Tinder was launched in the year 2012 and then onwards, it is ruling the online dating sites. It is an American geo-social network with the best dating application in the world till now. It allows user to SMS, swipes either like or dislike the bio of the individual user anonymously who have common interests. Tinder has been constantly changing the security patch. It is evolving with the latest technology and verification methods. One of the latest verification methods is Tinder Verification Service, also known as Blue Badge.

Benefits after Successful Verification on Tinder

  • Photo Verification enhances the security feature of Tinder Application.
  • Unlike Facebook, it enables a user to avoid get catfish in the application.
  • Adding to Noonlight, the Blue Badge member successfully attained the premium and high-quality security feature with the free subscription.
  • Tinder can track your movement on while going for a date.

How to Get Yourself Verified with the blue badge?

Since the people have been using other’s profile photos as their profile pictures to lure. This is one of the demerits that Tinder wants to resolve. And, here they come up with the great idea to verify registering or existing users with Photo Verification. This newly launched verification method is also known as the photo verification method.

The  Tinder Verification Service (Blue Badge) image and its features.

In Tinder, the Blue Badge Verification Service process needs approval and identification on the Tinder application. You need to click or take a selfie in real-time as per the sample image provided as instructions. You can click the image either using a camera or smartphone. And then upload the selfie along with the chosen profile photos. Then the images were sent to the community team of Tinder to verify it.

The approval ends when the community team sends the customer or user, a Blue Certification. The successful attempt to register as everything was lined up else denial in the registration of the match seeker. This helps the genuine and match-seeker to avoid the catfish and give peace of mind to the potential matches.

Role of Noonlight for Tinder Verification Service with Blue Badge

The online dating application Tinder has done a successful partnership with the safety application called Noonlight. After verification, this safety application will enable users with features like flagging of potentially offensive messages. It is a better way to call emergency services for Blue badge users. This joint venture is freely accessed by the United States of America match seekers.

Role of Noonlight for Tinder Verification Service with Blue Badge

The Noonlight security application is syncing with many apps and devices along with Tinder to assist in an emergency. It is upon the user to sync the account of Tinder with the Noonlight. On syncing, the daters can choose to display a badge, which functions as a protection warning.

Just because of the features provided by Tinder Verification Service (Blue Badge) and Noonlight. The seeker can mark the date and person to go on date. In case something goes wrong, the feature enables the user to send an emergency service after holding down a button. In case of request cancellation, the user needs to put their Private Identification Number (PIN).