Top 10 Black Friday SEO Deals 2020

Top 10 Black Friday SEO Deals 2020

Its time for Black Friday SEO Deals that you can save upto 70% on Our SEO Services.

Black Friday SEO deals are offering for you to save money on SEO Plans upto 70% off.


In the past, we have been able to rank many difficult niches on google.

Perfect opportunity for you to conquer the Google ranking with our advanced SEO techniques. It will lead you to better your ranking on search engines.

Every year we are coming with amazing deals.

It is time for deals, deals, and deals as we say in our homepage eat, rank, and conquer.

Black Friday Cyber Monday deals are most waited discount plans of the year.

Its time for you cash it on that line with our super amazing offers on early Black Friday deals.

Let us see what we are offering on our website for you:-

1. Google Master Service (Superhuman Speed package):

Google Master is one of the leading SEO Packages we are offering to our clients over past 7 years.

This SEO package is being using by big fortune 1000 companies to achieved targeted results.

This is Black Friday you will get amazing discounts on this powerful package that you can’t deny to use.

We have improved ranking of many SEO tools with our package, and they are ranking high on Google.

Many business tools in the field of Bitcoin improved their marketing with our Google Master Package.

Our Plans are making business websites grow fast compare to any other SEO website.

You can get upto 70% off on our SEO Service by applying this coupon “SUPERMAN70.”

2. Google Booster Service (Hydrazine Booster Package):

Google Boosters is one of the oldest Service that has being better compare to New SEO plans that have producing by other SEO Companies.

It is perfect blend of 76 SEO Techniques that sure shot will rank your website on 1st page of Google.

Around 2000 Clients have used this SEO Service and got their ROI because of this Service.

A testimonial from Our Client about Google Boosters SEO Service.

One of the client called momentumuk reviewed our SEO Service.
SEO Temonial from Customer.

You can understand by the review from our client that Google Boosters just Rockers.

On Google Booster you can get upto 70% off on this package. Save upto 120 USD on this service by applying this coupon “NEED4SPEED70”.

3. Monthly SEO Service:

Our Monthly SEO Service also known as “Masters of SEO”. Monthly SEO Plan are like by our clients.

We suggest subscribe to these packages and get value for money with awesome Google ranking.

We will do high quality keyword research for your website under this plan using keyword tools.

Our Pro Plans are being using by fortune 1000 companies to scale their growth on internet.

Months of research has developed this SEO Service into powerful SEO strategy.

You can save upto 1000 USD on our highest package, name of the plan is a bomber package. By applying this coupon, “FLORIDA”.


Rank Local SEO is one of the most popular SEO Service for Local Business.

It contains variety of link building that will help you to boost your results at phase.

In this Plan, we will cover Google My Business, Business reviews, Outreach links for your Business and Many more.

This is the perfect service for Local Business.

We are offering 40% discount on the highest package you can place your order by using this coupon code: FLORIDA.

Rank Local SEO is a strategy has being design for the local business.

This Service has the potential to boost your local ranking like google map pack 3 and top page of Google in your niche.

5. Rockstar HQ Links:

Rockstar HQ Links is a Link Outreach service. It is contains a list of sites from your niche.

We will give you an option of picking links for your niche.

You need to contact us, so we will let you know if your niche relevant links are available or not in our database.

You will get Casino, Pharma, Technology and many more niche links from this service.

The content will be created by our team of native writers those are specialized in this field of writing.

You will find content that has being written for your website.

This is an upcoming service that we are taking limited clients, and we are offering 25% off on each order. For more information, you can speak with me on skype.

6. Spiderman PBN Service and Prince of Persia – Blog Kingdom:

When we are you talk about Google Ranking then you cannot deny you have ranked with PBN links.

We are offering wide range of high quality PBN links. For now, we have opened just two networks for our SEO customers.

These High Quality PBN links are having DA upto 45 plus and that is huge number for PBN Domains.

We have maintained and secured PBN sites that look like original websites in respective niche.

We are offering around 50% off on our PBN Service.

Our websites will have original content to share with our audience. We believe in sharing content that is useful for the people.

