside the community of the most trustworthy WordPress visitors understand the story of how it started.

Let us discuss the top 10 WordPress Themes That Loads Fast For 2021 that includes:

  1. GeneratePress

GeneratePress is maintained and created by the talented team at Tom Usborne GeneratePress is used now on over more than 200,000 sites

Key Features:
·Plugin Compatibility-It is built by using the WordPress standards of coding and will start work with most of the WordPress Plugins

·Page Builder Compatibility- GeneratePress works with Elementor named Beaver Builder

·SEO Optimized- It is built in schema.org and validated HTML structured information

·Customizations: WordPress customizer makes editing easy with real-time live-preview

·Responsiveness:It works well across all these devices. Also, it is compatible with Autoptimize for modification and caching

·WooCommerce Compatibility: It is the only premium version available that has additional options for customization for WooCommerce. It is highly-customizable and there are different options available such as fonts, featured image, colors, headers, typography, sidebar, footers and sidebar.

Plus personalized options are also available in the premium version- additional blog options, advanced menu options, additional color options and WooCommerce customization.

·Multilingual support: Yes, it is the theme that is translated in more than 20 languages and supports right to left (RTL) languages

·Child Theme:You can download theme of child

  1. Astra

Astra theme is maintained and created by the dedicated team at Brainstorm Force. It is now used on more than 1,000,000 sites and has more than 4732 five-star ratings.

Key Features:

·Page Builder Compatibility: It works well with Elementor, Visual composer, Brizy, Divi, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, SiteOrigin. Additional integrations or add-ons are available for Beaver Builder and Elementor.

·WooCommerce Compatibility: Both Astra Pro (premium version) and free version named Astra are compatible with WooCommerce. It comes with pre-built breadcrumb functions that help you offer simpler user navigation for your e-commerce portal.

·Plugin compatibility: it works well with most of the plugins of WordPress. Also, additional integrations with Toolbox, LearnDash, LifterLMS

Also, WooCommerce customization options are available in Astra Pro- Gallery options, a dropdown cart, grid settings. Sales bubble styles, off-canvas sidebar, infinite scroll, distraction-free checkout and many more.

Responsiveness — The theme is fully responsive and works well on tablets and mobile devices.

SEO Optimized — Yes, The Astra theme comes with built-in schema markups making it an SEO friendly theme. Also, it integrates with popular plugins of SEO such as Breadcrumb NavXT, Yoast SEO and RankMath

Customizations — WordPress customizer with real-time live-preview makes editing easier.

Astra is fully customizable theme. And there are many options available such as layouts, archives, colors, widgets, blogs, headers, menus and footers

The premium version has additional customization options available in the Astra theme such as enhanced color customization options, multiple header designs. Also, more than 800 Google fonts, white labelling options and flexible footer layouts are also available

Child Theme — You can download a child theme easily

Multilingual Support — Astra theme offers both translation and right to left language option. It allows you to translate your them into another multiple language simply by adding a portable object. Also, MO or machine object language file is needed to translate language.

  1. Sydney

Sydney is the theme that is maintained and created by aThemes. It is used on over more than 200,000 websites.

Key Features:
·Woocommerce Compatibility:It is the only premium version named Sydney Pro that is compatible with Woocommerce

·Page Builder Compatibility: It works with most of the page builders such as Beaver builder, Elementor, Visual Composer and Siteorigin. It also offers a special integration with Elemontor.

·Responsiveness: It works well on any device. It also provides Cross-browser support such as IE9+, Chrome, Opera or Firefox.

·Plugin Compatibility:It follows WordPress coding the best guidelines, that makes sure it works well with most of the plugins of WordPress

·Customization: WordPress customization option with real-time live preview makes editing more easy with Sydney theme.

Sydney allows you the option to personalize multiple elements of your site such as blogs, footers, typography, sliders, background images and headers. The Sydney theme comes pre-packaged with more than 600 Google fonts. Also, there are 12 custom widgets options available.

The premium version named Sydney Pro of Sydney theme includes some additional header options. It has custom Elementor blocks that includes pricing tablets, carousel and timeline.

