Is there a right time to post on Instagram to get maximum views and likes on your kinds of stuff? Yes, and besides Instagram but on other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter. I will discuss further on “When is the right time to post on Instagram?” in detail. And explain to you it’s a function and some best tome and day that it will work better.

Technical terms related to the Instagram post

In the Past Instagram posts were in chronological order but things have changed so does Instagram. Instagram does not show the posts in chronological order anymore.

It’s the algorithm that now works differently. Instagram has decided to change the order. It has now emphasized the three major factors that how a post-show up in your Instagram feeds.

The recency of the post

Recency means Instagram will give priority to your current or the recent post, may an hour old or two. The old post will not appear on Instagram feeds like a day-old or two-day-old post. Instagram will not give priority to your older post which is fair enough.


Instagram will show you the post of your interest, posts that you have previously shown some interest will appear first and appear more often. Suppose you are interested in bikes and every time you see a post of bikes. You take your time, reads the specification and admire the design of the bike. The Instagram algorithm keeps an eye on your activity and analyzes it to show you the posts are of your interest.


Post from a friend, family, or any user with higher past interaction will show up first in your Instagram feed. That how the algorithm of Instagram works. Like you have interacted more with your best friend on Instagram so it is obvious your best friend’s post will appear every time.

Some factors on which Instagram post works

To identify the best right time to post on Instagram you should know some basic things that might be helpful for you.

Insights into your business profile:

If you are a businessman who runs a small or a big business and using a business profile on Instagram for business purposes. It is important to analyze certain things like the past engagement of your followers, story, reach, websites click, profile views, and impression. This will help you to get a significant lead and important information about what is important to post on Instagram.

So that your post will reach maximum users and get a greater number of likes and views. Like you posted some product of your company and then you can check how many views and likes you have got. Your websites via your Instagram post, how many users have visited directly to your profile. It will also let you know, how many users have reached your post.

Patterns of the engagement:

It is important to understand your follower. No matter what others suggest to you the time or content post on Instagram, they know nothing about your followers. You know your followers better than anybody else. It is important to trust yourself on some occasions keeping the engagement of your followers in your mind. You know the behavior of your follower and you know about that which follower spends more time on Instagram. You know which follower is showing interest on your Instagram and how often does he like or comments on your post consistently.

Time Zone:

It is very important to know your followers and where are they from. If more than 90% of your followers are from your place and country then the job becomes easier for you. But if 50% of followers are from different countries and the remaining are from your country.

Then you have to figure out the time zone at what time you should post on Instagram. And how it should reach every single follower irrespective of the time zone. You need to figure out this and for that, you need to analyze various aspects of the activity of different followers.

Target the demography of your followers:

It means that people of different age groups and different professions might not consume Instagram at the same time. Like kids who go to school, adults who go to the office, and students who go to colleges might have a different schedule. Like a school kid who might not glance at Instagram, early in the morning till lunchtime.

But adults who go to the office have a higher chance to check in the morning as well as in the lunch break. And at bedtime for the final time. But the young student who goes to college might see during off hours because they stay out long at the night.

When is the right time to post on Instagram?

The right time to post on Instagram
The right time to post on Instagram

There are so many aspects that help you to understand that even time plays an important role. Posting at a certain time is key to get a greater number of likes and views on your posts that you post on Instagram. Days are also considered to be essential from the user’s occupational point of view. Let’s see the important factors to rank the post on Insta in detail.

It is important to understand what content you post and for what purpose?

Like you are posting something for business purposes like B2B Companies. Are you a celebrity or any kind of influencer or motivational speaker? And your purpose of posting on Instagram is to influence people through what you do.

In other cases, if you are any celebrity and your post is for the film promotion purpose or to just interact with your fans? If you a professor or a teacher and your content are about education then make sure to add more students.

Advantages of using the scheduling tool on Instagram:

Maintaining engagement and relevancy is very important and it takes a lot of effort and research. You just don’t have to be active on Instagram 24×7 to reach your followers. You can instead use scheduling tools to stag post from your Instagram account.

These tools are very easy to use and you can handle these tools without putting in any extra effort. The different user uses different tools. But every tool has its benefits and advantages too. You have the options that you can either use scheduling tools or a built-in audience analysis feature.

By doing these you will understand your audiences easily and you will get to know about your user activity. These will keep you away from handling things manually which is not that easy. Make sure that the content, videos, or images you post should be of high quality and eye-catching.