Incase you are comparing the content with competition you will come to that we are having better content.

You can get a fantastic deal for a limited time by applying this coupon code: SPIDERMAN50. Remember, this deal is a limited period.

6. Technical SEO:

Technical SEO concept itself is very deep.

We will make sure you will achieve 100% page speed on your website amazing Black Friday SEO Deals.

Our developers are capable of delivering awesome results to our clients.

You can contact us for more information regarding Technical SEO.

We will surely provide you big discount for you.

7. Social Media Verification:

We are providing Social Media verification for Celebrties and Public Figures.

We have verified accounts for different public figures in the USA, India, UK etc.

On Black Friday deals you will get special discount on our SEO Service.

Consult us Before placing your order.

8. Premium Editorial Links:

Premium Editorial Links are important to increase your website authority and increase your brand value as you get traffic from real websites.

You will get links from websites like Forbes, Tech Crunch and many more big websites. It will help you to increase brand value of your business.

This service will help you to plan for holiday marketing campaign.

We are heading towards holiday season. This is the right time to grab the opportunity and get amazing discount.

We are offering around 20% discount on these links on this special occasion of Black Friday sale.

Remember to speak with us before placing your order on this Black friday.

9. Infographics Placement:

Infographics are the most popular way to explain about your services to your audience.

We will design and promote your Infographics.

And We have outreach service that will help you get infographic placement on big authority niche relevant website.

We are offering around 20% Black friday discount on this service.

10. Casino/adult:

We are offering Free PBN niche links for your website that can boost your SEO results.

Are looking for links from your niche? Then we got an excellent service.

We are offering free 5 PBN Niche links for your website worth $250 USD for free. Along with superhuman speed package and Hydrazine Boosters Package.

If you are a Blackhatworld member, then we are giving free NOS boosters. Thanks and Happy Shopping on Blackfriday deals from our website.

Looking to working with you on these fantastic SEO services.

If you have any doubts regarding any coupon code or confused which SEO service you need to go after then contact me on skype: ROCKY_4_ALL (rockydx) and you chat with me on WhatsApp: +91-9885346295

Or you can email me:

We are available to help to amaze people like you.

Diwali Dhamaka SEO Deals save upto 70%

Diwali Dhamaka SEO Deals save upto 70%

It’s time to save big on Diwali SEO Deals, and We are Offering Upto 70% OFF on Our premium SEO Services.

Diwali is the biggest festival in India, and we are offering Diwali SEO deals. At this time you can do a lot of SEO shopping and you can boost your business further.

Oxygenites is offering upto 70% off discount on their SEO services.

Use our SEO discount codes and improve your Google ranking better than your competition and increase your business sales.

Diwali SEO Deals are waiting for you. Grab them now.
Diwali SEO Deals

These are the following SEO Services that are having Amazing discount upto 70% :

1. Google Master – Superman Service :

Google Master launched in 2014 and It has done excellent job delivering over 5000 SEO ranking results for clients from different countries.

And this plan is being using by fortune 1000 companies over 7 years in row with successful results.

It is a diversity Package that comes along with variety of high DA links from big contextual and social media websites.

We will help you to improve your SEO Score and Increase organic traffic compare to Paid traffic on your website. Our SEO strategies are friendly Google algorithm.

Coupon Code :

Use this coupon code : “DHAMAKA” and save upto 50% off on this plan.

Note*: This offer is limited period of time.

2. Google Boosters – NEED4SPEED :

Google Boosters is one of the oldest SEO Service we are offering to our clients.

Over 6000 Clients have achieved desired results from our SEO Solution.

It is a diversity package that comes with 72 different link technique and it is good for diversify backlink structure of your website.

This service will help your brand to grow on Social media sites nice phase.

Coupon Code :

You can use this Coupon Code : “DHAMAKA” and get upto 60% off on this SEO Service.

3. Prince of Persia – The Private Blog Kingdom :

This Diwali we are providing amazing discount on Prince of Persia Private Blog Kingdom. This SEO Service is one of the favorite SEO Service of Fortune 1000 Companies.

