Top 10 Cyber Monday SEO deals/Offer 2020

Top 10 Cyber Monday SEO deals/Offer 2020

Get amazing deals this season on the occasion of Cyber Monday SEO deals 2020.

After Blackfriday deals we are proud to bring Cyber Monday SEO Deals for our clients. This season save up to 70% off on our SEO Season.

We are love to offer you these amazing deals for every client for this Cyber Monday Offer.

Its time to capture Cyber Monday SEO Deals upto 70% off
Cyber Monday Deals 2020

There are many SEO software and Tools like surfer SEO, SEO Spyglass, SEO Powersuite as they are offering discount this Cyber Monday deals.

But Oxygenites is one of the website who are offering wide range of discounts on SEO Service.

We are offering these amazing hot deal that is up to 70 % off.

These are the following SEO Packages on whom we are offering these amazing discounts.


Google Master is one of the finest SEO Package. It is dominating SERPs for almost 10,000 clients so far that includes Fortune 1000 Companies.

In this Package we have included keyword research and target powerful keyword this can bring you amazing results.

We had good success rate with Blackfriday SEO deals now its time for you to grab this amazing opportunity with Cyber Monday.

Coupon Code:

We are offering around 60% SEO deal on Google Master. You can use this coupon code. To grab this deal you can use this coupon code : CYBERMONDAY.


Google Booster is one of the Oldest SEO Service. We are ranking big fortune 1000 companies website using this SEO service and this package is a Google Algorithm friendly.

We are offering this Gold standard SEO Accomidity at affordable price on this Cyber Monday Deals.

Google Boosters has being using by over 4000 clients so far and the clients are belongs to well known industry.

Coupon Code:

You can try this coupon code : CYBERMONDAY and get up to 60% off on this service.


Social Media Verification is one of the top service we are offering to our clients. In Social Media Verification service we will help to get blue tick on your social media account.

We helped well known celebrities to get blue tick on their account.

Our experience team that is fully trained to achieve results for our clients.

Coupon Code:-

You can get up to 20% discount on our Social Media Verification Service on this Cyber Monday SEO Deals.

You can get blue tick on Facebook (page and profile), Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Knowledge Panel and many more.

For more information regarding this service try to contact us.

4. Premium Editorial Links:-

We are offering Premium Editorial Links from famous websites like Forbes, Tech Crunch, The Guardian and many more at affordable prices.

Premium Editorial Links will boost your results to next well and bring tons of authority to your website.

These will help you to verify your Social media verification accounts too. Since the links are coming from top authority websites and your brand gets mentioned in those web pages.

5. Infographic + Placement Service:-

In this service we will design infographic according to your Company needs and missing content from your competition.

Submit infographic into the infographic directories, and we will do outreach for backlink for your website.

Many websites have able to scale their results by this service from us.

For more information about this service you can reach out to us we will surely help you to achieve amazing results.

Discount :

We are offering 20% off on this SEO Service just for you. Utlizie this moment and get amazing discount from us.

6. Video Ranker:

Video Ranker service is one of the powerful Video SEO service. It compiled for the people who are looking to rank their videos on video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and many more.

We are ranking many videos using this service with proper video optimization and good keyword research

This helping videos to secure amazing authority on respective search engines.

Coupon code:

We are offering around 20% discount on this service. Try this service to get amazing results on your videos.

7. The Amazing Spiderman – Private Blog Network:-

The Amazing Spiderman as being using over 4000 Clients all over from world and got speedy results.

We have maintained our blog like real websites that cannot trace by your competition. It will bring real traffic to your website through backlink.

How does it work?

After you place your order we will do Kw (keyword) research for your website and suggest you which keyword is suitable for the network.

That will help you to Kw rank those and increase traffic as well as authority on Google.

A good Kw research is always good for the website otherwise you’re going to waste your money on SEO service. So better Kw needed.

Coupon code:

We are offering around 40% discount on this SEO Service. It is time for you to grab the offer and get amazing discount on this product. Here is the coupon code : CYBERMONDAY.

8. Monthly SEO Service:-

We are one of the top SEO Service provider of Monthly SEO Service. We have being providing this type of monthly SEO service to my top clients from fortune 1000 Companies to Local SEO clients.

As we recommend you to try our premium Monthly Package that is having 20% off right now. It is one of the good SEO service for medium to low competition keywords.

For more information you can contact us :

We will do a powerful keyword research for your website.

