The digital platform gives a lot of opportunity for the netizens. Such a stage gives them the opportunity to grow in the digital field and also to earn good money. If you are in the same race, then you have landed at the right place. Here, you will get a guide to make 1000 USD daily using Quora.

Quora is an efficient platform to earn 1000 USD daily.

It is a question and answer based American website that serves as a knowledge offering platform. It is a website that enables users to seek the answer to any questions. But, it also offers money to the users and this is likely known to very fewer users.

Few statistics of Quora:

The statistics gives the real picture of Quora that includes users count and more.

  1. Quora is not much popular as Facebook or Instagram, but it has a huge number of users. As per the report, Quora retains 300 million active users in a month. However, in 2017, the active number was 200 million.
  2. The advertisers are significantly increasing in Quora. As per the Marketing Guide of Quora, 60% of advertisers are B2B and 40 % are B2C.
  3. Through Quora, the conversion rate is 4 times and that is a positive symbol.
  4. As per the record, 63% of the visitors come from Google to the Quora platform.
  5. According to Alexa, the leading web analytic, report that Quora has huge traffics. Moreover, it retains the 80th rank for global traffic. So, using this platform you can earn good money.
  6. With the demand of Quora, the marketers are showing interest in this platform to boost the business. Nearly, 27% of them are planning to invest in Quora ads.
  7. As per Silicon Valley, Quora is a $2 billion company due to the effort of the users and advertisers.
  8. Everyday Life Category is the most populous one in Quora and has more followers than any category.
  9. As per the report, the emerging category in Quora is Health, Wellness, and Fitness.
  10. The CTR and CPC on Quora are better than other platforms. On average, CTR is 0.90% and CPC is $0.22. The rates are quite good for businesses.

Two ways to make 1000 USD Daily using Quora:

There are two ways to earn money by using Quora. One to divert the visitors to your website because Quora has millions of users. Once visitors reach your website, then your website traffic will increase. That may give you revenue through the Ads. Moreover, CPA, i.e. Cost Per Action must be utilized to earn money.

CPA is a way to get money from the advertisers. Once, you got the traffic on your website via Quora, then using CPA you can daily earn 1000 USD. In the CPA process, the advertisers pay the money to the publishers when his/her thought action is completed. In CPA marketing, there are various forms such as CTR, EPC, Locker, and many more.

Let’s start the process how to unleash the way to make 1000 USD daily using Quora.

Search on Google Something like “How Can I view a private Instagram Account 2020”

After you type this you get results something like :

“How Can i view a private Instagram Account 2020”

Then Go to Quora Links that will be shown by Google to you then write an effective answer like this shown in the image.

CPA Pages:

This method is made for those people who are looking to make money online.

Note* : You can purchase up votes for Quora to make your answers outstanding on Quora.

To know more about CPA offers or Content locking pages please go through below information.

Content Locking:

The content locking concept is the part of the CPA that helps you to earn money. In this process, you have put a lock on any content. Once the visitor opens it, then you will get the money from the advertisers. Let’s understand in simple terms, for example, if you wrote any short story and locked it. The locking terms refer to subscribe for newsletter or others. Now, if any user wants to download such a story, then he/she will have to perform the action prescribed by you. For every download, you will get money from the advertisers. The range lies from $1-$25 and if you perform it in a good way, then you can daily earn 1000 USD.

In content locking, you will have to focus on the trending topics so that any users come to your website. To get the trending topic, you must know what is happening in the world. So, rely on TV, newspaper, and other genuine platforms that throws the light on world events. Once you choose the trendy topic and worked well in the content, then visitors will come to your website directly.

In content locking, the other thing you need to focus on the Niche. There are many users and their choice differs. So, you need to focus on such a niche whose majority is high. You can use Google Ads Keyword Planner to get the best niche that is trending.

Once, the frequency of users increases then, you can get good money from the advertisers. Moreover, there are many useful CPA platforms that offer Content Lockings such as CPABuild, CPAGrip, CPALead, and many more.

Some FAQ related to CPA
Is it possible to access multiple websites of content locking websites on the same domain?

Yes, that is possible and you can host as many content locking websites on a single domain as you want.

How many accounts are required to build in Quora to get a good result?

If you are paving your way to dig handsome money, then you need to put as many answers as you can. For instance, if you get $1 for each lead converted from Quora, then you can imagine the rest. In general, it is 1 answer 1 account and you can use proxies to get the optimum result.

Is it necessary to link your domain to CPA?

Yes, you need to do the above task and direct the users to the Landing Page. To do the task, launch the Landing page, fill in some information, and then click on the Continue button. Now, the Locker will do the task and you can keep the Content Locker as per your desire.

By using CPA methods will the domain remain or get deleted?

There is no effect on your domain and the same will exist. So, you don’t have to bother about your domain when using CPA.

Does this method work with Other Niches?

Yes, This method works with other niches. But, you need to find different questions. Like if you can look for Fifa Coins related questions too with this method.

Does this method work with other Social Networking Sites?

Yes, This method works with other Social Networks. But, you need to be able to find them on 1st Page of Google and Able to deliver answer or comment on that.

Can I have Multiple Accounts on Quora?

To Scale high results with this you need around 500 Quora accounts. These can be made by using Bots.

Do we need to make short Answers or Long Answers?

Most Cases you need to have Long Answers as they will help you to rank on Google easily.

The second way to earn money from Quora
The other way to get the money directly from Quora is the Quora Partner Program. In this program, the people who ask questions get paid by Quora. But, this is an invitation program in which Quora invites the person to execute the program. Such persons are called Partners, and they receive the money via traffic and ad-impression on that question.

Moreover, the revenue depends upon the answers given by the users on that question. Now, few questions will arise on the mind, such as whom the Quora invites, how much does the partner receive? And many more. Let’s resolve such a query in a sequential form.

Is Quora Partner Program a Genuine One?

Quora Partner Program is a good way to earn the money.
Most of the users thought that Quora Partner Program is not a legit one. Just because of the bitter experience and even some of them called it a scam. But, the majority of the users trusted as legit. So you can take a chance to make money.

How does Quora Invite a person as a Partner?
The prime factor that Quora look for a partner is the visibility of the content. If more than 0.1 million users view your content, then you may get an invitation from Quora. However, if you are residing in the U.S.A, then the probability of getting an invitation is high. Also, if you are a Quora employee then you can get enroll in Quora Partner Program.

What is the process to make 1000 USD Daily using Quora?
Now, you are aware of Quora Partner Program and how to get enrolled. Before heading to the revenue generation process, you must be aware of the flow of money. It means, how Quora is generating money and how it is distributing to a partner.

The prime source of money for Quora is the Advertisers. They post the ads of products or services on the Quora platform. In return, they give money to Quora.

Now, Quora pays the money to a person who is associated with Quora Partner Program. If you belong in this category, and want to make 1000 USD Daily using Quora. Then, you need to follow some guidelines, especially focus on trending topics. You can take assistance from the Google trends for the topics. Try to form a question that engages the users and focus to get millions of views.


So, these were the two efficient ways to make 1000 USD daily using Quora. If you have a good website that has catchy content, then using the CPA network and Quora you can earn money. Moreover, if you become a Quora Partner Program, then you can daily earn 1000 USD. Hence, go with both ways and increase your business revenue.