Prince of Persia is one of the fastest growing Private Blog Network service. We have maintained our blogs with Zero footprints like a Genuine website.

Coupon Code :

You can use this Coupon Code : “DHAMAKA” on this Diwali

Get upto 50% off on this SEO Service that is a steal for this price.

4. The Amazing Spiderman – Spider Network:

On this Ocassion of Diwali get amazing discount on The Amazing Spiderman PBN.

We have sold more than 1000 copies of this service before launching on big platforms likes Blackhatworld, Warriorforums.

This is your chance to grab this subscription and take your SERP to next level.

Coupon Code :

You can get upto 50% off on our Spiderman Seo Service.

Many of Our Clients are enjoying this offer.

With “DHAMAKA” coupon code.

5. Monthly SEO Service :

We have ranked difficult keywords with our Monthly SEO service many Jewellary, Casino related websites have used to this plan.

And In few months time they started to dominate the first page of Google with our digital marketing plans. On our lite plan we are offering special please contact us for that.

This service created for long term SEO solution and their SERP are going talking.

We will do Premium Keyword research for you.

Coupon Code:

You can try this coupon code to get upto 40% discount on Monthly SEO package.

“DHAMAKA” is the right coupon code to slay this offer.

6. Rank Local SEO:

Rank Local SEO is a SEO service had built for the people who are looking to boost their local business.

In this Plan you will get Outstanding features like High Authority local directories and many more.

For more information about this service please contact us. This will increase aspect of ranking high on Google.

Coupon code:

Please use this coupon code : DHAMAKA” and you will get upto 40% off this SEO Plan.

7. Google Ranker – The Next Generation:

Google Ranker – The Next Generation is one of the Fastest growing service on our website that delivering results at high speed.

It had tested a lot before offer to our customers. Around 500 Copies have sold from this plan.

It is time for you purchase and secure high ranking on Google.

Coupon Code :

We are offering around 70% off on this service.

You can use this coupon code: “DHAMAKA” to achieve 70% off on our plan.

8. Premium Editorial Links:

Premium Editorial links are most wanted backlinks in marketplace.

You can promote your Brand with these Do-follow backlinks that brings high authority to your website.

From this service you will get backlinks from High Authority sites like Forbes, Tech Crunch and Many More.

Coupon Code:

You can use this Coupon code : “DHAMAKA” for special discount upto 30% off.

For more information about this plan please contact us.

9. Social Media Verification:

Social Media Verification is one of the complicated process. You need to be a public figure to get Social Media Verification.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, IDBM, Pinterest and Instagram.

On them it is difficult to get a blue tick, before, placing your order please contact us.

Our Team is well-trained to get you blue tick opportunity on your profile.

10. Technical SEO:

Technical SEO is an important part of Onpage SEO. In this method you need to have responsive website that can match good page speed and high quality user experience.

This service is little complicated for pricing, we suggest you to contact us before placing your order.

If you have any issues with the coupon code or placing your order You can contact us by email.

To learn more about our SEO Plans and Subscription, we will help you to achieve commanding results on Google Search.

Hope you have Amazing Diwali this year.

Technical Seo: A Layman’s Guide

Technical Seo: A Layman’s Guide

What is Technical SEO?

There are two types of SEO: on-page and off-page SEO. On-page SEO deals with content and page optimization, and off-page SEO concerns establishing relations between websites. Technical SEO is a different thing from both of these categories.

Technical SEO relates to all SEO activities excluding content optimization and link building. Simply put, it covers following search engine requirements in order to improve crawling. Such requirements are constantly in flux and becoming more complex in order to keep up with the search engines. Technical SEO is in a state of constant refinement. It needs to be optimized to make the necessary foundation that provides your content and links with the best possible marketing environment.

Technical SEO will optimize your website to recieve highest page speed
Technical SEO

Even tech giants like Amazon discovered that every 100 ms of page load time led to a one percent decrease in sales. It is stated that page load speed is in the top ten SEO ranking factors. He described it in his case study of analyzing over one million Google search results.

Ways to improve website load speed and make user experience smooth?