In our audit we will create good backlink research, keyword research and recommend you Onpage changes wherever required.

Coupon Code:

You can use this coupon code CYBERMONDAY where you will get up to 20% off on our SEO deals.

9. Rank Local SEO:-

This Service has able to deliver results to over 5000 Local online shops around the world.

Internet Marketers know that 62% is the local companies on Google.

This is flourishing and not many able to find solution to rank on Google.

Google considers many factors for ranking a keyword in local searches. Like Review, The Nearest location for your client, References from big local authority websites and many more.


We are offering 40% off on Rank Local SEO Packages these are exclusively for Cyber Monday deals only.

Use this coupon code: CYBERMONDAY to get advantage of this amazing deal.


This is one of the most effective link building Accomditiy that each website would love to have.

We will provide backlinks from Top Authority websites like Forbes, Tech Crunch, The Guardian and Many More.


You will get around 20% discount on this package. For more information please contact us.

Bonus Service:


We are offering Google ranker package upto 70% off. Through this service we have able to rank around 2000 Clients so far and it is one of the fastest growing SEO Service.

We will do a deep keyword research on your keywords with help of best keyword research tools.

Coupon code:

Use this coupon code : CYBERMONDAY and get up to 70% off on our SEO Services. This Offer is for Limited time only.

If you have any doubts regarding about any SEO Service then please contact us. We will surely help you to achieve great results.

These are our contact details : and you can reach out on WhatsApp: +91-9885346295.

If you are using skype then you can contact us: rocky_4_all (RockyDX). We have ranked over 10,000 Sites so far on internet, and we will surely help you to rank your website too.

YouTube Verification

YouTube Verification

Geting a YouTube verification badge for your channel isn’t easy. This post will show you how.

A YouTube verified badge is of huge importance for anyone who wants to make money from this video sharing platform. But it’s not easy to get the verified badge (gray check mark) and maintain it. Maybe you’ve already tried to get your YouTube channel verified, and you were rejected. Or maybe you just don’t know where to start. Let us show you exactly what you need to do to become verified on YouTube.

This is one of the best Youtube Verification Service.
Youtube Verification Service

A YouTube verification badge is a gray check mark or a gray music note. It shows next to the channel name of a YouTube creator or artist once they are verified.

This verification badge assures authenticity and credibility. It tells the audience that your YouTube channel is run by an established creator or a credible and verified brand/organization.

Two features of YouTube verification badge:

  • No exclusive features: Being YouTube verified doesn’t mean you’ll get access to any exclusive features or perks or awards. As mentioned earlier, it just gives you or your brand authenticity. YouTube viewers will likely trust this channel the very first time they see their video on the feed.
  • **Prevents stolen traffic:**Being verified on YouTube prevents copycats or impersonators from stealing any traffic that should be getting directed to your channel.

A YouTube verification badge and YouTube account verification: Are they the same?

Often misunderstood and seldom clarified; No a YouTube account verification and a YouTube verification badge are different things.

YouTube account verification

Like all social media platforms, YouTube asks you to verify your account by adding a phone number the first time you create an account. This lets YouTube know you’re a real human, not a bot trying to spam the site.

Once you have verified your account, you’ll be given the access to use multiple features. These include, a facility to upload videos over 15 minutes long, add custom thumbnails, live stream, and appeal content ID claims.

Youtube verification confirmation
Youtube verification confirmation

That’s a vital step to create a valid channel. Anyone who wants to monetize their YouTube channel must verify their account.

YouTube verification badge

YouTube verification badge is a symbol of authenticity. As YouTube has stated:

“If a channel is verified, it’s the official channel of a creator, artist, company, or public figure. Verified channels help distinguish official channels from other channels with similar names on YouTube.”

By using your phone number, you can verify your YouTube account in a second. But it takes time and effort to get a verification badge because you need to achieve all the standards. Keep reading to see if you meet these parameters.

Why get verified on YouTube?

On almost all social media platforms, verification gives a profile an additional advantage. It confirms two things; first, the person who owns that account is who they claim to be. Secondly, the person is serious about sharing social content. You’re considerate towards what you’ll say and how you appear o your audience.

Getting a verification badge helps protect your channel from being confused with other fake or fraudulent channels on YouTube. These channels exist and might have as many followers as you. But your channel is verified by YouTube, and potential audiences can identify you as a credible entity.

