When you search for any company, brand, athlete, politician, influencer, you’ll notice that their Instagram account has a blue check mark. This means that their account is verified. Ig started verifying accounts as a way to ensure the account that’s being used is of authentic ownership. There are not many Instagram Verification Service on Internet.

Instagram verification service
Instagram Verification Service - One of the best way verify your instagram account
Instagram Verification Service

The account verification ensures that all content published on these profiles will be of true ownership. Instagram uses its verification services to link the public directly with a more prominent and well-known figure.

Instagram ensures that the people behind the social media profile are sharing complete and authentic content to their followers. This is a great way for their customers or clients to build better and longer lasting trust in their brand

A great advantage of the Instagram verification service is that it offers the public an opportunity to get more involved. Getting involved in events and things that matter and that can make a difference. The verification helps sight accurate and reliable information and also gets the public to engage more frequently with companies, businesses or persons. This feature increases the audience’s reliability and knowledge of the personality, product or business. That is why, many businesses use verification services along with digital marketing to increase their popularity rank among competitors.

Benefits of Instagram Verification

1. Authenticity:

If an account is verified, chances are minimal that it would be an inauthentic account. There are fake accounts and profiles on Instagram that impersonate as public figures and give false information. The verification of accounts also helps to ensure credibility. If there are any impersonated or fake accounts, they will easily be disregarded by those who are genuinely interested. By using the Instagram verification service you get yourself the ultimate social proof of authenticity.

2. Trust:

Trust is a huge leveraging factor of verified Instagram accounts. Followers will have more trust in the content you publish, whether it is personal, political or any form of endorsement and advertisement. Users on the platform are more likely to have trust when they notice the account has a blue tick next to its name.

3. Action:

Whether it’s charity, social welfare or a political campaign, public accounts use Instagram to their advantage. In the social and political domain can have more people get involved with things in their community. Any contribution towards a certain movement or awareness helps these accounts gain both social media and real-life momentum. Verified accounts that deliver credible research and information often receive a surge of followers.

4. Brand Consciousness!:

It is important to you to build up your Brand image and awareness. More impressions on Instagram means getting better brand awareness. It is easy to look up anyone or any business on social media platforms. Seeing accounts that have their blue mark, makes it easier for people to find them. This is especially important with a multitude of accounts posing as authentic.

5. Ranking:

Ranking is very important for companies, businesses and entrepreneurs who want to grow their brand and increases their e-commerce. Being Instagram verified ensures that your profile is ranked higher in the search tab. The algorithm used by Instagram also pushes more organic profiles and searches to the top, which increases follower traffic.

6. Special features.:

Some accounts are really creative with Instagram’s resources and tools. For ex. A brand may use a “Swipe Up” method in their Story to take their followers directly to the website. This is a very simple call-to-action for companies, as the user has to simply swipe on their screen to arrive at the website. This feature is only available for accounts with more than 10,000 followers, but verified accounts can use this feature for lesser.

7. Influencer traffic.:

Nothing drives more traffic than being mentioned or spoken about by a popular person, especially one with huge social media following. Verified accounts help smaller accounts to drive more organic traffic. This is especially beneficial for small businesses and start-ups as this will help them earn more followers and traffic without paying for it.

Instagram Verification Service: How to get verified on Instagram

If you are already popular enough among people – you can simply get verified by yourself as well! The first step is to proceed with the only legitimate way to get your account verified: To request a verification badge from Instagram itself. Never hand over your login details for someone else to do this.

Verification is quite easy   : Do this by simply logging in to your account, go to the Search tab and select ‘Request Verification’. You would then need to meet certain requirements (ex. the ones listed above) and complete filling the verification form. Always ensure that your information is correct and up to date, as the Instagram team will only then successfully review your application.

Visibility in the press and online PR: Without PR you cannot expect an instantaneous success in getting your account verified. This process takes some time to complete. If your application is unsuccessful, the Instagram team would then inform you about certain requirements and criteria that you didn’t meet. It is advised to have a strong internet and social media presence before applying for verification.

Do not delay your success: Once you have submitted and received feedback from Instagram. Then, depending on the outcomes, if it was unsuccessful, you can re-apply for verification after a 30-day waiting period. During this time, it is strongly advised to make a solid effort to improve your online and public appearance, especially on social media outlets.

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