Use simple templates

Limit the components of your website and make your templates minimalist. In the case of templates and designs, there is one necessary rule of thumb to remember: “less is more.”

Any additional elements of your layouts — plugins, widgets, tracking codes — need the extra time to load. This also refers to the code which needs to optimized as well.

The more elements on a page that need to load, the longer your users must wait. And you better not make them wait longer than 3 seconds.

Achieve a healthy balance between a minimum amount of necessary elements and a complete page design. And don’t forget to make these adjustments as well; they’ll be sure to cut down the load time:

Optimize the visuals

Make your images sharp by adjusting their sizes correctly. However, limit the size to the necessary minimum because large pictures are very heavy and can strongly disturb your loading time. Using the JPG format for photographs (as they have more tones at their disposal) and PNG for graphics.

Limit the redirects

Multiple redirects influence your page load speed negatively, too. The more redirects installed on one page, the longer a user must wait. You should always try to reduce the number of redirects and make sure you only have a single redirect on a page.

In the case of 404 error pages, when there is a “page not found”, make sure that you come up with a custom one. Design should be user-friendly and be able to guide back to your home page. Never let a user be onto the standard 404 error page. It will immediately make him bounce off your website and end the session.

Error pages can be in Google Search Console. Go to “crawl,” then “crawl errors” to locate the “URL error” report, which is divided into the desktopsmartphone, and feature phone categories. You will be able to check your website’s 404 errors and decide what to do with them.

Browsers cache

The browser cache starts to store website resources automatically (on a local computer) the first time you visit a web page. This is because your browser “remembers” the first website version cashed. It is then able to load it much more quickly when you leave a particular page and return to it again. This significantly improves the page load speed for returning visitors.

2. Mobile friendliness

Mobile friendliness is the second element of technical SEO, and it’s as important as website speed. If you don’t know yet whether your site is mobile friendly or not – you may test it by using Google’s mobile-friendly test tool. This will give you an idea of its mobile friendliness and how to optimize it for better.

Try to Avoid using Pop-ups on your website that can disturb your audience.

Your website should load under 6 secs that otherwise you will lose your audience. As people tend to leave website if it is slow.


AMP does replace your quick loading mobile website. Make sure your website is having amp plugin installed on it. Your website is having AMP plugin it will not accelerate page speed. Rather try to make your website quicker by optimizing pages.

Website that are responsive website they don’t need to have AMP. They will load faster compare to websites that are not made for mobile. As responsive website will work good for both mobile and desktop.

3. Site architecture

The following elements are an important part of a good site architecture:


A good site architecture begins with choosing an appropriate hypertext transfer protocol. In this case, there is only one SEO friendly choice. You should definitely use the secure protocol – HTTPS.

Uses for HTTPS

Having your website on HTTPS:// will give you a ranking boost. Although it’s impossible to isolate what impact HTTPS has exclusively, it’s better to follow all search engine requirements to maximize your ranking chances.

Sites with the HTTP protocol will have the referrer date included under “Direct” traffic source – without any data specified apart from numbers. This happens because without the security protocol it’s impossible to identify where the traffic comes from.

HTTPS also adds security and protection to your website, making the switch even more worthwhile.


Another vital part of SEO enabled site architecture are breadcrumbs. In other words, a “breadcrumb trail,” is a type of navigation that reveals the location of a user.

This is a type of website navigation which strongly enhances the orientation awareness of a visitor. Breadcrumbs transparently present the website hierarchy and indicate where he currently is. It reduces the number of actions a user has to take to navigate through the website.

Breadcrumbs are usually used by huge websites that have a comprehensive hierarchy and many sections that demand a clear structure. They’re especially recommended for e-commerce websites that offer many products.

Breadcrumbs are a secondary navigation scheme and ought to be used as an extra addition to the website; they shouldn’t replace primary navigation.

URL structure

A great site architecture also demands that you introduce a user-friendly, clear and consistent URL structure. The URL is a readable text that serves to replace IPs – the numbers that computers use to identify particular resources. URLs describe the page both for users and search engines.

If you optimize them well for SEO, they will also act as a ranking factor. So remember to make them descriptive and as brief as possible. A user should be able to understand what is included under a particular link before he clicks on it, just by checking the URL.