Understand YouTube verification requirements

Previously, if a channel had over 100,000 subscribers, you could quickly get a verification badge. This led many people to think of a YouTube verification badge as a way of content endorsement. YouTube updated their verification policy in 2019 and to get their verification badge now, your channel must meet the following criteria:

  • Have at least 100,000 subscribers.
  • Be authentic, meaning your channel must represent the real creator, brand, or entity you’re claiming to be.
  • Be complete, meaning your channel must be public and have a description, channel icon, and content, and be active on YouTube.

Is there any shortcut to getting YouTube verification?

Spammers or fraudulent entities always sell you shortcuts that promise immediate results. You may see these offers everywhere on the internet!

However, the truth is that, you need to comply with all the requirements YouTube has established to get your channel verified. The best way to quickly get a YouTube verification badge is following proven tactics to grow views for your channel and increase your subscribers.

Some tips we give prospective YouTubers is:

  • Be transparent with your content: Creating incredible video content is good to attract viewers, but be sure it’s honest and real. Don’t exaggerate or fluke the benefits of your product/service. A good thing to do is; go behind the scenes, tell the story behind your website/product etc.
  • Respond to comments: It’s a great way to show you’re invested in your customers, and you value audience opinions/feedback. It also helps if you start a conversation with new audiences. You introduce yourself/brand and get to learn about them. This encourages potential audience and subscribers.
  • Share videos consistently: It’s recommended that you upload at least one video per week. This is especially important if you’re just starting out and building an audience.

How to get verified on YouTube

If you meet the criteria above, take these two simple steps to get a YouTube verification badge:

Step 1: Go to Google support page

Click on this URL:, or copy and paste it into your browser. Hit Enter.

Scroll down to Apply for channel verification section, and you’ll see a text box like this:

Youtube verification application
Youtube verification application

Notice Apply now text in the text box. You need to click on it to access the application form.

Note: If your channel isn’t eligible, you can’t see the link. Instead, you’ll see a message as below:

Youtube verification channel verification 2
Youtube verification channel verification 2

Click Apply Now to access the application form. All you need to do is to fill in the information.

Youtube verification channel application form
Youtube verification channel application form

To know your Channel ID, sign in your YouTube account > Settings > Advanced settings. It will look something like:

Youtube verification channel ID
Youtube verification channel ID

Once you’re finished, just click the submit button, and you’ll see this notification:

Youtube verification thank you note
Youtube verification thank you note

YouTube will also email you for confirmation:

Youtube verification confirmation email
Youtube verification confirmation email

**#**Note that you may have to wait some weeks for results.

How to stay verified on YouTube

Don’t violate Terms of Service

It’s one thing to get verified on YouTube; it’s another thing to stay verified. Even when you have a verification badge, YouTube can revoke your status if you violate their Terms of Service or Community Guidelines.

Don’t change your channel name

If you change your channel name, you lose your badge as well. Getting a Youtube verification badge is a lot of work. We recommend you settle on one channel name once you’re starting or just before applying for verification. As long as you follow YouTube criteria, you should have no trouble achieving that badge. Good luck!

Want to grow your YouTube audience so you can quickly reach the 100,000 subscriber milestones? Try our premium YouTube verification service to easily schedule and share videos. Let us help you manage and track your performance from wherever you are.

Top 10 Thanksgiving Day SEO Deals 2020

Top 10 Thanksgiving Day SEO Deals 2020

On this Thanksgiving Day SEO Deals get the Best SEO Packages at Cheapest Prices.

We are proud to announce that we are offering Thanksgiving day SEO deals for this year for our clients from all over the world.

We are proud to Announce Thanksgiving Day SEO Deals.
Thanksgiving Day SEO Deals

Many of our clients have experienced amazing ranking over the years with our excellent service and awesome customer care.

These are the following SEO Solutions whom we are offering SEO discounts upto 70%.

Google Master – Superman SEO Service:

Google master is one of the fastest growing SEO Service over 5000 Businesses have successfully achieved amazing results.

Fortune 1000 Companies are using this package to get amazing results on their website. It is time for you to achieve best results with this safest SEO Package in the world.


You can use this coupon code on Google Master: “Thanksgiving” in the order form to get the discount upto 50% off.

Google Booster – NEED4SPEED :

Google Booster is one of the oldest SEO solution that have being using by 3000 Businesses to increase their sales.

They have honestly achieved good results after using Google Boosters SEO package.

Many big companies who were looking for Social Media Exposure have used and gain lots of sales from this dynamic SEO solution.