·Multilingual support: The Sydney theme offers 100 per cent translation support. It also helps to transfer important files fast. It allows integration with Polylang.

  1. Page Builder Framework.

The Page Builder Framework theme is established and created by David Vongries. Today, it is used on over more than 10, 0000 websites.

Key Features:

·Woocommerce Compatibility:The page builder framework theme offers Woocommerce layout change option. It comes with Pre-packaged with different personalized options that include Product Page, Woocommerce cart menu and shop page.

·Page Builder compatibility:The works with most of the page builders. It includes Divi, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, Siteorigin, Brizy. Also, visual composer, Thrive Architect and Elementor.

·Plugin compatibility: It works with most of the plugins of WordPress. It offers a dedicated integration with some plugins. It includes WP Compress, MailOptin and Rank Math. The premium version is linked with TypeKit.

·Customization: WordPress customization with real-time live-preview feature helps in easy editing.

·SEO optimization: Yes, it follows the current web standards of Schema.org and HTML5. It is also adaptable with renowned plugins of SEO. SEO plugins include SEOPress, RankMath and Yoast SEO.

·Responsiveness: It works well and is 100 per cent mobile responsive. It operates on any device.

Page Builder Framework is completely customized and there are different options available. It includes typography, headers, layouts, widgets, colors, footers, blogs, custom sidebars and menus.

The theme comes with its icon font. There is also short codes available to use on YouTube videos and social media icons.

Also, customization options are present in the premium theme. It has type kit integration, custom fonts and additional features of WooCommerce.

·Multilingual support: The plugin is fully adaptable with WPML and translation ready

·Child Theme: You can easily create and download a custom theme version for child

  1. OceanWP

It is maintained and founded by the team at OceanWP LLC- the Ocean theme is used on more than 5 lakh sites

Key Features:
·Plugin compatibility: It works with most of the plugins of WordPress. It also offers a direct integration with MailChimp.

·Page Builder Compatibility: It works with most of the page builders. It includes SiteOrigin, Divi, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, Thrive Architect, Elementor, King Composer, Brizy.

·Customizations: WordPress customization with real-time live-preview helps to edit easily

·Responsiveness:The theme is fully responsive and works on all devices

·SEO Optimized:It is compatible with renowned WordPress plugin SEOPress

·Woocommerce Compatibility: It is compatible. It has pre-built with enhancements to aid build a seamless e-commerce experience. The out-of-the box Woocommerce option includes Product quick view, Native Cart Popup and Off-Canvas Filter. It removes the requirement to install add-on feature or extensions.

OceanWP is fully-customized theme. There are different options available. It includes colors, blog, menus typography, footers, layouts, headers and widgets.

The premium theme allows you to personalize your site using the extension bundles.

·Child Theme: One can download a child theme

·Multilingual Support:OceanWP supports right to left language. It also offers renowned language plugin such as WPML or Weglot.

  1. Schema

Schema is supported and created by the Marketplace MyThemeShop.

Key Features:
·Woocommerce Compatibility: It provides the premium theme with additional customization options for WooCommerce

·SEO optimization: It comes pre-built with Schema support and Rich Snippets

·Responsiveness:It works well on all browsers and devices. It is fully responsive.

·Plugin Compatibility: It is adaptable with most third party plugins

·Customizations: The theme is installed when it is activated. It offers you to personalize different elements of your sites. It includes background images, social buttons, headers, colors, social buttons and footers.

·Pager Builder Compatibility: It works with Elementor

·It also provides an insert advertisement option easily

The theme has pre-packaged with more than 600 Google fonts. It has different pagination options. It comes with AJAX search feature.

·Multilingual support:The Schema supports RTL languages and translation ready option

·Child Theme: One can download a kid theme

  1. Hello

It is maintained and established by the team at Elementor. The theme is used on more than one lakh sites.

