Every student knows how difficult it is to write papers in college or university. It can be a challenging task. And not all students have the skills or knowledge to write articles. So, Juli Sheller, a young app developer, decided to create a platform that streamlines the writing of student papers. She knows by her example how difficult it is to write an interesting essay, check it for mistakes and originality, and create citations to it.

The essay is a paper that will come in handy not only for students but also for those who are interviewing for a job for the first time. Now it is a popular type of test, which is used not only by teachers at universities but also by employers. Therefore, trying to write the paper correctly and quickly is important. This can be done with the help of the essay writer platform. This platform allows students to write an essay with ease. Below in the article, we will tell you how to use the website and its tools.

Why is it beneficial to use tools to write essays?

An essay is a written student paper that university students do several times a week, so this type of assignment is familiar to all students. The essay, regardless of its unique form, is needed to show your knowledge on a given topic and test your writing skills. If you lack in some area of the essay, the work will look inconsistent, and the teacher won’t accept it.

Moreover, with the help of essays, students get an opportunity to demonstrate their eloquence and rhetoric, which is considered one of the indicators of personal development. Therefore, students should take essay writing seriously. Before the writing itself, students should collect data.

Unfortunately, it takes more time to get quick results. That is why you can try extra help that will cost you no money. Using the PaperTyper platform for proofreading and writing assistance is much better. This essay writer tool based on AI helps you get the task done quickly. So what tools will help you write an essay?

Essay Typer

As mentioned earlier in the article, an essay is an important paper that you need to be able to write. But due to lack of time, students may need help writing it. So this tool will help you. You can enter your topic or keyword in the search bar. The generator will quickly generate a sample on this topic. The main advantage of this resource is ready-made essays that you can use as a basis for your paper. You don’t need to invent anything. This tool is suitable for those who need help with paper writing or who don’t have time to write a new one.

There is also an upgraded version of the generator that works on the basis of artificial intelligence. For you, it means that AI will help you find material even on the most challenging subjects and topics.

Grammar Checker

This tool helps students quickly check their papers for mistakes. Very often, students have errors in their papers and miss them when proofreading. As a result, the grade for the work decreases. Service Grammar Checker quickly analyzes your work and shows any errors that must be corrected. How to use the tool? Upload the finished piece of writing in the field for verification. In a few seconds, the checker will show you the correct result.

Citation generator

It is easier to imagine a work with citations. The paper looks finished and competent. Of course, formatting citations can be challenging. Therefore, this essay writer platform offers such an opportunity. With this generator, you just fill in the citation details, and the tool will do the rest. Just choose the appropriate style – APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian, or IEEE.

Plagiarism checker

For many papers, there is one crucial requirement – high uniqueness. This means that the student should work on a paper themselves, without copying anything. With this tool, you won’t have plagiarism issues anymore. You only need to copy and paste the text into the active field and wait for the verification. The plagiarism checker searches for similarities with other sources online and shows all the possible matches. Students receive a quick and high-quality check of any written work.

Knowledge Bank

For students who are trying to write student articles on their own, a unique resource has been developed – Knowledge Bank. This is an actual base of articles regarding essay writing, citing, plagiarism, and researching. Now you easily find everything you need for essay writing without the need to search for hours on different websites. Just choose from those offered on the site and use them to write your essay.

Benefits of using a platform for essay writing

You can use this service to write great essays much quicker. It is helpful for every student when you have a limited time. Essay Typer works fast and helps students to write a solid draft. Also, you can check your paper for quality and uniqueness. Users only need to register to use advanced Essay Typer. You can enter your details or quickly verify using your Google account. Use the website to write essays and other student papers with ease. On the site, you can also order an article for a real writer. They will get the task done according to the task you provide. But that isn’t mandatory. With the help of the site’s tools, you can independently cope with writing even the most complex writing.