Why are you failing with Facebook Ads & did you get the exact solution? Well, here you will get to know about the reasons and the solutions to this issue.

In the digital world, business has become easier due to the presence of Social media platforms. The platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. Through these platforms, users get the information and also show a deep interest in any product or service. Since the demand for Facebook has increased significantly and around 92% of the marketers are accessing Facebook for their business.

Facebook Ad is an efficient way to boost the business. But if gone with the wrong algorithm, then a negative impact will take place. In this article, you will get the comprehensive answer for ‘Why are you failing with Facebook Ads?’ Go through the same and apply the methods.

Here, you will get comprehensive information about the failure of Facebook Ads.
If you are running any campaign on Facebook but not getting the result, it means you are lagging behind something. But don’t worry at all because some powerful measures and efficient steps are listed here. The same will bring back your business to the top chart.

Statistics of the Facebook Ads:

The image shows the cost per click done by the different age group
Facebook sets the algorithm for the advertiser and proper usage of the same boosts the traffic. As per the recent report, more than 1 billion users are active on Facebook. If the proper pattern is not executed as per the requirement of the users, then Facebook Ads will fall.

Improper Audience Targeting:

Setting a proper target is the basis of any marketing. It helps you to know the reach of the product. Similarly, on Facebook, you should focus on the specific areas where the audiences seek your product. If the set target is accurate, then definitely Facebook Ads will give you a huge profit.

There are many advertisers on Facebook who fail to cover the right audience needed for their Facebook Ad. Sometimes, they focus on the small areas, or, they target the wrong audience. Such mistakes may lead to the fall of Facebook Ads. In general, most Facebook users, look for information related to day-to-day life. Also, they click on the product they like. This shows that the visionary of Ads to the respective users will enhance the business. Hence, the target is the prime factor of Facebook Ads.

Lack of Quality Ads Copies:

Most of the time, advertisers create ad copy and show what they want. But instead of that, they must focus on what the users need. For instance, in most of the ad copies, you will get an image but fail to get the relevant idea. This means, exact information on the product is required and the same helps the users to know about the product.

In the marketing field, quality and quantity play a key role. The advertisers do not take the quality of the product into consideration that results in the fall of Facebook ads. In most of the ads, the users get to know about the usage of the product and its benefits. But very few go in the quality section. In short, the value of the product is essential on Facebook Ads.

Lack of Patience:

Facebook advertising is also a type of share market, where you will have to keep patience. Just invest the money on Facebook Ad and wait for some time to get the result. Most advertisers think that posting an ad will lead to the conversion of a lead. But that philosophy is not true except for e-commerce sites.

So, a good practice is to run the campaign and wait for the time. Might be initially you won’t get any conversion. But keep patience and the passage of time will give you the result.

Impact of Ads Relevancy Score:

The advertisers simply publish the Ads without thinking about the pitching factor. It is very important because the relevancy of an ad gives a clear picture of your offers to the users. Moreover, the relevancy also shows the public interest in ads and increases ROI or lead generation chances.

This is the reason, Facebook has introduced the Relevance Score while running Adwords or advert. Such score lies from 1 to 10 and the last value is the highest. It means, the advertisers must pay attention to the relevancy factors.

In the relevancy score, you must be familiar with that, if the score is less, then your campaign cost will go higher. The relevancy score also states the users’ behavior. For instance, if the users share or like the post, it means the ad is more engaging. However, if the user reports the ad as spam or hides it from the newsfeed, it means the ad is getting a negative impression. This way the score matters and you should think more about the same.

A quick way to increase your relevancy score:

To increase the relevancy score either on Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising, you should insert the relevant image on the ads. The images play a key role in engaging the audience. But you will have to take measures amid posting the ad with an image. For instance, youth will like different images and likewise, the other age group will like different graphics. So, you will have to analyze this factor amid posting an image. If your analysis goes in the right way, then the relevancy score will increase.