Add a keyword targeted by a given page. You must implement the keyword into all the necessary on-page SEO “locations,”. By doing this you will strengthen the relevancy of the whole page and rank higher in the search ranking for that keyword.

Words in your URLs should be separated with hyphens. However, it’s better to minimize the number of the words in your URLs – not longer than 2,048 characters. Otherwise, the page won’t be able to load.

Internal links – Silo content

Siloing content establishes a network of connections on your website and defines the hierarchy. Internal links are important for improving the visibility of your older articles that are topically related to the newly published ones.

You should categorize the website content and always link to the pages within one category. Doing so will ensure that the user can navigate between resources on your website and find out more about the topic on different pages.

4. Structured data markup

Another element of technical SEO to talk about is structured data – rich snippets. Google can identify the type of your resource by looking at its content and on-page optimization. Rich snippets will take it to the next level and help search engines a ton! Rich snippets provide you with information ranging from the star rating to the number of reviews.

And the best part is → You too can add rich snippets to your website! WordPress users can enjoy the easiest way to do so. All they need to do is add the plugin to their CMS and activate it. It’ll be ready to use right away. It’s simple, when you see the missing data in the right margin, highlight part of the content and specify what it is. Then, just click on the red “create HTML” button, and then copy and paste the HTML into your page code. The next step is to validate your code using the structured data testing tool by Google.

5. Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is a serious technical SEO issue that can cause you a lot of trouble. Beware of that!

Stay on top of any duplicate content issues. Check your website in order to detect any problems by using Google Search Console. Go again into the Google Search Console dashboard, search Appearance, then HTML improvements and check if there are any issues to fix.

If duplicate content is detected, get rid of it. You can accomplish this by removing duplicate content entirely, but you can also rephrase it. This will be more time-consuming, but it’s better to put in the effort and not lose the content.

Another idea is to add – to pages with the duplicated content – the canonical URL. The canonical link shows search engines what the source of the published content is and completely resolves the problem.

6. Sitemap

What is Sitemap?

Sitemap is a file that will have information about pages, video, pictures and other files on your website. Search engines will crawl this file and understand how many pages are there on your websites.

And Search engines will index pages from your website easily after reading your sitemap.

How to Optimize your Sitemap :

You can Optimize your sitemap by including only important pages that should be visible to your audience.

Other pages likes Author, Category pages are not important to get indexed on google. They carry duplicate content from original pages that you want to show your audience.

You can make separate sitemaps in your website. Depending upon which sitemap is important you can submit to Google.

Sitemaps are usually in XML format. Like.XML

Xml Sitemaps are usually faster to read compare to other versions.

7. Webmaster Tools

You should register your website with Google and Bing Webmaster tools.

It will let you know what pages are getting issues for not showing up on Google search with help of Google search console.

You submit XML sitemap in Google search console then it will go through what errors.

After there on the pages and it will suggest you what changes you need to perform.


Technical SEO is a vast topic. It covers a broad range of subjects such as the elements needed for optimizing according to the requirements search engines impose. This article is a comprehensive guide to help you find your way through the topic and to enable it for your own purpose!

We do Provide Technical SEO service too. Please contact us if you need any kind of help.

Time to Buy Editorial Links for Highest Google Ranking

Time to Buy Editorial Links for Highest Google Ranking

You can Buy Editorial Links at affordable price

What are Editorial Links?

The editorial link is the link that results from being a site with high-quality content and marketing techniques. Editorial links come from different News Publication. Means. Editorial links cannot be purchase. If you want to buy Editorial links with strong prolific links then you can contact our team.

From where can you get Editorial links?

If you want editorial links then you should have a good relationship with a writer of online newspaper.

Magazine editor, contributor, news journalist, webmaster, business editorials, publisher, public relations, SEO professional, also works.

So, he can add your link on their website.

As they post your content, including links in high domain authority websites.

Editorial websites have lots of content of them and Google respects those kinds of website. For example, you can check Guardian,

In the above image, you can check that the guardian.

Since, it is having around Domain rating or Domain Authority around 93.

