Do you ever feel like you’re not getting the most out of Google? Like there are secret tricks and features that you’re missing out on? Well, you’re not alone. In this post, we’ll share some of our favorite Google tricks and secrets. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be a Google pro!

Searching for your settings on a map or using Google as a homophone translator can do some amazing things.

Secrets about google, Keep reading to be amazed at the 10 hidden Secret Google Tricks. For more entertainment, watch some of these funniest Google Home Easter Eggs. You could get a laugh out of these or relive your old memories by remembering the funny past Google searches you did.

Google is, without a doubt, the most used search engine online. Did you know that Google’s homepage has many surprises? These are the top 10 best-kept Google tricks and secret that you need to know!

Experience the fun of Google Easter eggs. Find out how to trigger these playful tricks and enhance your search experience.

Secret Google Tricks

Secret Google Tricks, Google may be the most popular and widely used search engine globally. Google is like a vast ocean full of wonders. Some of these Google Tricks and Secrets that wonders are well-known, but others are not.

1. Flip A Coin

Coin flip simulator that simulates flipping heads or tails. Flipping a coin is as easy as flipping a real one.

This trick is for when you don’t have a coin but need to flip it. Click on the Google homepage and type “Flip a Coin” into the search box. There is no better way to throw a coin! Do you want to play more Google tricks (google search games)?

When dealing with two options, what can you do? Flipping a coin is a great way to get help, but what if it isn’t handy? Simply typing ‘Flip a Coin’ and clicking ‘I’m Feeling Lucky will give you your coins heads and tails.

2. Roll A Die

At the top, you can roll a die, but you can also view it by clicking on ‘back to search results. Adjust the numbers from 1-6 to match the number set in the dice. Google will then display the numbers spun up by clicking the button (1-6), and your trick is complete.

Google will search for Roll a Die to provide a virtual experience in dice throwing. There are many different combinations and styles of dice available. To start the dice rolling, click on the blue button roll.

When you play a board game, you roll a die. If you do not have a die or have lost yours, Google will also allow you to move a die. You can type “Roll a die” to get a virtual version of the dice. The dice are available in different shapes and colors.

While many people use dice to play board games and study probability in mathematics, what happens if they get lost? Google allows you to roll a die, something that not many knows. It’s easy to play games if you type “Roll a die” into Google.

3. Google Orbit

Google’s search engine is one of the most advanced in the world. But, it’s not just a search engine. Here are ten hidden Google tricks that most people don’t realize they can do.

4. Zerg Rush

When you click on a circle, jerks slowly down your page. Enter “Zerg Rush” in the Google search bar for a quick and fun challenge.

All text will be erased by the red and yellow circles that descend from your screen.

You can type “Zerg Rush” into the search bar and click on the’m feeling Lucky button. These characters start destroying search results if the mouse pointer is not used. It sounds great!

5. Atari Breakout

Google Images will give you the Atari arcade game “Atari Breakout.” This is a great way to pass the time.

The Atari Mania was a phenomenon that swept the 80s. You can still feel the excitement by typing “Atari Breakout” and pressing enter. Then, you will see Play Google Atari Breakout Game. Your game will be ready when you click on the link.

You can transform images from your Google search secrets into a block-breaker game by using them! Type “Atari breakout” into the Google search box. Next, go to images and then click on the first picture. The game will begin! These cool Google tricks are your favorite.

6. Google Pacman

Everyone loves Pac-Man. Google allows you to play the 1980 arcade classic Pac-Man. You can search for “Google Pac-Man” in the search box. Then, you’ll be able to chase multi-colored coasts around the Google logo by typing the word “Google Pac-Man.”

Enter “Google Pac-Man” in the search box and hit enter. You get Pac-Man Doodle. You get Pac-Man Doodle.

7. Do A Barrel Roll

Google’s first Easter egg is “do an alphabet roll.”

Enter “Do a barrel roll” and hit the enter key. Your screen will go down, Dee! Add “100x” to your screen, and you’ll see yourself crazy!

You can experience a Google-style barrel roll by simply entering the words “do a barrel roll” into Google’s search engine and hitting enter. Your screen will then turn 360 degrees!

Experience the barrel roll on Google by using the “Z or R twice” shortcut. Enjoy this playful Easter egg and share the fun.

8. Askew

Enter the keyword askew into the Google search box. Your screen will shift slightly to the right and see the answer. This is one of our favorite Google tricks!

Another cool Google trick is typing “askew” in your Google search engine will cause it to tilt by itself. You will get the same effect if you enter ’tilt’ in your Google search engine.

9. Google Gravity

Enter Google Gravity into the Google search box, and then click the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. Just one click, and it will drop to the screen!

Type Google Gravity into the search bar and click on I’m feeling Lucky. You’ll see all the icons at the top of the website falling toward the bottom. You can click on the icons to throw them around.

10. Google sphere

Enter “Google sphere” in the search box on Google’s homepage and click “I’m Feeling Lucky.” Move your mouse in circles or side-to-side to make the Google sphere react.

Type ‘Google sphere’ into the homepage and hit ‘I’m feeling Lucky.’ Within seconds, the page’s constituents will become a moving sphere. This is one of our favorite Google tricks.

The elements will move faster if your mouse pointer moves to the left or right. It’s strange and magical to hold the sphere.!

Uncover the hidden world of Google Easter eggs. Explore fun and surprising tricks embedded within Google Search.


Secret Google Tricks, Google is one of the largest search engines in the world. It offers quick and moderately speedy search results from various sources. While it may not be their most used Google Tricks and Secrets, there’s no denying that it’s one of their most interesting and overlooked.

Discover the top Google tricks and secrets. Enhance your search experience with these fun and useful hidden features.


1. What is the barrel roll trick?

A barrel roll is when a stunt pilot completes an axial rotation. While still flying straight ahead. The wing facing the opposite direction turns and then rotates around to return to its original orientation.

2. Does Google do a barrel roll ten times?

Doing a barrel roll (Z or R twice) or a backflip causes search results to perform a 360-degree somersault in front of your eyes.

3. Google allows you to do two barrel rolls.

Enter or Return. Another way to do a barrel roll is to point your browser directly to do a barrel roll. Search for askew to find another Easter egg that will make the search page look different.

4. Does Google do gravity tricks?

The Google gravity trick will cause the homepage to crash down. Type ‘Google gravity’ into Google. Click the ‘I’m feeling Lucky’ button to flip the entire page upside-down.

5. Do you want to find Easter eggs on a Barrel Google?

This Google search trick was popularized in 2011 and is still available today. To get a Google-style barrel roll, enter the words “do a barrel roll” into the Google search engine. Hit enter, and your screen will do a 360-degree turn.

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