To boost the relevancy score, make your ads more engaging. The poor image or irrelevant content makes the users boring. So, you must redesign your ads in a way that engages more and more audiences.

Improper Campaign Settings:

Facebook has designed some parameters to optimize the ads. If you had failed to achieve such targets set by Facebook, then this is the reason Why are you failing with Facebook Ads. So, you must focus on such parameters, and they are Awareness, User-friendly Campaigns, and others.


In general, the basic of marketing is to make the product reachable to the mass. In short, if you failed to reach the mass via improper campaign settings, then your Facebook ads will fall. So, to avoid such situations, you need to run a campaign to increase the reach of the product. The awareness-based campaign is a good method for such marketers who want to boost the brand. If the awareness is good then the impression on Facebook Ad will increase significantly.

User-friendly Campaign:

The users always seek the product in a solace manner. If any user reaches your site via Facebook ads and got stuck with several forms, then the impression will drop. Due to the same, Facebook ads will fall. So, you must run a user-friendly campaign so that the users can easily grab your product.

Video is also one of the factors for the fall of Facebook Ads. If you failed to post videos on your Facebook ads, then the reach to the audience of the product will fall. The prime reason is that the demand for videos has increased significantly in recent years. Now, the users like to watch about the product instead of reading about it. So, you can say, a video has become an important tool of Facebook marketing.

Ad Copies and Landing Page are mismatched:

On the off chance, if the ad copies failed to reach the relevant page of a website. Then this could be the reason Why are you failing with Facebook Ads. The landing page of any website is also very important. If the user gets disappointed after reaching such a page via Facebook ads, then the bounce rate will increase.

For instance, if any user finds the discount offer on the Facebook ads and after reaching the landing page, found nothing. It means, he/she will feel cheated and due to the same, the Ad performance will get a severe impact.

Moreover, if there is an incorrect correlation between Ad Copies and the Landing page, then your relevance score will be reduced. If the same score gets reduced, then your CPC of the Facebook Ads will increase.

If the landing page is not relevant to the Ads, such as a call to action, and others, then Facebook Ads will fall. However, if you are offering a website experience to mobile users, then the landing page should be good. The information should match with the Facebook ads.

Improper Content:

Content is essential for all domains and if the same is irrelevant in the ad copies, then Facebook Ads will fall. On Facebook Ads, you will get limited characters to describe your ads. For instance, the word limit for the title is 25 chars and for description, it is 135 chars. Keeping this in mind, you need to create an Ad that appeals to the users by meeting these parameters.

There are a list of social media application that shows how content is relevant
To create a powerful Ad, your Headline should be a catchy not boring one. Facebook users do not spend enough time on the Ad page. Keeping this in mind, you must create an eye-catching Title for an ad to increase the traffic.

How to play with the content on Facebook Ads?

While describing the ads, you need to play with the words smartly. You got limited words and need to describe the ads perfectly. This smart technique is known as Value Proposition. Moreover, you will have to analyze how the users will react to your ads. If the value proposition is poor, it means the content is irrelevant and you need to work on it.

Even after writing the catchy title and attractive description, your ads fall continue? It means you have failed to mention Call to Action. This is a general phenomenon that enables the users to perform the task after going through the ads.

For instance, if you got perfect ads, but not mentioned any CTA. Then the users may not click on it and will not reach the landing page. If this occurs, then Facebook Ads will fall. So, you need to apply a Call to Action on your Facebook Ads to increase the traffic on your Facebook page. Also, ensure to avoid posting incorrect Call to Action statements, otherwise, Facebook ads will drop.


These were the reasons for the fall of Facebook Ads. In this article, you got the proper solutions to increase the traffic on your Facebook page. If you follow them, then definitely your business will enhance. So, before running a Facebook Ad, you must consider these points to optimize your ad. And also, try to avoid the mistakes that have been listed above. Now, go ahead and optimize your ads effectively.