Referring Domain over 1.08M and those are keeping increasing their traffic value above $65.5M.

These sites prefer o use professionally written content so, that the approval of the content done quickly. They don’t like you to promote any product through their website. Otherwise, the chances of approval get minimized.

Editorial links will help you to boost your social media amplication by increasing your medium on their network.

Does building high quality, Editorial backlinks work?

Editorial backlinks always work, but it is hard to find a writer with a contributor account or dedicated account man.

Editorial websites are having lots of discipline while maintaining.

An editorial piece will go through step-by-step process before getting approved by editor or account manager.

Approval Time:

Piece of content to get approved from the bigger publishes can take serious time.

Even if, those are paid publishes like interview of information about personality. Mostly it takes around 2 to 3 weeks time for approval.

Editorial links service will make sure that your publishing can approved as quick as possible. Mostly, it gets stuck with the content.

If the content is good and useful then the editorial website will publish your content.

You will get a backlink from that network easily.

Domain Authority:

Once the article gets approved and you get the backlink from the website you will see big difference in domain authority of your website. That is the one the reason these service are ruling internet nowadays.

Buy Editorial links:

Buying editorial links one of the complex processes as you need to get these links from your relevant niche website.

Otherwise, these will not pass google the latest algorithm to a certain extent.

Editorial links are far better than PPC campaigns when it comes to price.

Price of Editorial Links:

Editorial Links price will be different you can outreach some writers on twitter, but they will charge different rates from each other. For example Forbes publication prices are different from other writer or contributor!

Forbes outreach backlink is around $1800 USD.

If you are really needed Editorial Links from big websites then contact our support

We will definitely help you to publish your article on their website.

We accept upfront payment for the service as the writers even charge the payment from us.

Why You Need to Use Facebook Verification Service

Why You Need to Use Facebook Verification Service

Consider using Facebook Verification Service to achieve a genuine business from your audience.

Social media verification or Facebook Verification Service is of utmost importance to both the established and growing brands. That blue check mark beside a profile is nothing less of a status symbol. It is especially important for Facebook which tops the list of all other social media applications and websites. Facebook is reportedly used by millions of people worldwide.

Facebook Verification service that can bring more business to you.
Source :

Verifying your Facebook Page and earning the blue check mark next to your business’s name makes you more authorized and credible. Its only fair that most businesses have cut-throat competition to earn the Facebook verified badge.

Perks of verification

As content creators or service providers using Facebook, we put a lot of time and effort into creating our brand or advertising our products. The effort to maintain authenticity signal’s a Profile/Brand’s image and reliability in the market space. The verification check mark works along the same lines.

When the audience sees the check mark, they know that they are viewing at the official page and not an imposter or fan page. This means that the user/customer can contact you for customer service, feedback etc. The transactions and communications thus happen transparently and securely. Another perk of having the verification badge is that it will help your Page/Profile rank higher everywhere on the internet.

Blue and Grey Checkmarks:

There are two different colored check marks that appear next to pages and profiles on Facebook. The blue check mark indicates the confirmed authenticity of a page, public figure or brand. Both Pages and personal profiles can get this type of verification.

You can Also read about Pinterest Verification Service.

The gray check marks, on the other hand, indicate a confirmed location for a specific business. While this one isn’t quite as difficult to get or as noticeable, it can still help your business gain credibility on Facebook. If your business belongs to a big brand or corporation, the main account will be the one with the blue check mark. If you have taken up their franchise, your individual local location could earn the gray check mark.

Who can get verified on Facebook?

Local Business, organizations, companies, and public figures are pages that can obtain Facebook verification. The gray badge is much easier to obtain than the blue badge. So, having a physical location mentioned helps a lot since the gray badge is location-based and much easier to obtain. Obtaining Facebook verification for a personal profile is significantly harder. In order to do so, you must have a quite a lot of people and pages that follow you.