In Google Boosters order form you can use this coupon code: “Thanksgiving” to get upto 60% on SEO Solution package.

By using Coupon code for Google Boosters order form you can scale your business at good speed.

Monthly SEO Package:

We are offering Monthly SEO Package since few years.

They had good response over 2000 Business have subscribed to our SEO Solution and get amazing results from our SEO Package.

Big Companies like fortune 1000 have used these packages and achieved tremendous boost to their ranking.

We recommend you try our Premium Plan if you get results then you can upgrade to our Enterprise SEO Plan.

If you have any doubts when you upgrade the package then you can contact us.


Monthly SEO package is one of the most demanding packages we are offering on Internet and many people loved the quality of this package.

We are currently offering very minimum seats for this package, and we are offering around 30% discount over this package.

You can use this Coupon code : THANKSGIVING


It is one of the most demanding service where Celebrities are looking for blue tick on their social media accounts.

We are offering Blue ticks on these platforms Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google Knowledge Panel, Linkedin, Tiktok and Many more.

We have verified many Celebrities and Public figures accounts so far.

You can check our Linkedin Profile to know about SEO services and review from our Clients.

And Remember you should be a Public figure then only you can get a blue tick badge on your social media account.


We are offering 20% discount on this service.

It is one of the complicated Social Media Service, so we advise you to contact us before placing your order.

If we are unable to provide blue tick badge to your account then we will refund 60% of the payment you have made us.

The Amazing Spiderman PBN Network:

This service is one of the powerful service and this service is a Google Algorithm friendly. We have sold around 3000 copies on our website.

This SEO Service is comes with average 30 DA high Quality Links.

It is one of the most loved SEO Service by our Clients. The network as being maintained without footprints like an original website.

This SEO Service is a Google Algorithm as we maintained our websites with quality and care.

After using this item you can spike in your Google Analytics. If you follow the description of the service then you can maintain incline curve on your Analytics.


If you are looking for no limit on your SERPs then this item is making for you.

To use this no limit SEO Service with a Special discount price of 40% use this coupon code: THANKSGIVING

If you have any FAQs regarding this SEO Service you can chat with us on skype or Whatsapp. We will definitely reply you.


This is one of the rarest SEO Service that is having high quality blogs around 40 DA.

This one of the favorite SEO Service of fortune 1000 Companies. They have every time delivered results to these clients with gratitude.

Our group has being working really hard to keep this service 101% results oriented.

Clients require results not excuse and this service has been available to do since past 5 years.


You can get upto 40% off on this group of network SEO service. That delivers the results with gratitude.

Please apply this Coupon code : THANKSGIVING


This SEO Service is design for the businesses that have being operated locally and doesn’t have online presence.

Rank Local SEO is capable of delivering results for your local business. Your Phone will not stop ringing that much of business it can generate for you.

If you have any FAQs about Rank Local SEO then you can just contact us. So we can chat with you.

We will show you the fact on this SEO Service can scale your business.

You know the fact don’t lie.

Coupon Code:

You can use this coupon code : THANKSGIVING and get discount upto 30% off.


We are offering this amazing SEO Service. We offer links from famous editorial websites like Forbes, Tech Crunch, The Guardian, NY times and many more.

This Service is designed for those people who are looking to promote their brand and bring traffic to their website. It will help you to increase your SERPs results rapidly.

Coupon code:

You can get discount upto 20% off from this SEO Service. The Quality of these links will outstanding. You can use this coupon code: THANKSGIVING.


This is one of the most complicated SEO Service we are offering for you. The conversion of this service depends on the niche and follower who are following their respective niche.

Link Outreach is considered as the next level SEO service by many SEO experts. It is not easy to get backlinks from this SEO technique.

Ecommerce niche sites can be easily found but other websites it becomes difficult.

For Amazon Affiliates this design is perfect solution.

It can push your 2nd page results to 1st page within the budget.


We are offering around 20% off on this SEO Service before that try to contact us.

We can make sure if we are working on that niche or not.


Infographic Design and Placements are one of the best SEO Service online. These service is specially designed for the people who are looking backlinks different way.

The quality of the backlinks will be high domain authority. You can get decent results with these contextual backlinks.

Coupon Code :

You can get upto 20% off on this SEO Service. By using this coupon code : THANKSGIVING.



It is one of the fastest growing SEO solution we are offering on different platforms the quality of the links are just outstanding.

Many of our customers are getting superb ranking after using this SEO Service.

