YouTube is the most famous and known platform for video sharing all over the world. It is the fastest-growing platform where a huge number of people have their channels to showcase their talent. We get to see tons of new videos of different varieties on YouTube every day.

There is almost nothing that you cant able find on Youtube here. You can find all your interests on this platform. It consists of informative content, tutorials regarding different things, recipe videos, comedy videos, news, and everything else that can be found here.

Daily, YouTube gets millions of searches that are many folds greater than any other recognized platform.
In this article, you will know about the top searches on YouTube.

Top 20 searches on YouTube

  • Bts: This channel belongs to seven boys who have a strong fan base all over the world. It a music channel, and people love to watch them.
  • pewdiepie: This channel belongs to a Swedish YouTube star and is the second most subscribed Youtube channel after the T series. It uploads the comedy show content and plays videos.
  • ASMR: People watch these videos to hear different sounds that satisfy them and release their stress. There are many short and long ASMR videos present on every platform with a huge number of views.
  • Billie Eilish: Billie Eilish is an American singer and is quite famous. She has a strong audience on every platform, and people love to watch her.
  • Baby shark: These are kid-based videos, and children love to watch them. They have billions of views across YouTube.
  • badbun: This is a production company and has remarkable growth across previous years.
  • blackpink: just like bts is the south Korean group of boys, Blackpink is the south Korean group of girls famous worldwide.
  • Old town road: among the top searches lies Lil Nas X, named old town road.
  • Music: Music heals people, and all over the globe, people listen to connect with their emotions.
  • Peliculas completes en Espanol: this movie vault has subscribers in millions, and each of their videos has billions of views. Fans love to watch it, and the number of searches keeps on increasing daily.
  • fortnite: This is an online gaming platform that came into existence in 2017 and received a huge amount of love and attention from gaming lovers.
  • pewdiepie vs. t series: There was a competition between these two channels on YouTube on which one among the two will cross 100 million followers first. People were curious to know and kept a keen eye on this.
  • Minecraft: Minecraft is a video gaming series that lies on the top searches of this platform and is searched by millions of people daily.
  • Senorita: A song by Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes has more than a billion views on YouTube.
  • Ariana Grande: A singer and actress by profession who makes people crazy on every appearance. Ariana Grande is an award-winning artist and has made it to the Guinness World Records also.
  • Alan Walker: A producer and DJ by profession with a huge audience and recognized certifications.
  • Calma: A song by Pedro Capo famous all over the globe.
  • Tik Tok: Tiktok is a short video platform for lip-syncing, and most people love to watch this, which makes it rank in the top 20 searches of such a great platform.
  • Musica: The music videos that people search makes them one among the top searches.
  • Bad Bunny: This rapper has a huge fan following. Bad Bunny is the stage name, while his original name is Benito Antonio, Martinez Ocasio.

Few other points on YouTube

A wide range of people are on YouTube and have built a career on this platform. Their content is related to music, dance, cooking, informative classes, comedy, and much more. In India, the most available and subscribed channel is the T series. Also, the T series is the most subscribed channel all over the world. It is a music brand and releases music with artists. The most subscribed solo channel belongs to Ajey Nagar, aka Carryminati. The name of his channel is Carryminati, and it is a YouTube roast channel.
The top searches of this platform keep on changing due to the wide range of people using it.
Along with this, people also directly search for their favorite personals, music videos, or more.


It seems from the searches that having a strong base of fans is necessary when you want to introduce yourself on YouTube. You can also see some difficult competitions going on YouTube in case of likes and number of subscribers. The winners being those with the most influencing content and a strong audience.