Many people are losing their Facebook accounts In this article I will discuss how to prevent Facebook Hacks with ease.

If you own your business, it is mandatory to have a Facebook account for your business. You have to spend years building your profile and engage more customers. Increasing the trust of your customer besides the number of following is of primary importance. There are many ways that you can leave your Facebook page vulnerable. There can be several Facebook hacks that can be used to access your page.

If your FB page is vulnerable to any such Facebook hack, you need to know how to protect yourself and your business from that?

What is the frequency of Facebook hacks?

According to the New York Post, approximately more than 16,000 Facebook accounts are getting compromised each and every day. Unfortunately, the frequency of such Facebook hacks happening is pretty high. When it comes to social media, people are often very relaxed with privacy and security. Hence, they leave such social media accounts really vulnerable to hackers. A business page on Facebook can be accessed through personal accounts. All the people who have admin control over your page is vulnerable to such Facebook hacks. Therefore, it can leave your page very vulnerable to hackers.

Hackers get access to business Facebook pages through various phishing scams, email attachments with malware, data breaches which can also reveal passwords very easily. Large-scale data breaches are extremely rare but the scale can be really alarming.

Some of The Interesting Stats about Facebook Hacks:

Around 30 Million Accounts were compromised because of Data Breaching in 2018.

What do hackers do with your Facebook business page?

Your followers are the attraction for your hackers too. You have definitely spent a lot of time and money crafting your Facebook business page in the best ways possible.

Your hackers can post various links on their page and post spam links that will leave your followers vulnerable to Facebook hackers.

The hackers can also create and approve ads from your account for promoting malicious content. These contents can be of high price and can cost you a fortune before you can even take any action. The information on your Facebook account can also be used by hackers for identity theft or other online accounts. This can also offer access to your banking and other personal accounts.

In this article, we will offer you a few strategies that will help you prevent being a victim of any Facebook Hack.

The basic strategies to help yourself prevent being a victim of any such Facebook hacks are each of these platforms’ fundamental security measures.

You can go ahead and explore various online security features in each of these platforms or apps.

For example, a small strategy will change your password more often if you had been using the same password across multiple platforms for years.

Here are 9 strategies that can be used to prevent Facebook hacks:

  • Go through the Facebook security settings:

You should take a tour of the Facebook settings section under the name security and login. Review each of these sections in detail and read out various tips and information on the best practices. These are helpful for keeping the Facebook account really secure. You must make sure that you scan for malware and viruses on your computer regularly. Anti viruses are the software that helps spot such kinds of problems that can leave you vulnerable to Facebook hacks.

Update software on time to ensure that you are using your browse’s most secure version, other apps, including all the recent updates and improvements.

Your business page is as secure as the people who have got the access to it. Make sure that you protect your personal profile and share all the security updates and practices with your colleagues.

  • Create a strong password:

Passwords are the first thing that you need to look into when it comes to basic safety and security. You should make sure that you go through the fundamental guidelines on each site that you are using.

Generally, it is a combination of upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, Symbols and special characters. So, that other people would find hard to guess.

Prevent using the same password for multiple accounts. For example, do not use the password that you use for securing your financial accounts for any of your social media accounts. That way you can save your financial accounts from getting hacked. Consider using any password manager such as LastPass or 1Password. This way you wouldn’t have to remember dozens of passwords. This software helps you to store all of your passwords in one place so that you have to remember only one password. They can also generate automated random passwords and that’s an even more secure procedure. Make sure that you save your password only on your Facebook app or your web browser.

  • Use two-factor authentication:

Two-factor authentication refers to the step where you are asked for your password and an additional security check. This step pops up when you are trying to login into your Facebook account from a different device. At this stage, you have to enter a security code that’s sent via text or email to your pre-approved number and email address. For doing this, you have to head towards the Settings page and select security and login. Go to the section labeled as Two-Factor authentication and then edit it.

Facebook will ask you for contact information for verifying your identity while you are logging in.

You will receive alerts if someone else is trying to get access to your Facebook account.

  • Read emails sent by Facebook:

Facebook sends out emails for the verification of suspicious or unusual activities. Make sure that you read those emails sent out by Facebook as they are trying to flag any suspicious activity.

Staying aware of the common phishing attempts and understanding the latest security recommendations from Facebook.

It can help you a lot in staying safe online and save you from various Facebook hacks.

You can access the list of recent email messages sent by Facebook under the Security and Login section which lies in the Advanced section.

  • Have more than one admin on your Facebook page:

Be very careful about whom you are offering any access to your Facebook page. It is convenient to have more than one admin on your Facebook page.

In case you have lost access to your Facebook page or being unable to login. Another admin can access the Facebook page and keep running it on your behalf till you gain back your access.

Make sure that you keep removing people periodically who no longer requires any access to your page. If anyone requires temporary access to your page, give it and make sure that you remove it right after the project is over.

  • Use proper admin levels:

Facebook offers several page admin levels. This feature allows you to grant different access to different people. Be careful about whom you are granting access and only offer access till the task is over. It gets difficult to manage such small things, so you can employ a person to manage all of your Facebook marketing. Review the different levels and allow permissions to the admins only to the levels that they need to do that job.

Giving people admin the ability to add or remove people to the page. This might mean that they could remove you with little chance of regaining access.

They can potentially add other admins to the Facebook page who can take over your page.

Report any unusual activity to Facebook
To keep your account secure, you have to report any unusual activity to Facebook.

You can report messages, profiles, and even posts on Facebook. It informs them of your concerns or grievances about anything you see on that platform.

Reporting anything on Facebook allows you to use the platform more securely and flags any sort of suspicious activity on your Facebook account.

In case of the discomfort of any messages from any user, you can straight block them. It ensures that they are removed from your friend list.

  • Log out of Facebook after using:

If you are using any shared computers such as computers at work, library or co-working spaces, you need to be extra cautious. Make sure that you log out after you are done using your Facebook account. This step is extremely crucial when you are using accounts that contain personal information. Logging out of your Facebook account when you are using it from a shared computer, makes you less vulnerable to any Facebook hacks.

If you have left your Facebook account logged in by any chance on any shared computer. Make sure that you change your password immediately for your security purposes.

Or you can go to Security and Login settings and remotely log out from all the devices.

  • Avoid accepting a friend request from unknown people:

It is easier for hackers to gain the necessary information about you for guessing your passwords by adding you as a friend on Facebook. Make sure that you don’t accept someone as your friend if you don’t know them personally. Allowing access to your personal profile can offer access to your personal information such as your birthday and so on. This is very helpful info to easily hack your business account or impersonate you to avail access to other social media accounts.


Preventing Facebook hacks on your business page is of utmost importance besides posting engaging content and creating amazing Facebook ads. You need to be aware of some real security risks protecting your business account from getting hacked.

These few steps mentioned on the top can go a long way in securing your customers. It is a long-term investment in your Facebook business page.

You must stay updated with all the security and safety protocols of each of these platforms. Check your emails and alerts regularly to keep an eye on any malicious or suspicious actions on your Facebook page. This helps you in acting on it as soon as the hack occurs. These steps are beneficial for reducing your risk of getting hacked and enjoy a stress-free experience. You can enjoy growing your customers and connect with your customers without any expensive setbacks.