Google is well-known for its Easter eggs, which are hidden features or messages that can be activated by specific words or phrases. The most well-known Easter egg is the “Do a barrel roll” or “Z or R twice” message.

The screen will perform 360-degree rolls if you type ‘Do a barrel roll’ into the Google search box. This refers to the ‘barrel-roll’ maneuver, which was popularized in the Star Fox video game series.

Google’s ‘Do a barrage roll’ Easter egg is fun for both yourself and others. You can also show off your geeky side with this Easter egg!

The barrel roll Z or R twice, move a bearing of diagonal 4, or rotate clockwise or counterclockwise across the screen. This Easter Egg lets you control the spaceship.

Twice, Z or R

Google search page: Type “Z or R” twice, then hit the enter button. The entire page will rotate 360 degrees.

To make the aircraft spin counterclockwise, press Z twice and R twice.

This isn’t the only hidden trick Google has. Google has many other interesting tricks in their search engine.

Google search engine hidden trick. This will make the Google search engine aircraft spin counterclockwise or barrel roll across your screen if you enter it.

Z or R twice

In Google’s search engine, even if you enter R or z twice, Best Google Funny will still work.

There are many other Easter Eggs like Zerg Rush and Google Gravity.

It was created by a Google software developer with the sole purpose of entertaining viewers. The search query “R or Z twice”, which causes the page to spin, will remain in place for the foreseeable.

Google: How do you get to Z?

Z or R twice. Google search page. Type “Z or R twice” and then hit the enter button. The entire page will rotate 360 degrees. To make the aircraft spin counterclockwise, press Z twice. Press R twice to make it spin clockwise. This isn’t the only hidden trick Google offers.

What is the method used to execute ‘do a barrel roll’ OR ‘Z or R twice’

Many people believe that “Do a barrel roll” and “Z or R twice” are different things, but they are both the same thing. You can do a barrel roll by doing a perfect air somersault.

This command is used frequently in video games. This command tells the game that it should perform a barrel roll. To execute a barrel roll within a video game, you simply need to press the Z’ or R’ buttons twice.

Google knows everything. This is not news to anyone. What you may not know is that the search engine that’s most popular in the world has a few hidden ‘Easter eggs’. One of these is the “do a barrow roll” or “Z or R twice” function.


In conclusion, doing a barrel roll is a great way to stay safe online. They are often updated more frequently than commercial tools, and they are available for free.


1. How do you perform a barrel roll.

A barrel roll is a maneuver whereby an aircraft completes a 360-degree turn on its longitudinal axis. This maneuver is used to change an aircraft’s orientation or avoid enemy fire.

The pilot must first bank the plane to one side in order to perform a barrel roll. To start the turn, the pilot presses down the opposite rudder pedal. The pilot will then level off the wings as the plane completes its turn.

2. Do a barrel roll Z times?

Another way to view the barrel roll is Enter “Z or R twice”, in Google Search. Peppy Hare, a member of Star Fox’s Star Fox team, instructs Fox, the protagonist pilot, to “do the barrel roll.” The player does this by pressing “Z or R” twice.

3. Are barrels able to roll like magic?

This Google search trick was popularized in 2011, and it’s still available today.

To get a Google-style barrel roll, simply enter the words “doa barrel roll” into Google search engine. Hit enter and your screen will do a 360-degree turn Classic.

4. What’s the difference between a barrel-roll and Z or R twice again?

A barrel roll is different from Z or R twice. In barrel rolling a plane rolls continuously along its longitudinal direction, while Z and R are two quick rolls performed twice.

5. How can I do the Z or R twice maneuver correctly?

A Z or R twice maneuver allows you to reverse the aircraft’s direction. The maneuver involves flying the aircraft through a loop, first turning it in a straight line until it becomes inverted. This maneuver is named after the fact that it will trace a “Z”, or “R”, in the sky when viewed from above.