Facebook mentions the following criteria for a verifiable page:

Facebook has a number of parameters when evaluating accounts to determine if they are in public interest and meet their standards. In addition to abiding by the terms of service, Facebook also look at:-

  1. Original: Your business must represent a real person, registered business or entity.
  2. Unique: Your business must represent the original and unique features of the person or entity it represents. Only one account per person or business can be verified except language specific accounts. Facebook doesn’t verify general interest accounts (ex. dank memes)
  3. Active: Your account must be complete in its basic details such as having an about section, profile photo and at least one post. Your account must be an active one and up to date.
  4. Popular: Your account must represent a well known face, a popular brand or entity. These are usually accounts covered by multiple media sources. Note that Facebook doesn’t consider paid or promotional content as sources of review.

How to Verify Your Profile?

Before starting the verification process, ensure that your page is in it’s best form. Facebook doesn’t have a strict list of requirements, but make sure that your Page looks great and credible when you’re being reviewed for verification.

The basic must-have’s for your page are:

  • A website
  • Contact information
  • An “About” and long-form description
  • Plenty of native content

Steps of Verification:

Start by visiting and reviewing your own page. Go to page settings, and then go to “General.” Here, tap on “Page Verification”.

Steps to get your facebook page or profile officially verified
Source: Facebook Web page

You’ll then have the option for instant verification or a relatively lengthy verification process. The former gives you the option to have Facebook call your Page’s publicly listed phone number. You’ll be given a verification code, which you’ll enter into the box Facebook provides you with. Then Facebook will award you with a gray check mark and potentially a blue one.

Steps to get your facebook page or profile officially verified
Source: Facebook web page

Getting verified depends on a number of factors such as the type of page, number of followers, your social media skills/team. Facebook takes longer when approving businesses than celebrity profiles. Facebook verification can take anywhere between 48 hours to 45 days. This is specifically true for the blue badge verification; the gray badge typically takes much less time.

What if?

If Facebook doesn’t verify you, don’t take it as an ultimatum. Afterall, aren’t there a ton of millions using Facebook! To get verified you may just need to revamp your page, optimize all your resources especially social media and digital marketing. Then just give it another shot!!

Make sure that your Page is active and up to date. Give out all the authentic history and information of your profile/brand make to ensure credibility. For example, journalists can add publications to their “Impressum” section or Youtuber could upload their most-viewed and viral videos. Most businesses and entrepreneurs put a ton of work into making their online and social presence visible and heard. It shows that you’re active and lively. Engaging with and catering to your customers or viewers is of paramount importance. It shows that you care about them as much as they about you!

You can also reach out to Facebook for more support or information in case of rejection. Getting your Page verified just takes a few easy steps, so head over to your Page now and get started.

We provide our clients with multiple social media verification services and you could buy Facebook verification package from us. We are up to date with all relevant information and process to verify Facebook. Our services include a thorough review of your Facebook page or profile and organizing a team to look into it. This is followed by optimization of content, catering to legal and copyright aspects etc. We then apply for getting the verified badge.

Would you like to read about Instagram Verification.

How to do Pinterest Verification

How to do Pinterest Verification

If you love photography, art, painting or anything visually aesthetic, you’ve probably already used Pinterest by now. You might already have a Pinterest account or even be using it for business purposes. Pinterest is good for business but getting verified is another ballgame altogether! Getting verified can help ensure that you get the best out of your presence there. Having a verification badge for your brand will let your existing and potential customers know that you are authentic and secure.

pinterest verification service ensures better business returns and popularity
Pinterest verification service

Pinterest verification is similar to getting verified on other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Once verified, you’ll have a red check mark beside your account and be able to display your full website URL on your Pinterest profile. This makes it easier for users to quickly learn more about your business and help you bring more leads to your site.

Why get verified on Pinterest?

The red verification badge is a status symbol on social media. Verification allows users to know you are reliable and authentic. It makes it much easier to spot the official pages from fake ones.

There are many perks of having a verified Pinterest account. These include but are not limited to:

  • More visibility of your content. Search engines will recognize your Pins as relaying reputable information. This can generate more leads for your business and, ultimately, increased revenue.
  • More engagement with your content. Users will know your brand or business is authentic when they see the red check mark. As, it’s more likely to save and share pins that come from a trustworthy source. Resharing will help increase your brand awareness.
  • Drive more traffic to your website. Verified Pinterest users can display their website URL on their Pinterest profiles. This makes it easier for users to find out more about your business without further delay .
  • Ensures you don’t lose followers to imposters. There are imposter accounts on every platform, and verification is one of the easiest ways to ensure your readers of your authenticity.