Coupon code :

You can get upto 70% off from this SEO Service : THANKSGIVING

If you have any questions you can contact us, so we can help you. For more information email us :

Should You go With Monthly SEO Service Plan or Yearly?

Should You go With Monthly SEO Service Plan or Yearly?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is the strategies to enhance the overall performance, visibility and ranking of any website. It helps to earn more revenue and traffic on your blogs. The ongoing Monthly SEO Service helps in enhancing your search result rankings.

Ahrefs shared deep research statistics. It shows that 60% of worldwide marketers agreed that inbound or SEO services helped them to earn the highest quality leads than other sources. The websites coming on top 10 results on the SERP, ranks for around 1000 more relevant keywords existing on their website. And the average pages which are coming on the first page belong to the 2 years old domain age. More than 80% of SEO service competitor charges around $150 for working an hour in the market.

Monthly SEO Service will deliver amazing results for your website.
Monthly SEO Service

SEO service is an important activity to opt for the growth of both small and big businesses. Congratulations if you have adopted it. As a good business player, you know the value of SEO very well. However, this article would be helpful to the existent and new persons to know the effectiveness of SEO in details. Also, you will understand the key factors to choose a trustworthy Search Engine Optimization agency for your blog and firm.

So, without further discussion, let’s grab into the topic through the basic knowledge of SEO.

How SEO Can Boost You Websites Performance?

SEO is a very important part of your successful online marketing strategy. There are many such advantages of SEO which help to boost your business.

You have the authority to optimize your site to bring quality traffic followed by SEO algorithm. Inbound marketing strategy is an added advantage, unlike the outbound promotion. Inbound methods are better than outbound as it provides the user to get what they want without putting any extra effort. It is convenient for the user as well for your business to generate the leads.

You do not have to pay any extra amount like ads in SEO. Once you have designed the website pages with enough contents, you have the investment at the initial stage. There aren’t such extra cost to keep engaging the traffic to your content. It can continue to attract traffic to your site consistently provided that you are generating quality backlinks in a regular schedule.

SEO helps in developing public Relation. Since both SEO and PR are two entirely different terms but combining them will have handy to understand each other. If you are going with paid advertising techniques, despite choosing a Monthly SEO Service plan. Your ad will stop showing on google suddenly after finishing the budget. But SEO is completely an organic way to bring traffic to your blog or website. Also, there isn’t an issue of budget utilization. It is an ongoing process and gives you a consistent result even if you don’t optimize your site later, for a short time.

What Is the Role of SEO?

The first step of SEO is to finish the assessment. Evaluate all the factors which impact the rankings including the keywords research. Also look for the major issues such as setting up navigation, load pages, and site structure. Identifying the audience and the targeted sites with related keywords. Evaluate them to get the output is all they look to do in the best possible way.

Testing and optimizing method, keyword research is very important. Optimizing the pages is equally important and at the end to fix the usability issues if found any. These processes take around a month or maybe more than that.

Analytical and reporting part then comes in to play. These processes include analyzing and monitoring the site to see the result. Checking the key metrics such as traffic and conversation helps to figure out what is working and the area that needs an improvement.

Different Exciting SEO Packages and Services

SEO services come in different packages such as monthly package, half-yearly package, Yearly package or hourly package. It depends on how you choose your package in terms of the services and time.

Choose your packages which are easy to understand and to deal with it. Short term services are for them who are in a hurry to get quick traffic. In such cases, the short-term SEO services can be helpful but won’t give a consistent traffic month by month.

In the other hand, long term services might cost you more but it provides you with the extra benefits. Whereas short term services won’t cost you much but you won’t get the additional luxury either.

In the beginning, you can ask for a trial of Monthly SEO plan to experience the service of a company. And later on, you can contract with them for a quarter or year. Choosing the duration can depend on the complexity of the website to rank on SERP and other major factors.

How to Wisely Choose Your Monthly SEO Service?

Understand your need

Determining the service, you need, right before hiring any agency, first, you need to understand your requirement. Then move to the step-like ask to show their past work and the performances, read the online reviews of the company.

Don’t shy away from taking suggestions

Have a word with your business partner and ask for the suggestions, do research, there are many SEO companies. Search for the different companies, visit the companies’ website, see the about us section and the services they provide, its portfolio and cost.

Comparison between two companies

You can start comparing the company with one another in terms of their services, price, reviews, existing clients. However, Oxygenites is one of the best Monthly SEO service providers who give you a competitive price with the combo package.