You can develop your marketing skills as well by posting on social media platforms which is the best platform for promotions and marketing. Try to schedule them at a peak time for more views and likes.

Another advantage of the scheduling tool is, you figure out the post performed well in past on other platforms. And further, you can post that on Instagram. It will perform well on Instagram as well because everybody loves good things.

Some of Instagram best scheduling tools:

There are mainly 7 Instagram scheduling tools that you might want to know about.

Some of them are free while others are not free. It is important how to opt for different tools. You can also opt for paid tools for better and fast results. Different tools offer different services, there are tools that offer you for free short-term trial.

I would recommend that go ahead and make the most of those free trial tools. You can try different tools and then decide which tool suits you fit. Your job will become much easier after a short while.

Top 7 Best Instagram and other Social Media Scheduling Tools:

  1. Later
    Later is the only Instagram tool which provides drag and drops scheduling feature which no other tools have this feature. Using the later Instagram tool, you can choose different days and times to post.

On all the weekday posts, you stuff at late night and early in the morning. Avoid posting during office hours or while office timing. Post between 7 AM to 8 AM. Avoid posting late at night on weekends.

  1. Tailwind
    Tailwind is the tool which is best for the small business and bloggers by using this tool you can post on Pinterest and Instagram. Bloggers are a great fan of the tailwind tool, and they use this tool more frequently than any other tool. You can also upload images in bulk and use hashtag search as well.
  1. Autogrammer
    Autogrammer is a multi-level tool which works on multiple social media platforms. Through Autogrammer, you can schedule the post or content across different social media. Such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram these three social media that you can handle with just a single tool.It has also the feature of editing the images and bulk posting. The bulk posting feature is very common and you find this feature in almost every Instagram scheduling tool.

It has also the feature of editing the images and bulk posting. The bulk po

sting feature is very common and you find this feature in almost every Instagram scheduling tool.

  1. Schedugram
    Schedugram is a tool which has a unique feature, it has a feature like all in one kind of feature. You can use schedugram and you can get a post scheduler and photo editor all in one tool.
  1. Hubspot
    Hubspot is the tool that is best for businesses and helps to grow your business exponentially well. Hubspot is a multi-face platform. And it supports social scheduling and a lot of other resources as well for the growth of your business. When is the right time to post on Instagram using the Hubspot tool?

You can post on weekends like on Sunday between 11 AM to 3 PM. You can post on weekdays as well like on Monday Between 10 AM to 4 PM. On Tuesday may be early in the morning and in the late evening at 5 PM or 6 PM. Early morning at 5 AM works best on weekdays and Sat during daytime right before lunch.

  1. Sprout
    Sprout social tool is nothing but a social media calendar kind of tool for the business. It allows you to post and helps you to identify the user’s engagement. It also has the feature like social listening, which helps you to spot the commenting part across your media platform.

Here you can even use hot topics and you can plan better for your content. This tool is for business so make sure to post on weekdays using Sprout social tool. Like on Wednesday is the best day among all days in a week. On Fri may during day time between 10 AM to 11 AM.

  1. Buffer
    Buffer is another Instagram tool that has amazing features. Buffer is a multi-level tool and using that you can schedule your post across six different social media platforms. It has the feature like browser extensions and mobile app which can help you with content staging.

Some key points to remember – when is the right to post on Instagram

Consider a day of the week:

It could be any of the weekdays or any of the weekends like Sat or Sun. Weekends don’t need to be the great choice of choosing a day because it’s a holiday. People don’t go to work on weekends but that doesn’t mean they don’t go or plan anything on weekends either.

On the other hand, it is uncertain the on weekdays people won’t use social media because of the workload. In both cases, there is uncertainty, it’s better to think out of the box and understand your audience. It is pretty much possible that people on weekends want to enjoy and have fun. They might plan for a night out, maybe a couple goes for a date and family on a road trip or picnic.

In other cases, it is possible for people who are in the office and working. They might get breaks or during the lunch hour, they go through the Instagram newsfeed for refreshment. I help to release the work pressure. To release the work pressure, they can’t plan to go out for a picnic or on a date. They will have limited options to entertain themselves and thus, it might work for you to post at those times.


Hope the entire information given on “When is the right time to post on Instagram?” will help you to bring maximum traffic on Instagram. Let us know in the comment section below, what are the major things you are going to adopt. To increasing post engagement and maximizing time spent on your social media profiles.