Capturing your audience’s interest in the world of social media can be difficult. Our service is here to help you unlock the full potential of Instagram stories.

Imagine being able to create Instagram Stories which not only engage your audience but are also memorable. You can achieve this with our service. Our expertise can be tailored to meet your specific needs, whether you are a small company, an influencer or an ecommerce giant.

You’ll see a dramatic change in the way you engage with Instagram. Bye-bye to boring Stories. Welcome to compelling narratives with a lasting impact. Our service will help you achieve Instagram success, from increased brand awareness to stronger connections with followers to higher conversion rates. We invite you to join us on this journey and let’s together make your Instagram Stories stand out from the crowd.

1. Story Content Optimisation

We are masters at crafting compelling stories. We analyse your audience and brand personality to ensure that each story is on target. Our tailored content will increase user engagement as it resonates with your audience.

2. The Interactive Story Element

Interactive elements such as quizzes and swipe-up hyperlinks bring your stories to life. This feature keeps your audience interested and encourages meaningful interaction. You will see an increase in user retention, as well as a feeling of community.

3. Story Analysis and Optimization

We don’t just stop with the creation of your stories. We continue to monitor their performance and make data-driven changes in order to maximise results. Every story is optimised to achieve success, and you’ll see a steady increase in audience engagement.

What is Engagement on Instagram?

Engagement on Instagram is at the core of your visual presence. Likes, comments and shares are all part of the engagement. This is the magic trick that transforms passive Instagram scrollers into active participants.

The Different Facets of Engagement

Instagram engagement is multifaceted. It consists of various factors that determine your reach and influence.


The digital thumbs up is the easiest form of engagement. Likes are a sign that your content was visually pleasing or engaging.


Commentaries are the place where conversation happens. Comments can be a reflection of genuine interest, and they may spark a discussion or provide useful feedback. Commenting on articles fosters community.


Shares can extend your reach to people beyond your current followers. Shared content reaches a wider audience and can introduce you to potential new fans.

Direct Messages

They are often started by people who like your content. They provide a great opportunity to connect with people and collaborate.

Story Interactions

Instagram Stories is another way to engage your audience. They include features such as polls, swipe-up links and questions.

Why is Engagement Important?

It’s not just about vanity metrics; engagement is the backbone of any Instagram strategy. Why it’s important:

Visibility: Instagram’s algorithm rewards content that has a high level of engagement. This ensures it is displayed on more feeds.

Engaging your audience actively builds credibility and trust.

Engagement: It fosters community and turns casual supporters into loyal ones.

Feedback: Comments, DMs and other feedback can provide valuable insights about what your target audience is looking for. This will help you to develop your content strategy.

How to Increase Engagement on Instagram With Stories

We help small businesses, e-commerce, influencers and brands to increase Instagram engagement with engaging Stories. Imagine capturing your audience’s attention with interactive polls and engaging user-generated material. Our expertise will help you increase follower engagement and product visibility. You’ll also see an increased level of audience interaction. Start boosting engagement today with Stories to boost your Instagram profile.

Story Planning

A well-planned plan is the first step in crafting engaging stories. We will work with you to create a calendar of content that aligns with your brand, and ensures your stories resonate with your target audience.

Strategic story planning will improve your message consistency and brand recognition, as well as increase viewer expectations.

Story Design

Instagram Stories that are engaging require stunning visuals, and creative elements. We will create eye-catching Instagram stories to captivate and communicate the personality of your brand. Your followers will remember you and your Instagram business.

Story Analysis

It is important to understand the success of your content in order to improve it continuously. You can refine your strategy by using our analytics tools to gain insights on viewer behaviour. Data-driven decision making, engagement optimization, and tracking your progress will be easy.

Boost Your Engagement on Instagram by Understanding What Your Audience Wants

The audience insights

The first step to Instagram success is understanding your audience. Our Audience Insights gives you access to an enormous amount of data about your fans. Find out about their interests, demographics and behavior online. You can then tailor your content to maximise its impact.

Content Strategy

We’re experts at creating compelling content ideas. We offer a Content Strategy Service that helps you create and plan posts to captivate your target audience. We’ve got it all covered, from eye-catching images to captivating captions.

Engagement Tracking

Understanding what works for you is important. You’ll get detailed Instagram reports with our Engagement Tracking Service. Track likes, comment, share, and growth of followers. Real-time adaptation of your strategy is key to maximising results.

Community Building

They are more than just numbers. Your fans are part of a group. Our Community Building Service helps you cultivate a loyal and engaged fanbase. Promote conversations, hold giveaways and create lasting relationships with your audience.

How to Boost Your Instagram Stories Engagement with Stickers

Creative Sticker Library

Explore our sticker collection, which offers a variety of choices to improve your Instagram Stories. Our stickers are perfect for promoting products or sharing moments. Use emojis and GIFs to make a lasting impact.

The Data Driven Insights

We provide you with valuable insight into the engagement of your stories. You can easily track views, clicks and interactions. Understanding what content works for your audience will help you refine your strategy.

Create Custom Stickers

Make your stickers unique and tailored to you or your personality. You can upload and design custom stickers to add a personal touch.


1. How does Instagram Story Engagement benefit my brand?

Instagram Story Engagement boosts visibility, fosters connections with your audience, and drives more conversions.

2. Can I target specific audiences with this service?

Yes, our service allows you to tailor your stories to specific demographics, ensuring your message reaches the right people.

3. Is this service suitable for influencers?

Absolutely! Our service caters to influencers seeking to amplify their reach and engage with their followers authentically.

4. How quickly can I expect to see results?

Results vary but many clients notice a positive impact on their Instagram engagement within a few weeks.

5. What sets Oxygen’s service apart from competitors?

Oxygen offers a personalised approach, user-friendly tools, and a dedicated support team, ensuring your success on Instagram.