Avoid fake companies

Some companies may play with you. They might tell you about the fast and instant result which is never going to happen. If anyone commits you like that, it means they are planning to cheat you. It’s better to stay away from such money-making firms. Because Search Engine Optimization is not in the list of those work that takes a few hours or days to complete. It takes several months to bring your website out from the crowd.

What activities are there in the Basic Monthly SEO Plans?

Every monthly SEO plan is different, though most monthly SEO packages will include;

  • Keywords Research is the key to any SEO plans.
  • Analytical skill, like setting up Google Analytics.
  • Auditing one-time of SEO is the service that every plan offers to their client, it is common service but important.
  • Setting up a Google search Console is the other service that monthly SEO plans offer.
  • Monitoring keywords in terms of the rank is common and you can see it in every plan.

Advantages of choosing Monthly SEO Service Plans

Choosing a Monthly SEO package is a smart move because it provides you with the best offer and good for long-term business purposes.

It is good for the result and helps you to create a good bond with the company for a longer period. Above all, it gives you enough time to know about the company and share your requirements in details.

Here the company will focus more on the priorities of your business. And try to maximize the speed of your work to achieve the goal.

The monthly SEO plan won’t give the result overnight, it does take time but it gives the desired output that are you looking for.

Different Packages Having Different Price and Plans

There is no fixed cost for SEO services in the online market. The company can charge whatever suits them best. Sometimes it is tough to guess what affordable cost would be best for you and thus, it becomes challenging.

But here are the SEO packages provided by Oxygenites which are trustworthy, affordable and competitive plans than the open market.

Let’s take a look of cost for different SEO packages and plans.

Starter Plan (Superhuman Speed)

The plan starts at $345 per month. In the package, you will get the backlinks from major sites. Mostly on the high DA (Domain Authority) websites, you can see the listing of your web URLs that increase chances of faster ranking.

As an add-on, the starter plan of this Monthly SEO Service will provide you with some creative stuff. Like YouTube videos, articles, PR etc. 12 High-quality blog post, 20 social media shares, 12 unique blog contents and more.

Business Plan (Hydrazine Booster)

The package will cost you $568 per months which includes all the basic plan features. Along with that, you will get 36 blog posts from high domain authority websites. Also, 72 social media shares, 36 unique and short articles and a lot more.

Premium Plan (Superhuman Speed)

Are you looking for an instant backlink creation option? It is a wise choice to go with a premium plan at $789 per month. It includes all the business plan packages but you can expect the completion of the tasks in the less possible time.

Enterprises Plan

Starting with $1502 per month, you will get many customized services in this package. Unique article creation, video creation, social media handling, blog commenting, etc are the prime task. You will get all the benefits included in the previous monthly SEO plans. Along with the benefits of high DA and faster indexing site submission facilities.

If you have bought SEO services from other resources but not getting expected result. Or you have started your blog for monetization, but your mind is blank in terms of bringing traffic to your site. Then you can go with the Monthly SEO Service plan offered by Oxygenites.

The team at Oxygenites have experience, and they are professionals who have handled more than 10,000 website optimizations so far. And having experience in several niches to bring the traffic on site. You should consult at least once to get some free ideas to improve your website or blog ranking on Google Search Result Page (SERP). You can, write to us for optimizing your blog or business website for another search engine like Bing and all.

You can check review about our SEO Services on internet. Our SEO Contract are planned for your websites that boost results and good phase. We will surely your review website at early stages. We have designed the package according to niche and scale your authority in the field.

SEO campaign will make sure you will get frequent update about the campaign. So, we can gather as much success for your SEO campaign.

You will get audience on your page where we have performed SEO Campaign.

We do provide advertising campaigns likes of PPC, Google Ads, Facebook ads and many more.

If you have any question please type on our phone or WhatsApp our Whatsapp no : +91-9885346295.

You can also contact us on our email address:

How Does Google Knowledge Panel Verification Service Works?

How Does Google Knowledge Panel Verification Service Works?

Learn importance of Google Knowledge Panel Verification Services for your Business.

There are huge advantages of getting the Google Knowledge Panel Verification Services, getting verified on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media platforms. You might have experienced that how a verified brand profile added value to your business revenue. And as an individual who is a public figure, might have experienced increasing followers on your official page. And they join you in real life.

