There is tough competition among the local businesses and even trust plays a key role. They have a Google My Business page where a mobile number is listed. It is quite hard for a consumer to judge where the local contractor is trustworthy or not. So, Google launched new features, i.e., Google Guaranteed Badge. It not only helps the local contractor to enhance the business but also builds trust among the consumers.

Google Guaranteed program build the consumers’ trust and boost the sales of SMB.
It is a new feature introduced by Google for the SMB (Small-Medium Businesses) to enhance business using Badge. The green badge helps the consumers to get the service from the certified local businesses.

As a business owner, you need to spend only $50/month to get this certification. Once Google verifies your business, then you will get a Google Guaranteed badge on the Google My Business dashboard.

Concerning the consumers’ end, if they didn’t like the services, then Google will pay $2000. This insured value varies from region to region. This lifetime insured value gave the new hope that the service they are taking against the money is reliable.

Discover the value of the Google Guaranteed Badge for SMBs. Learn how this certification can enhance trust and attract more customers.

Google Guaranteed-Statistics:

The stats show how Local Search Listing is important for consumers.

  1. The click rate on local search SERP is 13.8% compared to PPC.
  2. Nearly 40% of the consumers look for local contractors for any service.
  3. Around 56% of the consumers look for the price of the service they selected.
  4. Near about 64% of the consumers uses the Google My Business page to get the contact details of the local contractor.
  5. Almost 82% of the consumers look for nearby local contractors via Smartphone.
  6. Every week around 29% of consumers look for local contractors.

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Is Google Guaranteed Beneficial for SMB?

It is hard for Small-Medium Businesses to build trust among the consumers. Some retain the Google My Business page and it is not sufficient to assure the consumers to take services.

But after getting the green badge of Google Guaranteed then the trust of consumers will built. The consumers will be assured that Google is the guarantor and their money is safe. That simply means they will not be deceived by the local contractors.

Another aspect is the growth of the business of the SMB’s. If you receive the badge then your business will increase significantly. Once the faith is built, then consumers will always seek the service from you.

Some say, Google Guaranteed is the substitute for Local Service Ads (LSA), but that’s not true. In LSA, you need to invest money to direct the traffic to your website. LSA is a bit costlier one and it is very much complicated for the small business owner. But Google Guaranteed is a cheaper one and gives the best result.

How Google is making a profit through Google Guaranteed Program?

You have seen both the aspects one from the local businesses and another from the consumers. Both are getting benefits from this program. Here, the question arises as to how Google is earning money from your business through this program.

Well, Google charges on you for an authentic lead generated via call or messages. The charge is not applicable for the view or click on the page. Google has set some parameters to charge you and it depends upon the communication. For instance, if you received the customer’s phone, message or voicemail then it will be treated as a potential lead. In the former case, Google will charge you against the use of Google Guaranteed service.

An efficient way to check Google Guaranteed Badge for your Business:

Once you are comfortable with Google Guaranteed and ready to attract local customers. Then at this point, you must check whether Google Guaranteed is available in your region or not.

Go to Google Ads Support Help page by clicking on the link
On the home page, you will find the Check Availability button, click on it.
Thereafter, a new window will open that will show the welcome page.
Here you need to select your country, state, business nature and also provide the zip code of your region.
After filling in the respective details, click on the Check Eligibility button.
That’s it; you have completed the task and if Google Guaranteed is available in your region. Then go through the below process to list your business in Google Guaranteed.

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Google offers the Local Ads Services to limited countries.

  1. Austria
  2. Belgium
  3. Canada
  4. France
  5. Germany
  6. Ireland
  7. Italy
  8. Spain
  9. Switzerland
  10. The United Kingdom.

A Guide to Enroll in Google Guaranteed Badge Program:

To build trust among the consumers and to enhance the business, you need to enroll in Google Guaranteed Program.

You need to sign-in to your local service ads and if it is available to your area, you can proceed ahead.

After signing in, Google will verify your business license, reviews, address, business hours, contact details, and many more.

Once Google completes the verification process and found everything fine, then it will release the badge for you.

How consumers can take the advantage of Google Guaranteed?

If the consumer is unhappy with your service, then he/she will claim to Google against the invoice amount. Google will approach you and will ask the reason behind the consumer’s claim. Google will try for a fair resolution to fix the issue and if failed, then it will reimburse the amount to the consumer.

But reimbursement has some limitations and the consumer must claim for it within 30 days of service completion. If, the consumer has taken the service from Local Service Ads, then only he/she is eligible for the claim process.

Google Guaranteed-List of services covered:

Google has filtered some sectors for Google Guaranteed and using the same the consumers can get the services. This states that all the sectors are not covered and the list of selected industries is listed below.

  1. HVAC (Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
  2. Home Appliances.
  3. Electrical and Plumbing.
  4. Pet Grooming.
  5. Door and Windows Cleaning.
  6. Roofing.
  7. Waste Removal.
  8. Locksmith service.

A Care needs to be taken to retain Google Guaranteed Badge:

Google does not offer the badge for a lifetime, it monitors your business activity. You must maintain your business, renew the license on time, get organic reviews. If you are getting a negative review, then keep the same on the page.

Make sure your Google My Business is maintained and verified. If there is a change in business address or contact details, then make sure to add it to the Local Service Ads Program.

If you maintain all the above guidelines, then you can enhance your business with Google Guaranteed badge.

Bottom Line:

This was about the new program of Google, i.e., Google Guaranteed. If you are a small business owner and need to expand it, then get the certification. This will give you real and organic traffic and no doubt the trust of the consumers will be significantly increased.