There are huge advantages of getting the Google Knowledge Panel Verification Service, getting verified on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. You might have experienced that how a verified brand profile added value to your business revenue. And as an individual who is a public figure, might have experienced increasing followers on your official page. And later they join you in real life.

But did you know, Google Knowledge Panel is one of such important panels that must not be ignored?

Well! Don’t worry if you don’t have any ideas! We have discussed all the important things related to Google Knowledge Panel Verification Service in detail. It will help you to feature your brand on google SERP. Before going in-depth, let’s first understand the role of the Google Knowledge Panel.

What Is Google Knowledge Panel and How It Works?

Google Knowledge Panel is the reach web search result which shows at the right sidebar in the Google search result page. It will show you the knowledge panel based on your query related to entities like organizations, public figures, brands, places, history, animals, things, etc.

Establishments and Statistics of Google Knowledge Panel

The knowledge panel, also known as infoboxes were added by Google on the search engine result page recently in May 2012.

  • Within half a year after rolling out the feature, Google indexed around 18 billion facts and more than 500 million entities.
  • In the middle of 2016, it received 70 billion facts.
  • Till now, it has received around 500 billion facts which covered around 5 billion entities.

What are the details Google Knowledge Panel shows?

Google bots work to collect the most possible information on a searched query done by a user. It fetches the information from Google My Business profile, Wikipedia, CIA World Factbook, Wikidata, and other various authentic resources. The details of the information vary based on the industry which meets your searched keywords.

For instance, if you are searching for any brand information, it will show you the dedicated website URL along with brief information. It will also show you the name of the CEO, Founder, Headquarters, establishment year, revenue, and more.

Similarly, if you are searching for a celebrity or an actor, it will show you their quick details. It might include the biography, movies released, upcoming movies or album, social media profiles, family background, siblings, and more.

How can you get your custom and verified Google Knowledge Panel?

If you are an individual or a business brand, then following the below steps, you can also come on the Google search knowledge panel.

  • Search for your brand name on
  • Navigate to the right-side panel featured with the Google knowledge panel. Scroll down till the end and you will see the option namely “Claim this knowledge panel”.
  • Click on that and you will be landed on a login page.
  • Now provide the required credentials and go forward.
  • Further, you will have to complete all the asked details along with the essential proof of your claim.
  • Finally, submit the form by providing the true reason that “why this account should be verified?”.

Why should you go for Google Knowledge Panel Verification Service Professional rather than doing it by yourself?

In this internet-based era, people believe in Google anything for gathering information or buying products. It is the golden opportunity for the businesses to convert the potential customer into the client.

If you are a public icon like a celebrity or a leader and willing to showcase your portfolio online. Else, if you are a business owner and want to make a nice brand presence on the internet world. In either case, definitely you will never want to misguide the users knowingly or unknowingly.

Bringing your business online means, brand reputation is the only key to get success. So, from the beginning, you must consult the experts who provide Google Knowledge Panel Verification Service. You should contact the giants who can help you to synchronize your business information throughout the digital profile including social media and Google search.