Google Knowledge Panel AKA Google Knowledge Graph holds 500 billion facts or more till 2020. There is no official Documentation from Google. How Google Knowledge Graph works for the people, but we found the solution.

But did you know, Google Knowledge Panel is one of such an important panel that must acknowledged?

We are Providing 100% Google Knowledge Panel Verification Serivce.
Google Knowledge Panel Verification Service

Well! Don’t worry if you don’t have any ideas! We have discussed all the important things related to Google Knowledge Panel Verification Service in detail. It will help you to feature your brand on google SERP. Before going in-depth, let’s first understand the role of Google Knowledge Panel.

What Is Google Knowledge Panel and How It Works?

Google Knowledge Panel is the reach web search result which shows at the right sidebar in the Google search result page. It will show you the knowledge panel based on your query related to entities like organizations, public figures, brands, places, history, animals, things, etc.

Establishments and Statistics of Google Knowledge Panel

The knowledge panel, also known as infoboxes added by Google on search engine result page recently in May 2012.

  • Within half a year after rolling out the feature, Google indexed around 18 billion facts and more than 500 million entities.
  • In the middle of 2016, it received 70 billion facts.
  • Till now, it has received around 500 billion facts which covered around 5 billion entities.

What are the details Google Knowledge Panel shows?

Google bots work to collect the most possible information on a searched query done by a user. It fetches the information from Google My Business profile, Wikipedia, CIA World Factbook, Wikidata, and other various authentic resources. The details of the information vary based on the industry which meets your searched keywords.

For instance, if you are searching for any brand information, it will show you the dedicated website URL along with brief information. It will also show you the name of CEO, Founder, Headquarters, establishment year, revenue, and more.

Similarly, if you are searching for a celebrity or an actor, it will show you their quick details. It might include the biography, movies released, upcoming movies or album, social media profiles, family background, siblings and more.

How can you get your custom and verified Google Knowledge Panel?

If you are an individual or a business brand, then following the below steps, you can come on the Google search knowledge panel.

  • Search for your brand name on
  • Navigate to the right-side panel featured with the Google knowledge panel. Scroll till the end and you will see the option namely “Claim this knowledge panel”.
  • Click on that and you will land on a login page.
  • Now provide the required credentials and go forward.
  • Further, you will have to complete all the asked details along with the essential proof of your claim.
  • Finally, submit the form by providing the true reason that “why this account should be verified?”.

Why should you go for Google Knowledge Panel Verification Service Professional rather than doing it by yourself?

In this internet-based era, people believe in Google anything for gathering information or buying products. It is the golden opportunity for the businesses to convert the potential customer into the client.

If you are a public icon like a celebrity or a leader and willing to showcase your portfolio online. Else, if you are a business owner and want to make a nice brand presence on the internet world. In either case, definitely you will want to guide the users knowingly or unknowingly.

Bringing your business online means, brand reputation is the key to get success. So, from the beginning, you must consult the experts who provide Google Knowledge Panel Verification Service. You should contact the giants who can help you to synchronize your business information throughout the digital profile including social media and Google search.

As you know we do provide Wikipedia page creation for that service you need to have Google Knowledge Graph.

That shows links from different websites and online newspaper publishers. Sometimes Google Knowledge graph takes screenshot of Wikipedia page.

Wikipedia create account should be made by third party person otherwise Wikipedia will not approve your Wikipedia account.

We do provide Infographic designs that shows stats of Google Knowledge panel and many more the person can understand.

Websites such as Wikipedia and Wikidata have given importance to infographic designs for Google Knowledge panel verification.

If you are running a local business then Google Knowledge graph will work like a tonic to rank your sales high.

Using Youtube, Twitter and Facebook google will automatically store the information about you.

Learning about the person whose google verification graph will make.

We are providing Google Knowledge Panel verification service, Instagram Verification Service, Facebook Verification Service and Pinterest Verification Service.

We have experience team that will surely help you to achieve the desired results. In SEO and Social Media verification service.

According to Hubspot 76% Content should be made to help the users who are looking for information about the person.

Google designs the Graph according to the information relating to the user, based on timings. Historical facts, SERP and contribution by the person.

If you search about a Celebrity then you will find other celebrities.

Those are related to this celebrities business. That much has being Google Knowledge Panel as optimize by google.

Human experience has been design to extreme from this product by Google.

It will give you exact information you are looking about the person.

Google Pull information from reputation based website or that are helping people with right information.

If you search “how to make tea” then it will pull information for you on their homepage.

