Do a barrel roll and Google Tricks became an internet meme. But, what does it mean? It’s when you search for a particular “what does _____ mean”? For a long time and finally get an answer.

Google is constantly keeping us on our toes. Not just in digital analytics, pay-per click, or SEO. The “Easter eggs” that Google offers, and they entertain us with daily doodles.

Google Tricks to Try in Your Free Time

Google can use more than just to search for random stuff. It can also be used as a time-killer! There are tons of cool Google search tricks and games you can play, like do a barrel roll Google gravity!

There are many google gravity tricks that can be used to improve your productivity or just have some fun. Here are a few of our favorites.

Do a barrel roll

This is a great way to surprise your friends. To perform a Barrel Roll trick you just need to search for “do a barrel roll” without quotes. The Google page will then appear like it is in a barrel. The user will panic if this trick is attempted for the first time. This trick link can send to a friend to see their reaction.

You can experience a Google-style barrel roll by simply entering the words “do a barrel roll” into Google’s search engine and hitting enter. Your screen will then turn 360 degrees!

Google’s Do a Barrel Roll is a trending topic and most bloggers & tech-savvy people know about it. However, some blog readers aren’t bloggers, so want to share one Google tip for them. Did you know? Do a Barrel Roll Tricks perform a Google barrel roll tricks search for “Do a Barrel Roll Google tricks” on Google. The google screen trick will then tumble around (it’s a barrel roll after all).

Google Gravity

This trick will cause the homepage to crash down. Type “Google gravity” into the search box on Google. You can ignore the auto suggestions, and instead press “I’m feeling lucky”. You can also use your mouse to move the pieces around! Google tricks such as Google gravity ensure that you are never bored!

Enter Google Gravity roll into the Google search box, and then click the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. Just one click, and it will drop to the screen!

Play Pac-Man, (Google Trick Game).

Everyone loves Pac-Man, right? Here’s how you can play Pac-Man on your browser. Enter Pac-Man into the Google homepage and hit the enter key. You are done! This is one of our favorite tricks, and it’s super fun!

Flip a Coin

This trick is for all those times you don’t have a coin but need to flip it. Click on the Google homepage and type “Flip a Coin” into the search box. There is no better way to throw a coin! You might like to play more Google tricks.

Zerg Rush

A row of zeros will appear on your screen as soon as you enter zerg rush into Google search. You can click on them to remove them. Otherwise, they will consume all your search results. When you search Zerg Rush, your Google results will disappear one at a time. You will take to a Google page where you can see alphabets falling and erasing.


Send the Askew google link to someone who is searching on Google. Google askew can tilt the page to surprise the user who is viewing it for the first time. To see how your friends react, you can try it with them.

Enter the keyword tilt askew into the Google search box. Your screen will shift slightly to the right, and you’ll see the answer. This is one of our favorite Google tricks!


A lot of Google’s top tricks are actually demos. You should get a better idea of how Google things work before integrating them into your app. With this list of Google tricks, create your own list of fun programming projects you can do in your free time. Who knows, maybe you’ll get some responses from some code-savvy friends?


1. What are Easter Eggs in Google

Easter eggs can be hidden messages or messages, inside jokes and cultural references that are inserted into media. These eggs are often well-hidden, which makes it easy for users to find them. This helps to create bonds between creators and finders.

2. Does Google do a barrel roll trick?

Do a barrel roll! The Google search engine has made this phrase synonymous. But how did it come to be? Google Chrome browser has a barrel roll feature. The entire page will turn 360 degrees if you enter “do a barrel roll” in the Google search box. This is one of many hidden Easter eggs Google offers in its products.

3. What is an Easter egg hidden in plain sight?

An Easter egg (media), is a term that describes hidden messages, images, or features in video games, films, or any other electronic media. These hidden messages are the ones you find in your favorite film and make you think clever!

4. What are the Google Easter eggs 2022

“2022” results will bring up Olympic Games countdown. Google Search for Askew results in the page tilting left. Google Search for do a barrel roll returns a page that performs a 360-degree spin. Zerg rush is the result of a swarm of digital zerglings.

5. How do you perform the arm trick?

For 30 seconds, press your back against the door frame. Then, let your arms drop. You’ll feel something strange.

A common party trick is to appear to dislocate your arm and then place it back in its proper position. This is a very impressive trick. But how do you do it?

The arm trick is very simple. Simply extend your arm straight out and then quickly insert your thumb into your hand. It will appear that your arm has been dislocated at your thumb joint. Simply reverse the motion to return your arm to its original position and tuck you thumb in.