The best form of video marketing is with Instagram stories. It takes minutes to create, boost brand visibility. The impermanent nature helps you to experiment with various marketing tricks for free. Instagram stories are (popular) than ever. More than 70 percent of Instagram users watch Instagram Stories every day and mobile video consumption is doubling every year. It means that if you are not making any Instagram stories especially for your business then you must do it. Here you will get to know about the ways to increase Instagram Story engagement. But before heading to the depth of Instagram Stories, let’s see some statistics.

Understand the Future of Instagram Stories via Statistics:

The statistics give you a clear picture of any business. The data, graphs, pie-chart, and others will help you to know about the progress of Instagram Stories. Through these data, you can choose to move ahead or step back. So, let’s see some figures of Instagram and its future aspect.

The statistics of Instagram Stories give a true picture of the user’s engagement.

  1. The recent records show that1 Billion monthly users are connecting with Instagram. Around 500 million monthly users are accessing this platform every day.
  2. The concept of hashtags (#) was launched by Twitter but widely used by Instagram. As per the record of Hubspot 2020, the average post on Instagram consists of 10.7 hashtags.
  3. The youths like Instagram and 71% of the users are under 35 years of age.
  4. The stats of the past 2 years shows that the use of hashtag has increased significantly. The revealed record states the rise of the hashtag is 133%.

The demand for Instagram Stories among Business Owners:

  1. 50% of Instagram users are connecting with at least one business.
  2. Instagram also helps the users to decide whether to buy the product or not. The records show Instagram helps 80% of the users to decide about the product.
  3. Instagram is good for business and 71% of business owners are using this platform to enhance their business.
  4. The demand for Instagram Stories in the U.S. is very high. Around 96% of the US business owners are planning to use this platform for running ads in the coming year.
  5. Instagram Stories have also risen sharply and most of them are posting by the Business owner. Around one-third of the Instagram Stories are posting by such guests.

Ask questions:

When you are looking for insights of consumers into a service or product that you are marketing, ask your audience questions. It is an equally viable idea for Instagram stories. You can add an answer sticker to your Instagram stories where your users can submit their replies.

If you don’t have ideas for your next Instagram posts, then asking questions is the best approach to decide what content to publish next. You can easily drive engagement and offer people what they want. It is a win-win situation for both of you.

Use a Storyboard to build Structure:

When you use storyboard for your Instagram stories ahead of time. Then you have to keep time aside to ensure that everything that you post has clarity. And tells a lot more about your business and brand.

With clarity in the beginning, middle, and end of your Instagram posts stories, your followers will become more engaging till the end.

It means that you may see your exit rates on your Instagram analytics drop for stories. As per your audience stick around for all your story posts.

You can think about providing something unique and interesting with your stories posts. You can rather than reposting the same content, again and again, you have shared everywhere. Make sure that your Instagram story’s content is unique and offers your followers a purpose and excitement to watch.

Know What Instagram Stories Content Resonates With Your Followers:

Knowing what type of content your users like the most can really pay off when it comes to your engagement and views.

You can use Instagram analytics to know more about what kind of content performs the best. And then you can use that insight to create a post.

For example, if you understand that there are tons of views on the content of your behind-the-screen. But your exit rates increase when you share your static image posts to your Instagram stories. Then you can edit your concept ideas and your storyboard to include them in your BTS action.

Start Communication with Instagram Stories Stickers:

More than 500 Million Instagram accounts are there who posts stories every day. And the number is going to increase in 2021.

Instagram stories stickers are the best way to encourage your audience to chat and exchange their experiences and opinions with you. This, in turn, will help you to create a loyal audience that feels connected to your product, service, or brand.

Regularly Test and Analyze New Content Types:

Some of the best content plans on Instagram stories come from experiments. You can test out new forms of content that are daunting on Instagram. If you think that you are good at it and you are getting good engagement with the current strategy. Then trial, content experiments, and error are key to get ahead of the curve. Build a strong strategy.

For example, workdays were used for posting. But after a few trials, you realized that Sundays are the best days for engagement to get the longer attention of viewers. Then you must go for it.

You have to choose the content and tease out to your viewers on Sundays instead of weekdays.

Not sure from where to start? Here’s a couple of ideas you can try out this month.

You can test a new types of content such as user-generated, selfie-style videos. Also, quotes, memes, mini-infographics are great options for your Instagram stories.

You can experiment with video types. Also, one can put short videos on Instagram posts or GIFs. You can try something unique and different.

One can test different Instagram stories styles. You can check if it improves your engagement level. Whether a chatty BTS resembles your followers or a weekly round-up.

When you test with different styles and types of content, make sure to check analytics.

You can watch how your posts are performing over time. And also check several metrics like engagement rate, likes, and comments on your Instagram story. One can track your content for one month. You will get to know how much your Instagram story engagement has increased.

Collaborate with Other Brands on Instagram:

If you feel stuck in a rut and not sure what you have to post for your audience? Then you must Collaborate!

Whether you host an Instagram takeover on your Story posts, simply lead an Instagram live with another brand. Or even co-design a product, brand or service, collaborate. Collaboration is a great method to build new audiences. It keeps your audience engaged with something unique and different.

Myntra collaborated with fashion influencers to create a winter collection. Both brands showcased the products on their Instagram story. Plenty of user-generated details making it highlights.