You designed the content try to avoid keyword stuff that can seriously impact your SEO results.

Try to make content for users rather for SEO.

If you try to make Content for public then Google will give more importance to your effort and knowledge about the topic.

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Snapchat Verification Services That Works

Snapchat Verification Services That Works

Snapchat is a one-stop solution for social media lovers, which allows you to do multiple things inside the app. A few of them are, sharing live snaps and videos using some filters, chat with friends, do some group discussions, and a lot more. If you are a content creator instead of a Snapchat viewer, then a verified Snapchat profile would help you. If you are willing to get popular on the platform, it can give you a quick boost. But the question is, does Snapchat Verification Service really work?

Snapchat Verification Service – An in-depth Guideline with Statistics
Snapchat Verification Service

Well! To know the reality, we would request you to go through the below-given information. It will give you clear ideas that either such social media profile verification services work or it is just a marketing stunt. You will also know the popularity of Snapchat and ways to earn a verified Snapchat emoji.

History of Snapchat

Snapchat was founded in September 2011 and initially known as Picaboo. And then, consistently it is getting popularity and now has a huge user database. Till the date, the main assets of Snapchat is more than 4000 existing employees who are managing the platform smoothly.

Did You Know Why Snapchat Is So Popular Around The Globe?

Several Snapchat research shows that why it’s so popular in Asian, American, European and African countries. Let’s see a few things which will give you clear ideas and also influence you to join Snapchat if still, you haven’t joined.

  • Snapchat is known as worlds 13th largest used social media platform over the internet followed by Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.
  • It is the 6th most used chatting application after What’s App, FB messenger, WeChat, Telegram, etc.
  • Snapchat have the highest user database from the USA followed by India, France and the United Kingdom.
  • More than 2 Millions daily visitors are there on the Snapchat.
  • Around 4 Billion videos and photos are being published every day.
  • Over 18 billion videos get views every day.
  • More than 60% of Snapchat users are female and around 40% are male users.
  • As per the existing database, published stuff in the last one-hour will take you more than 10 years to view all.
  • Around 80% of Snapchat users are less than 34 years old men or women.

How do professional help you with Snapchat Verification Service?

We would like to make one thing clear that no-one can give you a guarantee to provide a certified Snapchat badge on your account. If any agency or social media profile verification firm is telling you to do so, then please be aware. Because it might be a lead generation tactics, as there are no ways to buy the badge after paying some amount.

However, an honest social media profile verification agency will never cheat you by saying such an awful statement. But definitely, the companies like Oxygenites will help you to proceed step-by-step to get the real Snapchat emoji on your profile. Fortunately, if you are a celebrity or a business brand, you must consult a trustworthy firm. They will help you to earn a Snapchat blue tick profile under professional guidance.

How to apply for Snapchat Profile Verification by Yourself following only 7 tips?

As we said earlier, you must go under the supervision of a skilled Snapchat Profile Verification Service provider agency. They will help you to earn Snapchat emoji in less time with fewer efforts. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it yourself.

Of course, you can! But as there isn’t an option to manually submit your profile on Snapchat for the approval, you can do the following activities. It will increase the chances of getting your account verified in less time. Coincidently, if you are also a TikTok influencer then the same methods will work like TikTok Verification Service guidelines.

  1. Complete your profile with real information
  2. Optimize the profile pic, names and other information based on your brand or individual identity.
  3. Always prefer to publish high-quality videos or photos without compromising in pixels and size.
  4. Share your published content on multiple social media platforms if you can. A few popular and handy social media platforms are What’s App, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.
  5. Do some activities on like-minded channels and ask them to favor you in the same way.
  6. By hook or crook, try to earn 50,000 plus views on your every post to increase the chances of getting Snapchat profile verification.
  7. Keep sharing some real-life moments or behind the scene footage because users take interest in knowing the hidden facts.

As a pro-tip, after doing such activities for a few months, you can manually chat with the Snapchat team. And there, you can claim that someone else is using your creativity. But do it with honesty, means if you truly face such issues after being popular. In this way, the dedicated team will visit your profile details. And if they found something actually wrong then definitely, they will give you blue tick on profile.

Final Thoughts

Hope you have found this piece of the article very informative. We are sure, that if you follow this pro guidance, you can earn Snapchat verified profile very soon. However, if you stuck anywhere or looking for further help, then don’t hesitate to contact Oxygenites. We would love to provide you with Snapchat Verification Service followed by working ways to get the same.

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