The successful ban on TikTok in the Indian Market has given the opportunity to many apps. One of the latest technology-based application platforms to share and create the videos is Josh App. Appreciating the marketing campaign ‘Vocal for Local’, it falls under ‘Made In India’ application section. It provides many languages support to film the videos in their original language in the different states of India. You can promote yourself by featuring in different creatives by gaining followers. After a certain amount of followers, the profile is verified by Josh Verification Service.

In the virtual platform of video sharing and creation, the competition is at its best. With the latest new release of an application a few months back, Josh App is among one of the hordes. As for the TikTok alternative, it supports more language for video making where you can share more and more information.

Josh Verification Service - Download from Google Play Store.
Josh Verification Service – Download from Google Play Store.

The various languages it supports like Hindi, Tamil, English, Kannada, and Malayalam. You can create and find topics or the stuff of different genres like Bollywood, Dance, books, Journalism, and more. For this much service, you need to just download a single app and go with the assessment.

Josh Statistics 2020:

At present, there are 50 Million plus daily Android phone users. They have registered with their details or email id on Josh from different IP Addresses or countries. The application has grabbed the Indian market with its best service which includes sharing links, making videos, and Josh Verification Service.

The application-based online sharing and making videos firm trying to hit the market with their Apple Mobile support. It’s is available on the Play Store with the latest version of 1.0.10. The latest file is available with a smoother user interface and many bugs issues have been fixed. It competes with many applications like Roposo, Moj, Mitron, Chingari, etc.

How To List Josh App In Your Mobile Phone App Menu?

Currently, it is present on the Play Store only which can be accessed by Android Smartphone users. And, the entertainment section of Google Play Store contains this project or the Josh app. The online firm is trying its best to initiate this service to provide the API in the Apple i-Store. So that, you can also enjoy its outstanding and quality service on either phone from any IP address, location, country, or network.

You can also get the APK files from the third-party website and after downloading the installation will begin automatically. After getting the software, you can begin the utilization of features including the Josh Verification Service.

If You Don’t Know How To Use, Follow The Instructions

On a successful attempt of installation, the system will ask you language preference to use it. Select the only language listed in the language segment of the app. Upon selection, it will take you to Home Page and from there, you can watch the videos.

It provides a very smooth and user-friendly interface which is very similar to the banned application i.e. Tik-Tok. You can enjoy both international but, mostly regional videos based on preferences. You can get more and more entertaining stuff related to school days, affiliates, entertainment, and all. To watch such videos on Josh, you need to simply scroll either up or down.

If You Are Creative Then, Start Sharing Videos To Become Famous

To use this feature, you need to give some permission to the Josh App. Video making plays a very important role in your profile verification. Upon fulfilling the requirements shown on display, you need to Sign Up for the personal account or Log-In simply if you’re an existing member. After account creation, start creating the videos of your interest for few minutes. While making, keep in mind the influence will have on watchers.

After successfully making the video, you need to share the short recordings on the platform. Promotion plays important role in Josh Verification Service. You can share your content on the software-based Josh App to promote. For the promotion, go for sharing in different social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and many others. In case you want to promote somebody else’s creativity. Then, look for a three-dot option to share a video on your profile.

How To Get Josh Verification Service For Your Profile?

How To Get Josh Verification Service For Your Profile

How To Get Josh Verification Service For Your Profile

The Sooner you get verification, you will receive a Blue Badge in the Josh Application profile. The user will have to follow the instructed guidelines of the application-based sharing platform. The popularity of the user can increase the maximum number of followers. To increase followers you need to follow the below-mentioned things.

1] By Increasing Traffic On Your Profile

It is done in various ways which include making more entertaining short videos. The interesting stuff captivates watchers more to your profile. To make videos more glamorous entertaining, you need to do out-of-context creativity. Sometimes simple 5-minutes videos can work for you but, being creative is the best way. Creativity includes the application of the best editing techniques by various editing applications available in the market. The role of filters, music, etc. is to make the videos more interesting.

To lure more viewers the quality and quantity of videos play a vital role. The release of videos on fixed timing is essential as it maintains the eagerness and interest of viewers. Once the video is created review it and, if any discretion is found, fix it. After a successful attempt of reviewing, you need to release the video on the app wait for popularity gain. You can also add those videos in which you find someone has not performed better. Just use the feature to work on the specific video. It is the best way for up-gradation it helps in Josh Verification Service.

2] By Following The Set Of Steps Instructed By Company Guidelines

The set of instructed steps is found in Josh Application guidelines. Once you have reached a certain follower as mentioned in the guidelines. Your profile will be automatically ticked with the Blue Badge. If it doesn’t get verified then, you will have to follow certain steps:

  • You need to look for About section in the setting of your App.
  • After digging into About section, look for the help support option.
  • On reaching help support page, email the digital platform telling your issue about Blue badge Gain.
  • The verification of your profile will complete once it is reviewed by support assistance.

Once you set your foot in sharing the short video sector, every time you need to look for creative videos. After sharing edited videos, the video automatically reaches the person who has followed you. Now, maximum people follow you meaning your videos are top-class. Here comes the role of verified accounts.

Unverified accounts may have issues and consequences for follower gain or popularity achievement. The verified account comes with the inbuilt feature. In which your recorded videos will be recommended more to those who have not followed you.

How to Increase Followers on Josh App:

Many people are asking this question How to increase followers on Josh App. So, In this section of the article, we will discuss how to increase followers in various ways.

We will divide the discussion into two parts. One is Genuine ways and Fake Ways.

Genuine Ways:

  1. Make Video on Josh and Share with your friends and Family. Request them to follow your profile on Josh. If you are a starter on the app then only do this.
  2. Josh is relatively a new platform for mobile users. You can share your Josh videos on your socials like : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many more. It will increase your followers on Josh as they will come to know that you are sharing some interesting content on the platform.
  3. Josh algorithm will work for those people who are active and keep updating their profile with new videos on the platform. This will give you a certain leverage over other users if you keep posting new content on the platform.
  4. On Josh App if you post content that is regular (That is posted by other users as well) will not work. Make sure your content is unique and outstanding. Try to study the content which is working and which is not on the platform with your regular results. And make video according to it.
  5. You can reply to your audience in the comment section, that will make your followers comfortable while interacting with you.
  6. You can Connect with your audience on Social Media by making your fan pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Profiles. You can go live on those platforms and running sections like QnA, Running contest.
  7. You can also share your regular day activity with you followers on Social Media that will encourage your audience to understand you more.

Fake Ways:

  1. Purchasing Followers that can cost around $9 to $10 for 1000 Followers can lead to termination of your Josh account.
  2. Followers exchange group where you can get reported for your profile and getting Ban on Josh.