When you collaborate with another brand, you have to think about the followers too. You have to keep the partnership beneficial. You have to ensure that both your viewers will wish to engage with you.

Build a strong brand:

Clarity, consistency, and innovation are kings for companies aiming to build brand visibility on Instagram. A haphazard or erratic technique would not work.

One must concentrate on core areas like presenting your creating style patterns. Also, presenting your profile keep your images looking fresh and appealing. You must master the use of hashtags. And make sure to be interactive with your audience daily. You have to build loyalty and engagement towards your followers.

Implement the process and brand with the best techniques for Instagram. You can present a consistent and positive brand to your followers.

Schedule Your Instagram Stories in Advance:

You can schedule your Instagram stories in advance if you want success!

Now that you have your best time to post work out for your product, brand or service. You can set aside time to plan as well as schedule so that it gives a better chance at increasing your target audience views. And reaching to a wider audience.

It means that you don’t miss even a single chance to increase your overall Instagram stories. Storyboarding, include a swipe up link or call to action.

You can think of this scheduling and planning time as your Instagram review on stories. You can give a look through it. And once you are happy with what you are going to post on your Instagram stories. All you have to do is schedule a right time for it to go live!

Write Longer Captions:

Did you know that your Instagram caption or content can be up to 2,200 characters long? It is a lot of space to share with your viewers.

One of the reason that affects how your Instagram post performs in the algorithm is the time spent on the feed post.

So, one of the effective ways of increasing your Instagram story engagement is writing longer captions for your Instagram feed post.

Many of the Influencers suggest that it is one of the best way to boost your Instagram engagement.

Create a branded hashtag:

A branded hashtag is a key part of a successful Instagram stories marketing strategy.

The best starting thing is a branded hashtag for your Instagram stories posts. It must be memorable, short, and include your brand, service, or product in some form. Think #Newstyle from New collection or #India from Make in India.

The advantages of the branded hashtags are to make your content drive traffic and discoverable to your profile. Also, to create a strong community around your product, service, or brand. It also helps you to organize your unique content to track and find it easily.

You can use the hashtag in your bio, that is visible to everyone who visits your profile.

There is no rule that you should have only one hashtag. You can create hashtags for a specific competition or campaign, encourage audience-generated content and showcase brand advocates.

Take the clothing brand Myantra as an example. The brand opted for the hashtag #clothing which fits right with its mission of clothing store. Or #onlineshopping that serves the purpose of online shopping for its customers.

Share Data Your Audience Will Love:

Posting data-driven and personalized content is a big trend prediction for 2021 and it helps to drive great engagement too. CEO and Founder of Social studies, Inc, Brandon Perlman says that personalized content and machine learning will not anywhere.

He says, there are a lot more infographics and data-driven analyses being shared from real consumers, fans and brand advocates.

The best example is Spotify’s campaign that is informative, personal, brilliant, custom, utility-driven, just slick and shareable.

Cross-Promote Your Instagram Stories on Your Feed:

When you get tons of engagement on your Instagram feed posts, then you can leverage it to drive traffic to your Instagram story. It is a simple and easy way that helps to remind your audience that you have live Instagram stories. And they stand to learn more if the audience taps to see your most recent posts. It is a technique that can be used on Later’s Profile on Instagram. When you have great content to share but you cannot share it all in a post caption then you must use this strategy.

Get Creative with Animations on Your Instagram Stories:

Instagram story is a popular one with more than 500M users daily. One of the ways to stand apart from the crowd is with engaging and innovative Instagram stories animations.

There are many tools and apps such as Over and Mojo that can help you create awesome fun animations for your Instagram. Story posts without having to spend hours learning how to edit videos or hiring a graphic designer.

Use GIF Stickers to Strengthen Your CTA:

Whether you wish your followers to swipe up, tap-and-hold, or tap forward your screen to know more. There is a GIF sticker to help you.

You can include GIFs, like animated GIFs in your Instagram stories posts to allow your audience to take action on your Instagram. Story posts without overloading the text with design.

Remind Your Audience About an Awesome Launch With the Countdown Sticker:

When it comes to introducing a new product, service, or brand on the social media platforms. You have to ensure that you are creating a buzz!

And one of the best ways to future-proof your success of the campaign is by using the countdown sticker feature. If your audience taps the countdown sticker they are watching the countdown, so when that time runs out. They get a notification to check back in with your feed and post.

Celebrate your big and small wins:

Who doesn’t love a success story! It could be as simple and easy as posting video testimonials from your clients. You can use Instagram Stories as a medium to publish bite-sized case studies. After and before shots, You can post such Instagram stories to increase your Instagram engagement. You have to ensure that you are showing off the big selling points of your product, brand, or services. You have to tell your audience how they can get an advantage from them.

Plan to promote a live event:

If you plan to stream an Instagram event Live, you must take benefit from free publicity by uploading a promo to your Instagram story. It is one of the best methods to keep your users in the loop and drive more views on your Instagram Live Stream. You can post some follow-up questions after the Instagram Live stream. You can ask your audience what they would like to watch for the next one.


While you may not be able to increase your Instagram stories engagement in a day, on a positive note. It can be done easily with some improvement in your marketing strategies.

So next time when you are going to create your Instagram Stories posts. You must think about easy and simple strategies to draw in more viewers. Also, encourage your users to engage with your Instagram story posts and create captivating content. You will start to see increase in your Instagram stories engagement.