How to get verified on Pinterest

Getting verified on Pinterest doesn’t take too long and it’s well worth the effort. Here’s how to get verified on Pinterest in 3 easy steps.

1. Make sure you have a business account

If you don’t have a business account on Pinterest, you will need to do this before trying for verification. As a bonus, setting up a business account on Pinterest is free. It will also give you access to analytics and other important tools that can help you maintain and grow your professional presence on Pinterest.

Business accounts can also be linked to a personal Pinterest account and you’ll have the ability to switch between both. You can link a maximum of four business profiles to a personal Pinterest account.

To get started, first ensure you are signed in to your account. Then, click the three dots at the right corner of your screen.

Click Add a free business account.

Pinterest business account set up
Pinterest business account set up

Source: Pinterest web page

Click on “Get started”. You will need to answer a few basic questions about your business including business name, website URL, country/region and your preferred language. Then click Next.

Now you will be asked to describe your brand/business, which will help Pinterest customize your recommendations. You will get to choose from:

Pinterest verification describe your brand
Pinterest verification describe your brand

Source: Pinterest web page

Pinterest’s active user base grew 26% to 335 million last year, and it is the third-largest social network in many countries. So, there are many reasons you might want to advertise on Pinterest.

That’s it! You’re ready to start the process of getting verified!

2. Claim your website

After you’ve ensured that you have a business account, click the dropdown arrow on the top right of your screen and click Settings. Under Edit Profile, select Claim.

Type in your website URL into the first text box and click “Claim”

Pinterest verification claim your website step 2
Pinterest verification claim your website step 2

Source: Pinterest web page

Next, you will have two options available to you in a pop-up box:

1) Claim your website by pasting an HTML tag into the section of your site’s index.html file

2) Claim your website by downloading a file and uploading it to your website’s root directory

Here’s how to complete the first option :

Pinterest verification pick website claim option using HTML tag
Pinterest verification pick website claim option using HTML tag

Source: Pinterest web page

It might seem like the process gets technical at this point, but it’s easier than you might think and most users have minimal issues. This is an easier option since you don’t need to use the complex File Transfer Protocol (FTP) .

Open a new tab and navigate to your website’s backend script area and copy and paste the HTML tag that Pinterest has provided. Finding the backend script area and pasting the HTML tag will vary depending on what provider you used to build your website.

If you are using WordPress, for example, you would open the content management system, click Tools, then Marketing and then Traffic. Under the Site Verifications Services section, you will find a Pinterest field where you can simply paste the code.

Pinterest verification WordPress HTML code
Pinterest verification WordPress HTML code

Source: WordPress web page

If you’re having trouble figuring out where to paste your HTML file, Pinterest has created a page with instructions its users. You can also contact Pinterest directly if you need more help.

Here’s how to complete the second option:

Pinterest verification claim option download HTML file
Pinterest verification claim option download HTML file

Source: Pinterest web page

This option is typically a little harder than the first, but can still be done without too much effort. First, download your unique HTML file. You can leave it in your downloads folder or move it to your desktop for easy access. Your file will be saved as a variation of pinterest-xxxxx.html, with each x being a random number or letter. Note: You cannot rename this file or the process will not work.

Once you’ve saved the file, the next step is to upload the HTML file. You upload it to your website on your hosting account via File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Make sure you transfer the file to your main domain (not a sub-folder) else Pinterest will not be able to locate it.

3. Submit your request for review

Now you’re ready to send your request in to be reviewed by Pinterest. Go back to your Pinterest tab and click Next.

Then, click Submit.

Pinterest submit verification request for review
Pinterest submit verification request for review

Source: Pinterest web page

You’re all set! You should hear from Pinterest within 24 hours. We as a company also provide Pinterest verification services and, if you need our help we are just around the corner.