Key Features:
WooCommerce Compatibility: It is used to build e-commerce sites when used in combination

SEO optimization: Yoast SEO integration with Elementor page builder

Responsiveness: It supports well with any electronic device

Plugin Compatibility: It supports all renowned plugins of WordPress

Customizations: Personalized or any design changes are controlled through plugin of Elementor page Builder. The theme provides no design, no sidebars and no settings page.

Page Builder Compatibility: It is suited for Elementor page builder. The feature is compatible with Gutenberg and Elementor versions.

Multilingual support: It works with translation plugins. It is easy to create RTL websites and create multilingual support.

Child Theme: You can download a kid theme

  1. Neve

It is maintained and established by Themelsle. It is now used on more than 80,000 sites.

Key Features:
·Customizations: The WordPress is personalized with real time preview. It helps in better editing.

·Page Builder Compatibility: It works with most of the page builders. It includes Brizy, SiteOrigin, Beaver Builder, Divi, Elementor, Visual Composer.

·Responsiveness: It is compatible with AMP for WordPress. It helps with your web pages to create an optimized mobile and faster experience.

·WooCommerce Compatibility:It supports breadcrumbs for WooCommerce. It helps for easy and simple navigation for user.

·SEO Optimization: It supports renowned Plugin of SEO. Plugin includes Breadcrumb NavXT, Yoast SEO, SEOPress and RankMath.

It is highly personalized. There are different options available. It includes background, sidebar, footers, fonts, blog, typography, colors, headers and buttons. It comes with more than 50 ready-to-import templates.

Personalized options such as LifterLMS integration, white-labeling feature are available. Also, Elementor add-ons, Custom layouts and TypeKit Integration is available in the premium version.

·Multilingual support: The extension is ready for translation. You can use any RTL languages.

·Child Theme: You can download a kid theme

  1. Airi

It is found and maintained by aThemes. The theme is used on more than 10,000 sites.

Key Features:
·SEO optimization: It is fully SEO optimized theme

·Responsiveness: It is fully responsive. It works well on any device.

·WooCommerce Compatibility: It is adaptable with plugins. The Elementor plugin should be installed after activation. It attaches with MailChimp for Contact Form 7 and WP.

·Customizations: WordPress personalized with live-preview and real-time helps in editing

·Page Builder Compatibility: All the layouts are built with Elementor

It is highly personalized. There are different options available. The typography, layout, footers, header, font and colors. The Airi offers different option of layouts. It can be installed with a single click.

Also, personalized options are present in the Aria Pro. It offers footer settings, blog layouts, WooCommerce options, extra blocks and menu option.

·Multilingual support: The Airi theme is ready in translation

·Child Theme: You can download a kid theme

  1. Hestia

It is found and maintained by Themelsle. It is now used on more than 1 lakh websites.

·Plugin Compatibility: It works on most of the WordPress Plugins. It is also corresponding to modification and popular caching plugins.

·Page Builder Compatibility: It works with most of the page builders. It includes Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, Brizy, Gutenberg, SiteOrigin, Gutenberg and Divi.

·Responsiveness: It works well on electronic devices

·Customizations: WordPress personalization with real-time live-preview that makes editing easy

·WooCommerce Compatibilty: The premium theme offers enhanced WooCommerce personalized options. It includes Cart Icon, Distraction-free checkout and infinite scrolling.

·SEO optimization: It is built in SEO optimization for better search ranking and indexing.

It allows to operate the Hestia Pro theme premium version. You have to install WPForms Lite, JetPack and WooCommerce too.

Hestia is fully customizable. There are different options available. It includes blog, layouts, menus, colors, typography, footers, headers, widgets and menu.

Hestia offers you with full control over the structure and design of menus. It has a responsive mega menu. It helps to edit easily and personalize your submenu content.

Also, personalized features are available in the premium theme. It includes enhanced Elementor, WooCommerce customizations. Also, additional sections that testimonials, portfolio, pricing plans and ribbons, video backgrounds, Divi Page Builder and white-labeling option.

·Child Theme: You can download a child theme for Hestia

·Multilingual Support: The plugin is translation ready. It is compatible with Polylang, WPML and Weglot language plugin. It is translation ready.


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