Google Easter eggs 2022, Google’s search engine is full of hidden secrets called “Easter eggs,” which are little tricks that Google has.

In this article, let’s read about Google Easter Eggs 2022 by Google with little tricks.

Although you might not be aware of it, there are some phrases that you can use to search Google for very interesting results.

This list contains the best Google Easter eggs that you can search for.

Google Easter eggs 2022 hidden messages or features within Google’s search engine.

These eggs are often found by luck, but they can sometimes be hard to find.

Google Easter eggs 2022 could be anything, from hidden messages to hidden games. They can be interactive or static.

You can find Easter eggs on many Google products like Google Search, Google Maps and Google Chrome.

Many reasons people love finding google secrets Easter eggs are numerous.

These eggs can be entertaining and a way to learn about Google’s products.

You can use Google Easter eggs 2022 to keep up-to-date with Google’s latest features and products.

Activate Google’s barrel roll by pressing “Z or R twice.” Discover this fun Easter egg and amaze your friends.

Google Easter eggs 2022 hidden messages or features within Google's search engine.
Google Easter eggs

Google Easter eggs 2022


“Atari Breakout,” one of the most well-known Easter eggs, is a Google-version version of the arcade classic.

You can play it by searching “Atari Breakout” on Google and then clicking the “Images tab.

The results get to be converted into a playable game.

This is for those who are older and still remember the Atari. Searching for “Atari breakout”, will bring up a game of the Atari Game Breakout. When you win, it searches for random items you can play again.

We recommend “Atari Breakout” as a fun and effective way to procrastinate.


The Search Engine for Zerg Rush will bring up a list of “OS,”s which will attack the search results.

Clicking on an “O”, it will transform into a “Z”, and attack other “O”.

Zerg rushes involve a group of low-level, poorly equipped players opposing each other to overwhelm them.

You can search for zerg rush to trigger a simplified example. It involves a swarming of “O”s, ending with the traditional “GG”.


A playable version of Pac-Man will be in search results if you type Google Pac-Man into your search engine. This is a great one!

Google has a PACMAN themed Easter egg for 2022. Go to and enter PACMAN to play the game.

You can control PACMAN using the arrow keys on the keyboard. The game will automatically start. This Easter egg can be used to pass the time and also improve hand-eye coordination.

While enjoying this classic arcade experience, you might also want to explore the best penny slots to add an extra layer of entertainment to your day.

4. GOOGLE 1998

Google has released an Easter Egg to celebrate Google’s 15th anniversary. You can type “Google 1998,” and the search results will in the same style as Google search results in 1998.

Since its inception, the company has made great strides and shows no sign of slowing down.

Google has been in history for hundreds of years, from its Easter egg history to its position in the world’s top ten companies.

Learn about Google’s tricks and secrets. Uncover a variety of hidden Easter eggs and playful features within Google.


Google will show you 360-degree results if you search for “Do a barrel rolling” in your search.

A barrel roll is an aircraft maneuver in which the pilot performs a full 360-degree turn while flying forward at the same altitude.

To describe this action with a little poetic license, Google rotated the result page 360-degree.


If you love it to be perfect, I won’t search for this. Search “askew” on your search page for those who believe in anarchy.

Google may alter search results to show a literal interpretation. Your results will appear slightly distorted if you search for “askew”. They don’t look like SEO manipulations, and they still work as normal search results.


All bold text will blink when you type “blink HTML” into Google.

Google introduced BLINK HTML in 2022. You can play it by entering “BLINK HTML” in the Google search box.

Blink is a character that tries to escape a room using HTML code.

This game refers to the fact that HTML code used to create websites can often be invisible to the naked eye.

The game teaches users the basics of HTML code and how it is used in creating websites.

BLINK HTML is an interactive and fun way to learn the basics of HTML code. Continue reading if you’re interested in Google Easter eggs.

8. Text adventure

Click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner to customize and control Google Chrome. Then, select More Tools > Developer tools from the dropdown menu.

The console will be in the lower left. You will see several messages in the lower right. One asks, “Would you like to play a video game?”

9. anagram

Anagrams can be described as a form of wordplay. They require creativity as well as strict adherence to “rules.” Some of the most clever anagrams result in clever puns or innuendo.

If you love word games, Google has hidden many Easter eggs related to anagrams. Continue reading to learn more about these Easter eggs!

10. Recursion

Recursion refers to the repetition of items in a similar way. Recursion is most commonly used in computer science and mathematics. It refers to a method for defining functions where the function is applied within its definition. Google then asks: “Did that mean: recursion?”

Although recursion has been used in mathematical notation since the 13th Century, it wasn’t officially defined until the 19th Century.

Recursion can be used to solve difficult problems. Recursion is also the foundation for many Google Maps Easter eggs.

This article will discuss the concept of recursion and some famous Easter eggs that use it.

Google Easter Eggs for Third-Party Users

Google is not the only one making Googly Easter eggs. These Easter eggs were created by Google’s “expense” in 2013.

  • Google gravity: causes the Google homepage to collapse as if it were trapped in a black hole.
  • Google space: The Google home page meets Angry Birds.
  • Where’s Chuck Norris?: Heh. Google won’t search for Chuck Norris as it knows that Chuck Norris doesn’t exist. He finds you.
  • Epic Google: Google gets too big for its good.

Wizard of Oz google trick

Google’s “Wizar of Oz” Easter egg features a pair of ruby slippers within the Knowledge Graph.

The ruby slippers spin the page tornado-like, while Judy Garland’s audio file “there is no home like home” can be heard.

The page will be displayed in a dark tone after the effect has ended.

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The Wizard of Oz google trick

Google’s ‘Wizard of Oz” trick is a fun Easter egg that links to the 1939 classic film.

Wizard of oz google trick, The search engine displays a pair of ruby slippers from Dorothy, and you can click them to see more.

Google starts spinning like the famous tornado scene, Judy Garland’s famous phrase, “There’s no home like home.”

Google the wizard of oz trick, The screen will turn sepia and remain this way until the tornado icon is tapped. This prompts a house to appear.

The screen spins once more as The Wizard of Oz Music plays until Google returns to normal.


Google will search for The Wizard of Oz trick; you can press the first result.

You’ll see a pair of sparkling ruby slippers on the right-hand side.

These are the buttons to activate the trick. Turn on your sound!

Tap the tornado again to end the trick. Then, return to your normal screen.


Nothing can beat Google in the list of Easter eggs, but these 10 Easter eggs should keep third-party users amused. As you can see, Google looks forward to the future and doesn’t miss out on the fun with the latest updates and trends. Happy hacking!


1. What are Google eggs?

Google Easter eggs are hidden messages or features embedded into a webpage, primarily Google.

2. What are some Google Easter Eggs?

  • Blink HTML. All bold text will blink when you type “blink HTML” into Google…
  • Do a Barrel roll. Google searches will turn 360 degrees if you enter “Do a Barrel roll” in the search box. This is a reference to Nintendo’s Star Fox games…
  • “Beam me up, Scotty” …
  • Google 1998…
  • Zerg Rush.

3. What is an Internet Easter egg?

What are internet Easter eggs? Internet Easter eggs are jokes and features that programmers, designers or developers hide in websites and software they create.

4. What’s the secret to Google?

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The manager is a single source of truth that provides centralized access to all secrets in Google Cloud.

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